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THanks for the fixes...

But please stop "fixing" the weapon sounds. The new Snipertron Vandal sounds like someone is holding a faulty guitar string pluck next to a low quality microphone.

You're making the guns sound like toys, more and more. And those are the ones that got that lucky. The rest don't even sound like a weapon, more like they should be in a different game altogether.

Please, please, make changing a fundamental part of the game more important, and at least run it through the Design Council.


What I'm dreading most of all is the Hek getting this "fix". At the moment, I can almost feel the recoil go up my arms, am always in real danger of running out of ammo (because I just like firing it so bloody much, whether there's a target or not) and worry that firing it will wake the neighbors, it sounds that meaty!

Edit: And by the way DE, that is NOT a complaint!

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I dont know why but my snipertron vandal used to deal 500 damage to level 1 grenier and after this update it deals 74 with the mods that i had before the update its that only me that the snipertron reduced drasctely the damage after the update ?

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