Banshee Prime Access is Here!

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Banshee Prime is Here!
Gain Instant Access to Banshee Prime, Euphona Prime and Helios Prime.

Banshee Prime Access features:

· Banshee Prime
· Euphona Prime - Banshee Prime’s signature shotgun is an instrument of devastation that fires both focused and broad shots.
· Helios Prime - This knowledge hungry protector defends its master with Deconstructor Prime.
· Deconstructor Prime - Allows the Helios Prime to violently disassemble and turn itself into a deadly projectile.
· Banshee Prime Avatars

Banshee Prime Accessories Features:

· Capella Prime Syandana - This graceful cape is the signature Syandana of Banshee Prime.
· Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories - Golden accessories for Helios Prime.
· 90 Day Affinity Booster
· 90 Day Credit Booster


Learn more at https://warframe.com/prime-access!

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I feel like the trailer wasn't on par with the quality of Saryn's or Vauban's.
Not to mention the number of ________ Valkyr users infesting the comment section.
Ballas' narration sounds amazingly good tho. 

Edited by Oranji

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I do feel that a part of her appearance was taken of Mesa though. I dont know why that is so, she just looks similar.

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Banshee Prime's looks are just to die for, Euphona Prime is just amazingly designed in way to make it a Sidearm/Shotgun type of secondary. However, I'm typically amazed about Helios Prime. The stat improvement and his design!

Nevertheless, the trailer is just on-point with every single thing!

Thank you and Good work DE!

Edited by (PS4)ILoveSpeed-4ever

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