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Bug/glich/exploit with adding MODs to everything


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Hi, i just saw this issue/bug/exploit and when u have for example Rifle with Rank 3 and have a MOD installed in and u have in ur inventory another MOD that can be installed on rank 5 u cannot install it when dragging it from inventory do MOD slot but it is possible doing it backwards it is dragging installed MOD Rank 3 to the same spot in MOD inventory where is Rank 5 and it will change it and only u must do is confirm ur configuration. Tested on all MOD slots it is Rifle, Pistol, Sword and Warframe, it shouldnt allow u to do it in both ways. This bug is a + bug for advantage against enemies.

BTW very nice optimalization to play on VERY LOW end PC form about 7 years ago or more... hehe but ur minimum requirement checker just annoying me with message "Your graphic Hardware doesn't meet the minimum requrement" and i would be pleased that this will dissapear.

PC Specification:

AMD Athlon™ 64 3500+ 2,4GHZ (Single Core) :D

G-Force 9400GT 1GB


Windows XP Professional

First bug report

Note: my FPS is from 15-40 in some places even 60

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