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PS4: The Glast Gambit 19.8.0 (+Hotfixes)


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The Glast Gambit: Update 19.8.0

As you might recall on our Devstream we mentioned some changes we have made on an infrastructure level for better stability overall and how this has caused some people to get spurious "'Network Not Responding" (NNR) warnings when there was actually nothing wrong. This build includes a plethora of bug-fixes and optimizations that we hope will improve this situation; we've also continued to add to the diagnostics reported so that we can work with our infrastructure partners to isolate any remaining issues. We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your diligent reporting.



New Community Made Skins for the following Items have been added to the Market! Check them out and support your fellow Tenno!

• Nova Lamia Helmet by Mz-3 
• Nova Visage Helmet & Skin by Hitsu San
• Mag Alata Helmet & Skin by Hitsu San
• Frost Grost Armor, Helmet & Skin by Faven_PS
• Frost Zastruga Helmet by Rekkou

You can also look forward to TennoGen Round 7 coming soon on all platforms simultaneously!


Bring the enemy to its knees with these twin electrified tonfas.

*Acquire the Ohma From the Market today! The Ohma Blueprint can be found in the Market!

A token of Corpus ingenuity.

QUARO ARMOR COLLECTION (also released separately)
This set of mechanized decorative armor is emblematic of the Corpus design aesthetic.

Master market forces with this collection of Corpus items. Includes the electrified Ohma melee weapons, a Quaro armor set, and a Quaro Sugatra.

An outlandish style with sweeping attacks. Seek and destroy Kuva Heavy Gunners to obtain the new Sovereign Outcast Stance Mod!

New Archwing Melee Mod: Astral Autopsy
Perform a Codex Scan of an enemy on melee kill! This can be equipped on any Archwing Melee Weapon!

Visit Simaris in the Relay to obtain this new Mod!


From winter’s forest a dark warrior emerges to protect his flock.

Brandish this mythical frozen blade, the signature weapon of Frost Harka.

This icy bundle contains the Frost Harka Skin and the Frysta Longsword Skin.

General Additions:

• Nidus, Ash Koga Profile and Frost Harka Icons have been added to the Market for purchase!
• Added controller shake to Titania’s Razorwing ability.
• When a Mastery Rank-up Test becomes available, a notification will pop-up in your Landing Craft!
• Excavation Power Cells now have a unique minimap icon for those using Loot Radar!
• By dragging a Mod in the Upgrade screen, Polarities now light up to display which Mod matches the respective Polarity.
• Nidus’ Pion Alt Helmet has been added to Alerts!



