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      HOW TO: Claim Livestream Platinum Prizes   03/31/2016

      Hello fellow Tenno! Decided to make this guide after receiving multiple private messages and seeing multiple threads on how to claim plat prizes during official Warframe streams. Please remember to refer to the images in the spoilers for more information. Please Note: To be entered into a Platinum give-away on the Warframe Twitch Channel, all you have to do is log into Twitch and watch the stream. Despite what you may see in chat, there is NO requirement to post anything in chat. 
      Step 1:
      If your Twitch name is called out on a official Warframe livestream (Xbox 1 @ 1 / PS4 @ 4 / Primetime / Devstream), you will need to message the Warframe channel with your in-game alias and the platform you play on (PC, XB1, or PS4). To send a message select the "gear" icon at the bottom left, just under the stream window:
      Step 2: 
      Once you have selected the gear icon as shown above, click "message" to open up the editor:
      Step 3:
      Send a nice message to DE with your in-game alias and the platform you play on. Once you've done that click "send":
      Step 4:
      Be patient, once the message has been sent all you need to do is wait patiently and give [DE] "Ember Prime Ginga Ninja" Megan time to dish out the goods. You should have your plat within 24 hours provided there are no emergency issues at DE. If you believe you have been forgotten and it has been 3-4 plat-less days, then it might be a good idea to contact [DE]Megan on the Forums for an update on the situation since no one likes having platinum in limbo.
      Step 5: 
      Enjoy your winnings, Tenno!     [written by Community Moderator / Senior Guide NovusNova]
    • [DE]Danielle


      Since the Plains of Eidolon update on PC is massive we created a temporary subforum dedicated entirely to it.  If you are thinking of posting feedback on anything PoE related, please post here  and follow the Feedback Thread guidelines:  If you have a bug you’d like to report, please post in the appropriate categories:  General: Please post bug reports that do not fit into the other bug categories here! 
      Cetus/Plains: Please post bug reports pertaining only to the town of Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon here. 
      Focus 2.0/Operator: Please post bug reports pertaining only to Focus 2.0 and Operator Mode here! 
      "Saya's Vigil" Quest: Please post bug reports pertaining only to the "Saya's Vigil" Quest here! 

      Threads related to Plains of Eidolon content that are posted outside of this subforum, will be moved into the subforum by the Community Moderators. 

      THANK YOU!! 

Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

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Why do you fix stuff (charm double buff bug, weapon switch bug, ...) only for it to be back in the next hotfix. (I assume its due to bad merging) You don´t even give a statement on it

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i know this is out of the box but finally i researching my HEMA last night.....

mutagen sample drop is good but with boosters of course, solo in a clan, but there where i found the excitement from farming. 

i am officially out from HEMA research and mutagen sample fix protest... LOL


god bless waframe, god bless DE

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Hey y'all, back when Echoes of the Sentient was released it was said in the patch notes that a secret room has been added to the Earth spy mission. It has been almost 2 whole years and not one Tenno has found it. Can you confirm that it does indeed exist? Perhaps give us some hints on it?

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I would like to have my Red Magician Limbo demoed! Also what will happen with AUGMENTS for Limbo's powers? I use Rift Torrent right now for bonus dmg that he lacks.

Can you give us ETA on Bard frame and hers name posibly?

Are we ever going to have Defence type mission that was like pre-Amesha AW Defence on Salacia(Neptune) for ground type defence or even for AW again? That one when you needed to defend 2 objectives simultaneously (I think it was 2 cargo ships). Only thing that bothered for me in that mission was low HP on those ships. They had WAY LOW hp for lv30+ mission.

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i have a few questions...

1:How long till Update 20?

2:Old sounds/UI option (lets say bring back those things from Update-7 (when i first started playing warframe))

thats the two questions i have...hopefully there chosen.... :)

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On 2/14/2017 at 4:03 PM, DERebecca said:


Join us this Friday, February 17th for Devstream #88! 

Who: Join the usual crew on the couch: Rebecca, Steve, Sheldon, Scott, and Geoff!

What:  We’ve been talking about Limbo and our plans to revisit his powers for several months – it’s time to show what progress we’ve made!  If you’ve taken the time to play and learn Limbo and want to see how your build (or a style of build) works, please leave a comment that says you’re interested in having your account demoed! Limbo won’t steal the whole show, though – we’ve got lots more to discuss and share about TennoCon Tickets! Don’t miss it!
Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream! 

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

When: Join us this Friday, February 17th at 2 p.m ET!  (http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

If you have questions, post them below! This thread closes at 10 a.m. on February 17th!  

