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      Since the Plains of Eidolon update on PC is massive we created a temporary subforum dedicated entirely to it.  If you are thinking of posting feedback on anything PoE related, please post here  and follow the Feedback Thread guidelines:  If you have a bug you’d like to report, please post in the appropriate categories:  General: Please post bug reports that do not fit into the other bug categories here! 
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      Threads related to Plains of Eidolon content that are posted outside of this subforum, will be moved into the subforum by the Community Moderators. 

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A simple hotfix request

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In a recent update, we were given the option to use vanilla Warframe skins on their prime variants as well as toggling prime details on tennogen skins. Do you think it would be possible for this toggle feature to be applied to the immortal skins as well? It would only make sense. Maybe this could have happened but nobody thought about it in time but I would like to see this possible. That is all :)

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