• Updated and improved the look of Frost’s abilities with fancy new ice textures!
• Players who have reached the Riven Mod capacity can now continue to trade Riven Mods as long as the trade does not result in going over the capacity.
• In an effort to address the issue of people not noticing the movement of The Kuva Fortress, we have made the loop completion time odd rather than a 24 hour cycle. Players who were logging in around the same daily time found that the Kuva Fortress would always be roughly in the same position, and was restricting the variety of Kuva Siphon missions available.
• Changed ‘Tenno’ to ‘allies’ in the Cat’s Eye Mod description.
• Tweaked Nova Asuri Collection description to clarify that the arm/hands FX is not part of the Danavi Syandana, but on cast of Nova’s powers.
• Removed ability to see Codex information about Relics you do not own.
• Removed ability to purchase multiple Arcane Distillers from Syndicates since they are now no longer consumed on use.
• Tweaked visibility of Frost’s Snowglobe when a dark Energy color is used.
• The ‘Find and defeat Lephantis in Orokin Derelict’ Eris Junction task will now retroactively complete if you have already killed Lephantis.
• The Orokin Derelict will no longer be selected for Alerts and Syndicate missions. This resulted in loading into the normal Derelict mission as opposed to the Alert or Syndicate mission.
• The Regen Mod (both Primed and regular) now grants temporary invulnerability to Sentinels on revive for a duration of one second + one second per rank of the mod. This means that with a maxed Primed Regen, you could see 11 seconds of invulnerability after the Regen occurs.
• Solar Rails and Specter Regiments can now be cancelled while in the ‘awaiting contributions’ phase in the Dojo.
• The Sheev is now a Grineer Invasion offering!
• Enemies no longer receive a mental perception of an attacker, but rather mental perception of the source object. This causes them to play a reaction and become alert, but not have any extra information about the player. Enemies that are shot with projectiles that are silent and/or without a sound effect will now report a visual perception (rather than doing nothing). Previously enemies knew the exact location of their attacker when taking damage, regardless of the source.
• More performance optimizations for the Helminth Infirmary.
• Improved Operator Void Dash aiming and collision on Kuva Clouds to be more forgiving.
• Inbox messages for gifts no longer intrude and interrupt gameplay.
• Tweaked the Sentinel Regen Mod description to include new invulnerability mechanic.
• Tweaked the Atomos rumbling feedback duration when using a controller.
• More improvements to the Operator’s Void Dash aiming.
• Reduced the firing sounds of the Redeemer and Sarpa when fired by other players.
• The Codex now shows if an item is included in the Daily Tribute offerings.
• Updated the Incubator Upgrade Segment description to read "Pets" instead of "Kubrows" so it addresses Kavats as well.
• Unified the tint colors on storage lockers so some aren't brighter than others.
• Adjusted lighting settings on Corpus objects (doors, consoles, hack panels, etc) to reduce bright white blowouts and improve quality.
• New spawn locations have been introduced for Ayatan Sculptures in all levels.
• The Credit Boost function for the Secura Lecta has changed. Before, you could get on average 11.6x Credits from kills. This chance has changed and now scales with Mastery Rank. At Mastery Rank 8, you'll get on average 2x Credits from kills. This increase continues with your Mastery Rank. At Mastery Rank 18 you'll get on average 4x Credits from kills (capped). No other changes were made regarding synergies (i.e Chroma's Effigy, etc) - only the weapon's Credit boosting functionality has been touched.
• Removed the Credit cost from Maroo's Ayatan to Endo conversion in Maroo's Bazaar.
• Increased the drop chances for Mods dropped from Ogma's.
• Mines dropped by Mine Osprey are now shootable after the drone drops them (previously you could only shoot them before they were dropped).
• In-mission challenges that require killing with a weapon will no longer appear if you can't actually complete them (Sword Alone mode, etc).
• Removed the Secondary-kills challenge in Archwing since there are no Archwing Secondary weapons.
• Changed the Howl of the Kubrow quest phase description from "Wait for your Kubrow to mature" to "Incubate and mature a Kubrow using the Incubator" as Maturing is now done manually by players.
• Tweaked Frost’s Snowglobe to improve visibility in dark lit areas, and reduces the density of which can block your view.
• Removed Lotus’ “Job well done” VO at the end of the Second Dream missions.
• J3 Jordas Golem’s weak points in The Jordas Verdict will now only activate after the Golem has been purged at each new perch. This fixes being unintentionally able to bypass Nerves and kill Golem.
• Volt’s Discharge no longer causes damage to Golem’s weak points in The Jordas Verdict. This was allowing Nerves to be destroyed without completing the prerequisite puzzles.


Health Bar Changes
When an enemy or ally becomes invulnerable, their Health bar will now turn grey and an icon will appear over their Health bar denoting invulnerability.

Nidus Changes & Fixes:
• Increased the base health of Nidus’ Maggots to 1k.
• Increased Nidus’ Mutation Stack consumption from 10 to 15 when knocked into a bleedout state/death. The task of regaining 10 Stacks is quickly obtainable, making this consequence for dying too light. Although 15 Stacks is not a huge jump, we’re hoping it’s closer to that sweet spot!
• Entering a Nullifier bubble will now drain down Mutation Stacks the longer you are in the bubble.
• To increase the visibility of Nidus' Maggots, holding down Nidus’ Virulence will now display a HUD marker on them. Keep in mind that casting Virulence on Maggots cause them to detonate!
• Nidus’ Ravenous Maggots no longer auto detonate when feasting on enemies. Previously the Maggots could do a majority of the grunt work and you were able to watch the carnage and gain Stacks at the same time. Now to pop the Maggots you’ll need to cast Virulence on them and rejoice in your hard earned Stack accumulation. It’s also worth noting that with testing by our team, the Stack rhythm before and after this change wasn’t noticed at all.
• Improved the FX of Maggot explosion to better represent the intended area of explosion.
• Nidus’ Ravenous Maggots will still attack but no longer latch on other Infested Maggots or Kuva Jesters due to awkward animations.
• Fixed FX, Maggots, & Health regeneration while in Ravenous staying around forever if cast by a Client who leaves.