I would Honestly love to Demo Limbo. If you look at my profile he`s my most used frame! Config A <3 @DERebecca

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Given how fashion frame has become meta, can we get an option where the "copy main colors" for weapons adapts to the current frame you have equipped? i.e. If I take my boltor out with my nova it will be red, gold, and black, but if I take out with my Nyx it would white and gold. 

I think hitting that copy main color every time you equip a new set of weapons is a bit of a chore, so it would be nice if there was the option of it being automatic. 

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I have a perpetual list of questions.
Nothing's new, I haven't updated it in a while, so it's at the bottom.

More actual questions:

* It's a new Prime Access soon. Which, along with Deluxe skins, is an excellent opportunity for a refresh.
Will the new frame be getting a partial or complete ability touchup?
For example, a different passive and changing Silence's functionality? (There were many good feedback threads on both of these subjects when Passives were implemented. And, on the subject of passives: Oberon's.)

* The only answer I've ever heard for 'what kind of game is Warframe intended to be', is 'all things to all people. Make your own fun.'
In that spirit, I posted some feedback on Deception and Kuva missions.

Are there any plans for a dedicated large scale parkour gauntlet gamemode?
If not, can some support for such a playstyle be added into current missions? Are there downsides I'm not seeing?

On the topic of game modes, Excavation, and semi-relatedly, Interception, which Steve's last stream had him play.
These modes are actively pushing groups to spread out, which is not only detrimental to the 'togetherness' of team play, it's mechanically punitive, due to limited range of team buffs, as well as the 50m exp share range (where Interception's was explicitly changed from global to 50m limit).
Is there a particular reason these game modes work in such a group-unfriendly manner?



By rough order of importance and/or current relevance - and my perception of the likelihood they'll be addressed.

I'll try and condense the questions into bullet points, with context or elaboration below as needed.

1) Are Kavats intended to be strictly better than Kubrows?
Because they very much seem to be (and the scan vs egg pricing seems to support that view.)

2) Can Stealth finishers get a pass?
* Controls for repeated Stealth finishers are clunky and leave you fully visible while removing player control.
* The animations that exist are vulnerability/visibility-inducing due to teleportation and superfulous flourishes. Particularly when sneaking up on multiple units, individual takedowns (not to mention the new alert-ing mechanics) tend to screw you up.
* Elevations break them, facing can be finicky, and swathes of creatures don't even have animations or code hooks for them.
Using one every so often is fine, but using them in sequence (e.g. sleeping or blinding an enemy group) - and especially if you're going "legit" stealth (i.e. not invis) is very clunky.

2b) Also, can they be given a different keybind than melee?
Speaking of "legit" stealth and finicky facing, I'd rather not accidentally poke the Bombard I'm trying to sneak up on and shank, ya know?

3) Do you feel that Convergence serves its intended purpose? If so, what is that purpose?
As it stands, it's a player unfriendly focus throttle. I'd personally love it to either be redone or just completely removed.
While the Convergence spawn mechanics are not completely clear to me, there is a certain exp generation condition.
This is rather counterproductive most of the time, as it'll spawn immediately after I nuke a room, clear a Spy vault, etc.

3b) Now that TWW is out, is Focus being looked at?

3c) Assuming that neither Focus nor Convergence is changing in any substantial manner:
When considering any new Focus/Convergence changes, please keep Spy missions in mind? :'(
tl;dr - Convergence has killed Spy missions as a source of Focus.

4) Could we get a quick overview on your take of the 'state of the frames'?
How satisfied you are with what was reworked, what (if anything) more needs to be done there, next 'brightest fires', etc.

4b) Is Volt's rework officially done? Has Energy Shield permanently lost its beam weapon interaction? Are you happy with the drain on carrying the Shield?
Is Ash's rework done? Specfically, is Blade Storm's current form final?
While I much prefer the toggle-to-mark to hold-to-mark, it's basically superfluous atm. As a well modded player,  it does nothing single-target that my guns don't already do, better and with no energy (or mod slots) required, and requires the exact same effort to apply to groups as my gun. More than my guns, if I'm using an AoE/chain weapon.
The only exception is enemies that - as per #2 - aren't opened to finishers by Teleport.

5) Given Steve's thoughts on disconnecting (or not disconnecting) cosmetics and gameplay, are there any UI improvements in the pipes for managing your synd sigils across your entire arsenal?

5b) Also, any UI addition/streamlining to bring your active Focus tree into the Arsenal?
After all, it is a part of your loadout.

6) Has any progress (of thought or implementation) been put into "Damage 3.0 / Enemy Scaling 3.0 / whatever" since you last talked of it (coming up on 5 months ago, iirc)?
Is it even still a thing? Damage 3.0 was mentioned in Tennocon (iirc?), as completely no progress, so nm this atm.

