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An Infographic - 300 Days of Log-in Rewards


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A little personal project I ended up spending too much time on. Hope you guys find it interesting! (Feedback follows)


Personal Feedback on Log-in Rewards (As of MR20):


1. Please completely remove

  • Detonite Ampule
  • Mutagen Sample
  • Fieldron Sample

2. Drastically increase the amount in the bundles of

  • Cryotic
  • Oxium

3. Change

  • Forma Blueprint --> Complete Forma

4. Possible Additions (Why isn't this part of the table already?)

  • COMPLETE Mutagen Mass
  • COMPLETE Fieldron
  • COMPLETE Detonite Injectors

4.1 Possible Additions (other)

  • (Very rare) Single Warframe Slot
  • (Very rare) Single Weapon Slot
  • Ducat bundles? (50-100 ducats?)
  • Pet DNA Stabilisers 


I feel like many of the rewards are not at all helpful to an account of my Mastery Level. The 'new' system is specifically supposed to increase the rarity? amount? of the rewards you receive based on your MR rank. It would be interesting to compare data with an account of a lower MR, but from this data alone it seems a bit underwhelming for the higher range of MRs.


Please feel free to discuss!


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It still RNG sadly, i sitll get Orokin Cells and Tellurium i not need at all anymore, Tellurium i got aorund 100 even without farming it really, 30-40 atleast from login rewards, i whould rather enjoy more Endo or Credits atleast.

Mutagen samples thou i wohuld let stay and increase atleast to like 5 or 10, due the Hema research.

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Regarding the warframe/weapon slots you mentioned as a change, that will never happen. There's a very specific reason behind the amount of slots we have due to server size. Everything else seems fine. Besides, if you can't scrape up 12p or 20p for one more slot, then I'm not sure how you made it to where you'd actually need slots lol. Plat discounts should stay as is, any basic resource like nano spores to orokin cells should be removed from the drop table and only the Mutagen/Detonite/Feldron should stay. DNA stabilizers aren't needed either, if you can't afford 75k credits to maintain a pet for 40% of it's hp every few days, then I don't know what to say.

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