Sortie Additions, Changes, and Fixes:
• The Anasa Ayatan Sculpture is here! This brand new Sortie exclusive Ayatan has replaced the 2000 Endo reward. This Ayatan can be enhanced to result in more Endo, or placed on your ship! It's base value is 2000 Endo.
• Added Grineer Kuva Fortress Assault and Infested Salvage missions into the Sortie mix.
• Sortie missions can now be placed on nodes that may already have an active real time-mission.
• Implemented Sortie generation logic that ensures the missions selected don't weigh too heavy on endless variants.
• Fixed a couple of Corpus Lua nodes whose tileset was incorrectly pointing at the Grineer variant.

Conclave Changes & Fixes:


• Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith are now usable in Conclave!
• Impair on hit status removed from Opticor in Conclave.
• Teshin’s Conclave Affinity Inbox message will no longer open automatically. This was resulting in Conclave Affinity being claimed and lost if you were maxed out.
• Fixed a tileset hole in the Celestial Ruins Conclave tileset.
• Prova is now eligible for Conclave.
• Lowered the Ammo pool of Vulkar Wraith in Conclave.




• Fixed a loss of functionality when attempting to purchase more Riven slots after exiting out of the Mod station and having the Riven menu pop up.
• Fixed Health Conversion and Energy Conversion Mod FX not appearing on Clients.
• Fixed (for real) Clients not being able to complete the "Find and defeat Lephantis in Orokin Derelict" Eris Junction task.
• Fixed performance issues in The Index.
• Fixed a script error when your Companion used Regeneration.
• Fixed a couple script errors when using Focus abilities.
• Fixed a script error that can occur when clicking linked Chat items.
• Fixed a script error when casting Equinox’s Metamorphosis ability.
• Fixed a script error when casting Frost’s Ice Wave ability.
• Fixed a script error that prevented Zenurik Magnetic Aftershock from working.
• Fixed a script crash if you go near the Operator on your Landing Craft with the Helminth Cyst.
• Fixed an issue where if you owned ~18+ Rivens, none of your placed Decorations in your Landing Craft would load when first returning from a mission/logging in.
• Fixed Clients not being able to trigger the Kuva Siphon.
• Fixed Host Migrations breaking Kuva Siphon gameplay.
• Fixed the Atterax floating away from your Warframe at the start of a mission.
• Fixed items sometimes being teleported out of Defense levels.
• Fixed being able to use weapons with Alternate Fire while in Wukong’s Cloudwalker.
• Fixed doors on the Landing Craft pushing you out of the world.
• Fixed an issue where if you received a Booster as a Sortie reward, the World State Window would show all Sortie rewards as being owned.
• Fixed Client and Host seeing the Javlok in different positions once thrown.
• Fixed arrows and bolt projectiles not getting embed in geometry as before.
• Fixed numerous broken dialogue transmission animations.
• Fixed the Helminth Hunt precept Mod having redundant description text.
• Fixed not zooming into Quest nodes when selected and initiated from the World State Window.
• Fixed the Kuva Fortress position not setting up correctly every other day.
• Fixed the Mesa Longhorn helmet missing it’s dangly additions.
• Fixed enemies being able to attack you during boss cinematic animations.
• Fixed Ordis stating that Captain Vor is on Mercury when he is actually on Earth in Vor’s Prize.
• Fixed enemies not spawning in high level Corpus Mobile Defense Invasion missions.
• Fixed a door appearing to have duplicate textures.
• Fixed not being able to progress through The New Strange due to having partially completed the quest before the Specters of the Rail update.
• Fixed recasting Nidus’ Ravenous not refreshing Duration.
• Fixed Nidus losing a Mutation Stack after falling into a pit.
• Fixed Nidus being able to use Parasitic Link on disabled Corpus Security Cameras and Turrets.
• Fixed script errors with the Kohm and the Dendra Armor.
• Fixed Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm sometimes violently throwing ragdolls outside of the world. Should also provide a minor improvement to performance when Tentacle Swarm is active.
• Fixed not being able to equip a Burst Laser Riven Mod on the Prisma Burst Laser as per:
• Fixed Companions closing the Helminth Infirmary door and trapping you inside.
• Fixed some issues with Frost’s abilities not applying enough of the chosen Energy color.
• Fixed numerous weapons and items not having a ‘Build’ tab in the Market.
• Fixed Kuva Guardian impact sounds not playing for the Host.
• Fixed Customization icons in the default colors option sometimes being in the wrong position and greyed out.
• Fixed still being prompted to rename your Kubrow after selecting to cancel the renaming process.
• Fixed several Kuva enemies and objects missing from the Codex.
• Fixed Grineer workers on Ceres missing from the Codex.
• Fixed a floating object in the Grineer Settlement extraction area.
• Fixed the Vaykor Syandana FX appearing laggy.
• Fixed a few translation errors.
• Fixed a crash when certain enemies try to teleport to Maggots attached to them.
• Fixed the Crowd Dispersion Mod showing unformatted values in its description.
• Fixed more items missing the Build tab in the Market.
• Fixed overlapping text in Russian.
• Fixed script errors (game freezes) when trying to research/contribute to Dojo color pigments.
• Fixed a script error with Nezha’s Divine Spears when the initial spear damage kills an enemy which causes an explosion (e.g. Volatile Runner) that kills Nezha.
• Fixed a script error with Mirage’s Prism.
• Fixed a script error with the Azima.
• Fixed Ammo Case Mod upgrades remaining after death.