6) Damage/scaling/etc 3.0 was mentioned at Tennocon as 'no progress'. And now Riven mods exist.
How do Damage 3.0 and Riven mods interact? Is Damage 3.0 still planned

7) What was the intent in removing the conclave rating from mods and the arsenal?

8) Given that it's obvious that 'all weapon were not made equal', is there any concrete intention to officially tier gear? After all, Scott has said on at least a couple of previous Devstreams that he has some kind of tiering system when creating new weapons.

8) Scott: Is "undercover boss" still a thing, now that TWW's out?

9) Is 'All Warframes should be overpowered' (or however DE_Steve phrased it) still the intention?
9b) On that note: if 'yes', how do Nullifiers fit in with this vision?

10) Excavation re-revisit? Please? ... Please? From its inception, it was my favorite game-mode. (And given its popularity in the CHT poll asking about previous events, I'm not alone in this.)

11) A quick one: Dual Toxocysts were one of the first weapons with a "quirk" - they gain a buff when you land a headshot.
This buff doesn't refresh while active. Is this a mechanical limitation, an intentional decision, or an oversight?
(If intentional choice, could you spend a moment elucidating the considerations? Thanks.)

12) Have any changes been made to the announced next batch of weapon augments (these), based on the feedback given?

12b) And on the topic of band-aid mods, has any thought been given to Covert Lethality, daggers, dual daggers, stealth-prompt attacks, etc?
12c) Actually, backtrack a bit: What do you consider to be 'bandaid's?

13) Can syndicate procs please not activate while you have the stealth multiplier buff up? (Seems both an easier and simpler solution than putting them under player control, though I may be wrong.)
btw, thanks for making them silent.

14)  Could we hear a few words on why someone decided that snipers need sway and - much more importantly - a noscope accuracy penalty? They already don't benefit from the scope bonus.

Further, any chance that the scope bonus could not scale with zoom level? I've literally had enemies spawn in at 10m away, which makes trying to use x5 - let alone x12 - zoom absolutely ridiculous.

Alternatively, are there any particular pros or cons to  shortening the transition delay so quickscoping is possible?

15) I admit, I've not played Dark Sector, but the Glaive has been a favorite of mine for almost a year now. Any chance that the richochet mechanic will be looked at? I don't think I've ever seen a bounce hit something.

15b) On that note, do you consider thrown melee to be in a good place (what with bounces being, afaik, completely ineffectual - as above -, their attack-cycle length, the inherent 2-3 mod slot tax required to make them usable (Quick Return, Power Throw, Whirlwind(, Entropy Flight), their not being affected by melee combo... and all of which are mod slots you can't use to increase their damage)?

15c) What about having Altfire while in melee-mode immediately throw your thrown melee? Since it doesn't do anything atm.
(Would also dovetail nicely with Reload or Altfire switching modes for the Split Sword, if that ever happens.)

16) You have tracking data on completed missions. Has there been any talk about unplayed or disliked (e.g. here) mission types?

17) How will 'Damage / Enemy Scaling 3.0' affect status weapons' underpreformance in DE Approved Content enemy-levels compared with crit (or even decent straight-damage) weapons?

17b) Will this finally redeem the Sure Shot et al. mods? (+% status, 15% at rank 5 - where the dualstats give 60% at rank 3)

18) Reticule customisation? Particularly in Archwing, the crosshairs dot can be very hard to see.
--- Credit where credit is due: The new Archwing scope is much less easily lost. Thank you for that.

19) Speaking of Archwing - What about removing aura-inheritence and just giving them an aura slot? Are there any particular cons?

20) Any plans to better integrate Archwing into your loadout selection? If nothing else, to make it clear at-a-glance which AW loadout (by loadout name is probably sufficient) is currently selected.

21) Options to disable/limit screen shake and auto-mantle?

22) Exilus slots have been around for a while now. Are they working as intended vis-a-vis modding flexibility?

22b) Similarly, what are your current thoughts on augments vis-a-vis mod slots? Are they working as intended? What are your thoughts about dedicated aug slots? If that's a possibility, at what point does that just become a 'tech tree' - and as such why not just implement it as one?

23) Any realistic chance that revisiting the combo counter, or at least the bandaid mods Body Count/Harkonar Scope is on the radar? Such as splitting the bonus between base duration and the mod, like the Conclave KD/stagger defense mod - Anticipation, or how staggers work in Lunaro, now.

24) I don't expect Banshee's passive to change, sadly, so:
Since Silence isn't actually 'Silence' so much as 'Deafen', and Banshee has innate weapon silencing for a passive. Any thoughts on changing Silence? Possibly into its PvP/Malice version?

