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Kohm and Twin Rogga bullet


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When equip Kohm as main weapon with Twin Rogga as Secondary.

Kohm Bullet capacity is reduced to 150 which is broken.

Or did I do something wrong?... well just wanna let you know.

Kohm is my favorite gun after all. Also Twin Rogga is.

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Yeah, it took me a while to figure out what was going on with the Kohm. Friends thought i was crazy when I said my Kohm was busted and only carrying 120 spare ammo.  Quite infuriating.  I mean, its less than half of a single Kohm "clip" which completely ruins the gun for the duration of the mission.  This really needs a similar change to that of the sniper ammo sharing secondaries. I have to wonder why it wasnt implemented in the first place. 

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