• Fixed not being affected by Armor deterioration in Infested Salvage/Jordas Verdict when transferring from Operator to Warframe or when playing as the Client.
• Fixed Friends/Clan screen presence information for real-time missions (Alerts, Invasions, Sorties, etc) showing the default mission type of the underlying Star Chart node.
• Fixed no Capture Target spawning in Kuva Siphon missions.
• Fixed Capture Targets not scaling with difficulty for real-time missions (Alerts, Invasions, Sorties, etc).
• Fixed missing Index Mods from the Codex.
• Fixed Primed Chamber missing from the Codex for players that own it. Like many time limited items, they only show in the Codex if you own it.
• Fixed a handful of missing enemies from the Codex.
• Fixed incorrect Lotus transmissions during a Kuva Siphon.
• Fixed the Investigator Mod description showing unrounded duration values.
• Fixed an incorrectly placed texture in the Corpus Ship tileset.
• Fixed a rare crash when walking or looking around rooms in the Dojo that are queued for construction or destruction.
• Fixed Ember's Flash Accelerant Augment not adding Fire Damage to the caster.
• Fix the AoE from Nightwatch Napalm Mod doing self-damage when fired during Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors as per:
• Fixed a script error from an incorrectly placed waypoint in the Grineer Asteroid Defense tileset.
• Fixed numerous enemies, objects and Primed Mods that were missing from the Codex.
• Fixed a script error when viewing 'Corpus Stasis Mine' in the Codex.
• Fixed a progression stopping bug in The New Strange quest if the Chroma Chassis was received but never built before Specters of The Rail released.
• Fixed enemies seeing and reacting to invisible corpses. This issue was most noticeable in stealth challenges which caused them to auto fail on occasion.
• Fixed Vor’s enemy spawns during his boss fight not spawning in as ‘alert’. Previously they were spawning idle and had to see / hear / investigate the player in the middle of the boss fight.
• Fixed enemies in Vor’s Prize remaining stationary at their spawn point indefinitely until they became alert.
• Fixed some broken PBR textures in Vor’s Prize.
• Fixed Warframe abilities lasting forever if Transference is activated at the same time of cast.
• Fixed mismatched ships appearing in the fly-in cinematics.
• Fixed being able to continually hack panels in Lua Rescue missions.
• Fixed "objective complete" transmission playing as soon as you spot the Defense Target in Sorties.
• Fixed the Defense Target not playing "I'm down!" VO when downed in Sorties.
• Fixed glowing Corpus cache material in Sabotage missions.
• Fixed an issue with the Atomos rumble on controllers.
• Fixed mismatched destination ships appearing in mission intro cinematic.
• Fixed Archwings and Warframes appearing to flicker.
• Fixed some localization errors.
• Fixed mines dropped by Mine Ospreys unintentionally not exploding when the player touches them.
• Fixed pick-ups sometimes falling through the ground after being moved by Vacuum or Mag’s passive or Greedy Pull ability.
• Fixed Host being able to Vacuum around items on Clients' screens and having items be stuck in the air where the Host last Vacuumed them to. Also fixes Clients momentarily pulling items that they couldn't use.
• Fixed a case where players would get disconnected and lose all progress when a Hotfix is deployed while they're in a mission.
• Fixed Sentinel Ammo Case Mod and Regen not working together (Ammo Case was lost after Regen was used).
• Fixed an issue with Carrier's Ammo Case Mod being exploitable.
• Fixed the End of Wave rewards displaying 50 Endo when it was really awarding 250 Endo in Archwing Interception on Caelus - Uranus.
• Fixed The Index Endless mode's starting message being the usual 'elimination round 1 of 3' when it should just say that it's the Endless mode (no multi-rounds here). Also fixes a case where it's possible to skip past the introductory Sark announcement, causing a very awkward intro where there's no sound and players are just staring at the scoreboard for the timeout duration.
• Fixed Zanuka having a chance of dropping both the Detron Blueprint and a Detron part (unlike any other Stalker-type enemy).
• Fixed Infested Moas not attacking if they were too far away - they will now fire from further and close the distance.
• Fixed Infested Moas sometimes teleporting after dodging.
• Fixed the Endless Void Fissure Reward screen unpausing the game.
• Fixed becoming stuck in place after initiating a handshake.
• Fixes cases where the minimap would reset and stop showing you large chunks of the level you had already explored (this would also occur in large Dojos).
• Fixed Warframe’s doing a rapid spin when backing out to the Arsenal from the Upgrade screen.
• Fixed a rare issue of not receiving the Arsenal Segment after completing Vor’s Prize.
• Fixed hitching that can occur sometimes when previewing items in the Arsenal's Equip grid.
• Fixed Mod and Endo rewards not being listed as ‘Identified’ in the End of Mission screen when awarded from Spy missions or Caches.
• Fixed The Sergeant's name appearing as "Nef Anyo" when his transmissions popup during Assassination gameplay.
• Fixed friendly NPC’s (Syndicate Allies, etc) sometimes getting stuck facing walls when attempting to ‘Follow’ you.
• Fixed a script error when using Nova Prime.
• Fixed an erroneous conflict message when Fusing Rank 0 Mods that are also equipped on other frames.
• Fixed Mesa Specters casting Peacemaker infinitely following your position.
• Fixed being able to ride a Laser Plate out of the level in the Void tileset.
• Fixed missing collision wall texture in the Infested Ship tileset.
• Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Earth tileset.
• Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.