Steve shared his thoughts on disconnecting cosmetics from gameplay.


All passives now appear in the Arsenal.
Although clarity (read: stats) would stil be appreciated.

Limbo is next on the review list.

11b) Nullifers completely shut down Magnetize. However, take Magnetize add in a Miter (physical projectile with punchthrough) and the bubble burst augment...
Yay for hard-counter pileups, I guess.
-- Nullifiers now dispel any ability they interact with, making this irrelevant.

13) Nitain was nominally added to give players a reason to run credit-only alerts... Except that it A) didn't address credit-only alerts at all, what with not being a credit-only alert and with B) credit-only alerts still existing.
(Note that I'm not touching on the Nitain alert frequency - beyond saying that it's not as bad as I feared it might be, as that depends on an individual's free time.)

So, any followup?
-- Item alerts cycle through much faster, and many credit-only alerts now offer Rare cores (up from any rarity cores). That said, credit-only alerts do still exist.

Could you please formulate, communicate and adhere to a unified vision of 'what Warframe is intended to be'?


* Where is Warframe supposed to fall on the 'skill-based shooter <-> Horde mode ARPG' scale?
- Relatedly, where is it intended to fall on the 'skill <-> gear' scale? How easy/hard a fight is a player intended to have if they're severely over/under-modded?

* How static vs. dynamic is Warframe intended to be?
If primarily dynamic - and given the repeated statements (and a freaking anti-afk measure based solely on) that you don't want people sitting in a single spot for extended periods of time - what's the design logic behind low-range 'emanation'-type buffs? (such as Chroma's Vex Armor, Mirage's Total Eclipse Zephyr's Jet Stream and now Vauban's passive.)

Because those encourage players to huddle up (which generally means 'stand still in a common spot') to get any benefit from them. Which is something of a mixed message.
-- "All things to all people", "make your own fun".
Being 'all things to all people' is an admirable goal, but you need, at least a little, to fascilitate it - making it less difficult to do.
For example: I like the frentic, fullness-of-senses of enemy density in a "level appropriate" game of Excavation nm, we don't talk about that anymore survival once the spawns start ramping up. This starts past ~17 minutes, but for the enemy level to begin approaching my mods, I need to wait for ~47-54 minutes before things actually become dangerous.
Now, I recently came across a post (for the first time, incidentally) that says I can't "underclock" my mods to tune my power level to the content due to limitations of the Mod system architecture. Fair enough.
But the point remains that I can't, and even if I have multiples of mods, I need to 1) Estimate player-to-enemy power correctly and then 2) suffle all my mods on all my gear (while not losing track of what my mod setup was before), and then 3) do this again and again, every single time, for any mission that isn't 'up to my level'.
This is waaay too much manual upkeep to expect, by my lights.
On the flip side, I have no way to influence enemy levels or spawn density aside from snoring my way through the first 45 minutes while I wait for the game to scale up the enemies. Urgh.
So, all things to all people. Wonderful, I can live with that - but give me something to work with.

Given the recent reintroduction of the EMP aura - Are you happy with the current state of Auras in general? Such as:
* The existence of 3-rank auras vs to more standard 5, making them (even) less desirable, because less mod points.
* All the V auras being additive straight damage, which is to say: both lacking in variety and growing less beneficial as your base damage mods improve.
* D auras being: Situational (Infested Impedance), useless (Physique, because it scales off base, unmodded health) and alright (Rejuvenation).
* - auras having Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, the Radars and basically every other actually-useful aura excepting Rejuvenation.)
-- It's a system that hasn't been touched in a long while, and will at least be partially expanded with Titania bringing a few more. Beyond that remains to be seen.

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So the Stalker wannabes have returned twice now.  No Misery to be seen.  Is there a reason and do you guys have a place for a Misery weekend sometime?

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Security cameras in the codex has been bugged for a very long time.  Mining equipment as well, is there a plan to fix this?  I know this is a very trivial matter for most but as someone with over 4900 hours in game and play daily, trivial gives me something to focus on.

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Any chance we can get a visual indicator for when enemy damage is healing allies. I play a lot as Inaros, and more often than not, whenever I try to use my number 4 ability to create a healing pool from a group of enemies, my teammates instantly slaughter all of them.

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I know the raids are very low on yer guys list, and you guys has recently fixed a few exploits but the JV glitch where the elevator doesn't go down is still not fixed, any plans to fix this anytime soon as it removes all challenge from it

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As some of you know DE Steve streams on Sunday, as mentioned to him on the stream, when running up to a hack console if entering to hack you get kicked out because of the motion of the warframe.  Any word on fixing this?

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