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Banshee Prime: Hotfix 19.11.5 + 19.11.6

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20 hours ago, NeithanDiniem said:

Then the term wouldn't be "corrected" it would be "adjusted." DE has also seen people's complaints on it, and since the initial release complaints have only gone down. Really the only change needed is drop rates, but they have mentioned they are working on a fix for them which I can only hope is the faction resources tied to the faction, regardless of what location the faction is at, and numbers of item dropped balanced across the three.

I'm open to any correction/adjustment that reduces grind. I'm not opposed to having to work for my rewards, but I feel the current requirements are excessive. And I'm speaking as someone who did the work. 2 months is excessive, and it would have taken even longer if we had not finally capitulated and gone the despros/pilfroid/banshonance/slova route with lucky booster drops from daily tribute and sortie rewards.

But the consequences to the community seems extreme and undesirable.

I hang out with a couple of different clans, and people who returned from a hiatus to discover they were kicked from their clan for being inactive-- they didn't bother to log back in and reapply, they just stopped logging in to Warframe.

Introducing something that discourages casuals from returning can't be the outcome that DE intended.


And some of the less polite responses I've seen on the topic, which sum up as "git gud" and "man up and farm it" or "just spend real money, even if you don't have it" or "get someone else to give you plat so you can buy it" all are the kind of responses that degrade the Warframe community, instead of bringing the community together-- which is the reason DE stated they set the cost (aside from the fact that they data mined the veterans and determined that 3 year veterans could easily afford this cost).

But if the reasons for a decision no longer apply, then the decision itself should be re-evaluated.


Whether they reduce cost, or increase drop rate, or increase the number of places where the drops will occur (effectively a  variation on increasing drop rate)... I'm not obsessed with a single approach-- only the end objective:


That we have costs which require a more reasonable investment in time (less grind) and that the mechanics around those costs do not degrade the Warframe community.


It's a general rule that if you don't deposit waste where you live-- the rule generally applies here.

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I was just doing an exterminate mission today and I was disappointed to find out that not only does the on-screen waypoint for extraction disappear after a time (as the patch notes stated), but it also completely disappears from the minimap as well, I'm guessing because enemies are still present and so it's using the red dot indicator to tell you where the closest enemies are instead of the extraction waypoint like it should be using. So I was forced to aimlessly search for extraction manually and the extraction waypoint only popped up occasionally when I came upon a locked door or something. Please fix this and give us an option to toggle whether the waypoint turns off eventually or not. I personally would like to have it on-screen at all times and it would be very nice if I had that option. Thanks, and looking forward to the clan event.

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On 2/28/2017 at 5:59 PM, Vargras said:

You can only buy each level of Prime Access once per Prime Access.

You bought Valkyr, you'll have to buy it again if you want Banshee without farming.


ok :(

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On 2/28/2017 at 5:44 PM, [DE]Megan said:

More enemies will now spawn in addition to the required kills needed to complete the mission. Once you have met your mission’s objective, the remaining enemies will have their morales broken and will flee! You are free to extract any time after you've finished the required enemy count.

Really now?  I've run at least 5 of these exterminate missions (ground and archwing) and the remaining forces after reaching the quota continue to attack without once fleeing from me.  I think your use of the word flee (e.g. run away from a place or situation of danger.) and mine are vastly different.

And they continue to attack without any reduced damage from a morale break.  

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On 3/1/2017 at 5:02 AM, imoneoldfart said:

i hope they keep it as is to teach people that sometimes you have to farm a lot for a weapon in a game about farming supplies. Not every weapon should be cheap to make and not every weapon should be great like everyone wants.

Uh, I hate to break the news to you, but with this logic you would be paying $65,000 for a Ford Pinto or a Yugo.  It's an all right weapon, but it's not worth the materials for making it for free.  

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