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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.11.2


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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.11.2


  • Replaced an idle NPC with a Steel Meridian NPC in the Steel Meridian Relay room. Get out of here default scrub!
  • Improved visibility of previewing Sugatras on large weapons in Market dioramas.


  • Fixed Law of Retribution's bombs taking longer to charge as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/762609-lor-stage-3-bomb-charge-time-doubled/
  • Fixed being able to insta-kill Vay Hek in The Law of Retribution as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/763014-glich-stage-3-law-of-retribution-re-posted/
  • Fixed UI lockup when linking a Riven Mod while cycling.
  • Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm death FX not showing up for Clients.
  • Fixed the Rescue rooms on Lua not having an alarm for enemies to set off once you have become detected.
  • Fixed Mods with negative Accuracy not affecting the Cernos Prime’s spread.
  • Fixed the Synthesis Scanner counting as ‘next shot’ or ‘next hit’ for the purpose of some Warframe Abilities/Passives (Volt’s Static Passive, Mesa’s Ballistic Battery, etc). 
  • Fixed equipping Zhuge showing incorrect weapon mesh and appearing blurry.
  • Fixed a seam/texture issue on the Vauban Suppressor Skin. 
  • Fixed pixelated/jagged textures on the Nyx Saikou Skin and Helmet.
  • Fixed being able to infinitely move the Hijack object by using the Operator.
  • Fixed being unable to access Display and Audio options when the World State Window is open.
  • Fixed one of the Hidden Messages quest node being labeled "Solve the Riddle from the Inbox Message", which defeats the purpose of the riddle.
  • Fixed Mirage's Hall of Mirrors clones remaining permanently in the Mastery Rank 22 test if active at the end of a round.
  • Fixed doing a ‘Quick Melee’ resetting your custom holster position.
  • Fixed the Gammacor expanding when holstered and sprinting.
  • Fixed the Synoid Gammacor holster position appearing on the floor for Cephalon Suda operatives.
  • Fixed the Heliocor’s ring FX appearing while holstered in the Relay.
  • Fixed the Tonkor's iron sights not being flipped up when first loading into a mission.
  • Fixed some units in Codex dioramas clipping into the floor.
  • Fixed the Jackal being too large and in charge in his Codex diorama.
  • Fixed the freeze FX on the Corpus Ice Planet only applying to the Operator’s head.
  • Fixed the Prisma Dual Cleavers keeping prisma textures when equipping deluxe weapon skins.
  • Fixed screen blur & color correction remaining when you use Transference while in Nyx’s Absorb with the Assimilate Augment equipped. 
  • Fixed Baro Ki’Teer’s tutorial in the Relay not having subtitles.
  • Fixed capitalization discrepancies in the Foundry.
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Wow RIP speed running raids. I feel the bomb fix was needed, but Insta Vay Hek definitely didn't. Many speed runners including myself are disappointed by things that have happened and it is sad to see speed running for a Raid WR (World Record) is absolutely pointless. This discourages speed runners from recruiting any new players into their "team" or runs because this is the sort of thing that ends up happening. :(

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Hello. Any chance to fix anything from the list:

  • Operator and pets: if pets get downed while you are in operator mode, they just die and you can't revive them for duration of the mission. In kuva flood kuva guardians oneshot my kavat with 611 armor and 8974 health, so once I'm entering operator mode, I can say farewall to my cat;
  • Index UI: time left indication is hidden if "Overlay map" is chosen;
  • Minimap position (Overlay map) resets to top left after "leave/stay" screen to default position. I find it more convinient for me to use minimap in right side of screen and has appropriate setting on, so why does it reset?
  • Same for UI in "infested salvage" mode: stations health gets lost after "leave/stay" screen and player usually needs to reset it by pressing M (changing minimap mode) twice;
  • Quick rewards screen (Tab) does not work for AW mode and Titania's Razorwing;
  • Missing booster icon from rare containers for non-host;
  • Mirage and Zenistar. Aren't Mirage's doppelgangers supposed to copy all things she do? When Mirage releases Zenistar's disk, then casts "Hall of Mirrors" and then does charged attack, Zenistar's disk returns to player, while doppelgangers throw 4 disks.
  • Sprint detection: holding shift while standing still will break Ivara's Prowl;
  • if you're holding sprint key as operator and you jump, you need to press and hold sprint key again after jump to "continue" sptinting.
  • Bald operators: if you hold 5, operators spawn as bald. Same when they return to warframe.

As per: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/5k9oha/bugopen_letter_to_de_bugs_you_may_not_have_noticed/

Thanks for your time!

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The  Placeholder/Spoiler for Anniversary Alerts doesn't amused me.. 

rather than put the old anniversary weapons that used to be FREE via Anniversary Mail from previous Years Anniversary, as this year alert reward.

Give the player Anniversary Skin (implement this like PS4 or XBox one Exclusive Skin) for any Warframe's of DE Choice (I Assume they would give it to Excalibur, The Poster Boy) or a Anniversary Syandana + Anniversary Sigil/Emblem for Alert Reward.

and Those weapons from the usual Anniversary Mail.

All Sides Happy (The Veteran Players/New Players And DE) and I would spend more on plats.


Do a brainstorming meeting help to create a brand new event/item for anniversary rather than cycle it...


WARNING : Spoiler for next event below, don't click if you didn't want to be spoiled..





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