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Building a better Rakta Cernos



It's supposed to be a good weapon, but some YouTubers cannot be bothered with adding Forma to the thing, as they've got to rush out "build" videos and get view counts. So what is out there sucks or just looks lazy.


This is where I'm at right now, but I'm not feeling it's the best way to go. I shoot this bow fast and at close range, so I'm not aiming down sights as I would the Dread or Paris Prime. Another elemental mod might be better than Bladed Rounds. Is Impact damage effective against anything other than Corpus? Doesn't appear so from the wiki. Is Heavy Caliber just plain stupid? How would you change this?



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I'd suggest you replace the Bladed Rounds with an elemental mod for more damage diversity. And as for Heavy Caliber, it doesn't affect the bow's accuracy at the ranges you'll be using it at. This is my personal build, I swap out the Argon Scope for a Heavy Caliber when I'm either too lazy to aim or when I'm going to be closer up. 

PS: The mod under the Riven is Point Strike

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5 hours ago, (PS4)joshw1400 said:


-Split Chamber

-Point Strike

-Vital Sense


-Infected Clip

-Argon Scope 

-Bladed Rounds

I can't be bothered with heavy cal and it's accuracy penalty. And as for crash course, you're better off with an element.

So you will take the time to aim for head shots? I think I'd rather use Dread or Paris Prime with the same build (I think my builds on those two are exactly the same as what you posted); it seems that the idea of this bow was to shoot fast and from the hip. Maybe I'm wrong. Are you happy with the damages you are getting? Are you getting lots of red crits?

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I'll just leave this here. It's a compiled list of the total damage increase each mod gives you, considering that some things have to be there, which are:

  • Serration
  • Split Chamber
  • Point Strike
  • Vital Sense
  • Elemental 1
  • Elemental 2

You're left with 2 mod slots. The ones i'll be taking up for consideration will be:

  • Argon Scope
  • Bladed Rounds
  • Crash Course
  • Heavy Caliber
  • Primed Cryo Rounds


Here are the combinations possible, with the relative total damage increase they give you:

  • Argon Scope + Bladed Rounds +121.8%
  • Argon Scope + Crash Course +94.6%
  • Argon Scope + Heavy Caliber +127.8%
  • Argon Scope + Primed Cryo Rounds +123.2%
  • Bladed Rounds + Crash Course +111.8%
  • Bladed Rounds + Heavy Caliber +148%
  • [2] Bladed Rounds + Primed Cryo Rounds +142.9%
  • [3] Crash Course + Heavy Caliber +124.9%
  • Crash Course + Primed Cryo Rounds +97.5%
  • [1] Heavy Caliber + Primed Cryo Rounds +157.9%

[1] is the absolute best in term of raw damage.

[2] is the best one that you can get without an accuracy loss

[3] is the best you can get without having to aim to get bonuses

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