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72 Hours Stream Result

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Hi guys ^.^ 

Just so you know the result of the 72 hours charity stream for extra Life


The goal was 5000$ and the end amount gathered is 8,220$ i can say i'm super impressed ^.^ 


Special Thanks to @InglriousB and SlapstickLogic 

Thats all thanks to the https://www.twitch.tv/warframefanchannels

Thanks to all tenno you guys rock.

Btw RoaringLion i still call the fact that you won rigged just kidding

OH i almost forgot using a butcher knife to open a wine bottle is not working well. Believe me Rob Tryed it ^.^

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We were happy to bring you this amazing event and Thank You soooo much for your amazing support!!

Not only did we manage to have a fantastic weekend with us Tenno, we also helped so many children in need and that just warms my heart.

And with that I can tell you this is far from over, I am still awaiting a date, but soon there will be an announcement as to how we are properly gonna conclude this amazing event!

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