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Apollo (Solar Warframe)

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Here's my attempt at another Frame. Please notify me if any ideas stated in this concept are already in Warframe, as I don't have every frame in the game. I tried to create a frame that would do what Oberon failed at, which was be an equal Support/ Damage frame.


Sun Warframe

"All things alive depend on light in some capacity. Might as well be the pinnacle of it"


Health: 450 (600 at Rank 30)

(No Shields)

Armor: 150 (225 at Rank 30)

Power: 100 (150 at Rank 30)


Passive Ability: Solar Engine
 4 stars orbit Apollo, increasing in size with every enemy affected by Apollo's abilities (Enemies within melee distance are drawn into them, applying Gas and Radiation damage)

1. Flare
Launch a wave of superheated plasma from Apollo, incinerating enemies before you
Consumption: 30 energy

Type: Directional Wave

2. Supernova
Send Apollo's stars at enemies, burying them inside. When the enemy dies, the star ruptures, causing enemies in the radius to take extreme amounts of Radiation and Heat damage
Consumption: 15 energy per star fired

Type: AoE

3. Sun Spot
Collapse Apollo's stars into you., providing accelerated energy regen to nearby allies and melting enemies Shield's around them, stopping them in their tracks
Consumption: 2 energy per second active

Type: AoE

4. Heliosphere
Combine Apollo's orbiting stars into a Sun, projecting it into the sky. provides accelerated Health regen for allies and scaling Heat damage to enemies
Consumption: 25 energy to cast, 2 energy per sec. to keep active

Type: AoE

Augment: Red Giant
Heliosphere expands based off the damage caused by Heat.
(Can expand up to 5x it's normal size, affecting a larger area)


Colors; Gold (Primary), Silver (Secondary), Red (Accents), Light Green (Tertiary), Orange (Energy)

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I have to say that's a pretty good concept.

The only problem is that the "power of the sun" may already be impersonated by Day Equinox (even though that's not a complete success :p).

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I love the concept. Give the frame a Greek style and you are golden! 


With a lack of shields, his base HP needs to be higher. I would suggest 600, at least.


I wouldn't make the orbs very big, especially the final ability. That may cause some graphical issues.

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