Feb 10 Hotfix #1

  • Fixed a crash that occurred in The War Within. 

Hotfix February 15th:

- New TennoGen items released!

Hotfix 2 February 15th:

-  Fixed Mesa Graxx Helmet textures

Hotfix February 28th:

- Banshee Prime Access is live!

Hotfix March 1st:

- Fixed missing precepts for Helios Prime when purchasing Prime Access

Hotfix March 2nd:

-Fixed being able to equip Deconstructor on non-Helios Sentinels

March 3rd Hotfix 2:

-Fixed Deconstructor Prime not being usable on non-Prime Helios

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7 minutes ago, (PS4)Prisma144 said:

Yay update!

Frost deluxe skin and no endo credits costs for (new) players.

I agree, the 2000 endo reward was silly. Every sortie I complete on a daily basis, I keep getting 2000 endo without considering giving me 4000 endo or rather a riven mod. (Good reward but silly to keep giving to players. Not that I hate it or anything. It's repetitive)

Image result for ruby rose rwby chibi

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21 minutes ago, (PS4)JrJester00 said:

No one posted this yet, but a lot of people in my clan and friends can't complete Sortie #3 Assassination because it throws an error saying "You need to unlock (Mercury) to play this mission".  

Can we get this fixed?  I'll post in Bug forum as well.

Fixed! Sorry about that.

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