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this here subforum is the sandbox where you can put new ideas, concepts and suggestions for 'frames, weapons, sentinels, bosses, mods and everything else that is currently not a part of the game but something you can conjure up. This forum was made to relieve the feedback forums of the influx of fan concepts and not clutter Fan Zone with them. here, your concepts get their personally dedicated space.


Please keep in mind, just because you have a great idea it is not guaranteed that it will get into the game. Nevertheless, some concepts do, and so far, we as a community have caused many changes and additions to the game. Did you know that Saryn originated partially from fan's input for a poison frame? Or the Paris bow? Wallrunning, to name a mechanic the community brought to life. Also, the Kogake as martial arts melee and the Glaive's triumphant return from darkSector are community concepts.


Concept, post and brainstorm away!

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All we need now is someone to take the time to create a megalist of links to the ideas, so we have a bit of relief from crossposting 'I want X type of shotgun' or 'a new water/wind/plasma/hard light/spider' frame for the 50th time.


If someone assembles such a list, I'll get it pinned.

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Hmm, who may I ask to put my topic into the Fan Concepts forum from FanZone?




Guess I'm destined to always miss certain things...



Thanks for moving it there (whoever did it :D)!

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  • 2 months later...

I think that the crossbow would be freaking awesome, especially if it was like a Paris / boltor cross, akin to semi-automatic rifle, with long to medium range, and with a less slow fire rate, like say with a shot every 1.5 seconds.


Also, I think this would be an appropriate time to introduce my new idea for a WARFRAME;


Theme and Stats:

Theme: Time Control/ Technology

Type: Solo/Battle Mage/Support/Assassin

Speed: 1.75

Shields: 85


Abilities (very rough and not very original; expecting editing):


Power 1: Slow- the frame slows time around enemy, (offensive), or team (acts like adrenaline). Even though it doesn’t sound like it, slowing yourself and your team could be really beneficial. You may be an easier target, but you can much better control your frame, and rolling and jumping between cover and still aiming and shooting will be much easier. However, the slowing of time will not pertain to Frames that are running. Also, this does not affect your movement in the air, and you can do impossible things like turning or changing direction in the air. Also, if you wall run you will not fall down. Now that I think about it, this seems more like affecting gravity.


Power 2: Stop- Stops time in extremely large radius around player for allotted time. (Can be used for crowd control or stealth) this is not ranked very high as a power, because unlike Rhino’s Stomp, bullets will not fire entirely, and if an enemy is interacted with or hit, they will be pulled into your time stream. However, this opens defense possibilities as well, because enemies cannot fire bullets either. They can hit you though, so a bit like Loki’s disarm. And after stop ends, your bullets can still hit your targets. The stop bubble will not travel with you though; what the warframe does is bend time around a certain spot and keeps it around your team.


Power 3: Entropy- the player speeds up time, slowing all surrounding enemies and hyper-powering the player, allowing him to blink from target to target (when selected). Whenever the Frame intercepts an enemy or other target, they will vaporize and dissolve from the accelerated effects of entropy. (Suggest using an awesome energy trail of silhouettes of the warframe as he runs around. This is sort of like a mix of Volt’s Speed, Ash’s Blade Storm, and Nova’s Molecular prime. However, when I say blink, the combos have to be done in quick succession with not very large distances between targets, or the ability will fail. 


Power 4: Reset- this is the killer part of the frame; the effect is within an even larger radius than Stop, and when the ability is activated, the player can now look around the environment, and control the flow of time by pressing the A and D buttons, (the warframe will not move; the ability affects him as well), or D-pad on a game pad. To release the flow of Time, simply press the ability button again. To keep from spamming, the ability will not affect team mates, unless they choose to enter the time stream. This ability and slow open huge possibilities for combat.


Note: to make these abilities fair, the player will become inactive during some abilities. And, these names, especially for Slow and Stop, should be changed.


Suggested Weapons for This Warframe:

Just as Nekros is the “infested Warframe”, This Warframe is the “corpus warframe” so give him interesting and innovative corpus- based weapons.


Primary: Veral: this should be the double-armed crossbow that is in concept phase, except for the fact that it will be more like a semi-automatic rifle instead of a secondary weapon. I think that it would be interesting if it could also be used as a mode of transportation, like a grappling hook. (Achieved by charging shot) the hook cold also pull targets to you. I think that it could benefit by getting a more geometric look, like in the warframe concept I have provided.


Secondary: Swarm: These would be like small grenades in the shape of pyramids, running along the arms and thighs. These would be great for stealth because the target does not die immediately; the swarm module would attach to the target, and after a period of a second or two, the device would activate and inject a swarm of nano-bots into the target it is attached to; eating it from the inside out and leaving no trace for other enemies to notice. Alternatively, these could be used for crowd control when thrown onto the ground; the longer you charge before you throw, the bigger the boom. These could potentially be thrown at a relatively fast rate; think grenadier.


Melee: Dual Katar: in case you do not know what a Katar is, there is a picture below:

A Katar is an ornamental Hindi wrist dagger that comes out of the fist in a blade. The great thing about this weapon is that; One: the use of this dagger is fluid and melds well with martial arts, and Two: the wrist guard can quickly be used as a shield. What I am suggesting will be smaller and compact. Folded, the Katars will be holstered on the fore arm and latched onto the wrists. When it is drawn, the blades of the katar will extend into an energy blade about ¾ the length of the forearm. An interesting part of this concept is that the blade will change form and size throughout the combo as it is executed. (I.e. hook to stab to ground slam, or spin kick, double hook, flip over- shoulder throw.) Please DO NOT use animation akin to that of Kogake; that is more like a twisted form of tae kwon do and Karate than the fluidity of Kung Fu.



Name One: The Doctor (just kidding)

Name Two: Delay (because of Time theme)

Name Three: Flow (aesthetic theme)




Flow is a power- based Warframe who controls the very essence of Time. His abilities are complicated, but give innovative players the edge in combat or stealth.


Flow should have a lore about him as Tenno who is ancient and masterful, but his lack of memory is always haunting him. As for Acquisition, I believe that the team is creating a homeworld for the Corpus, yes? Give him a big boss like golem is for Nekros.



He would be male non- heavy, somewhere in between volt's and nekros's build. He would be relatively light with aesthetics, and instead of the armor mesh of frost, nyx, and Excalibur, He would be covered in a thinner, more silk like mono-fabric. The main points of protection and armor will be the shins, forearms, and gloves. These plates will be the complete opposite of rhino’s plates, and would be thin, static rectangles of a plastic- metal, contrasting the fabric. Remember: these are few, and very geometric. Interspersed over his body would be somewhat simplistic plates and growths, made of the same material as the large geometric plates; like knuckle guards and points of fixture between plates; but they would still have and ubiquitous beauty to them. These would be mostly at points of movement, like buckles, but coming out at strange angles. These would be simple shapes, like cylinders and parallelograms. The best part, however, would be a trench-coat like hood that covers the head and back and goes down to the feet. The hood would only cover the back, and not intrude upon the vest like tunic on the torso of the frame. To stress; do not attach it to the tops of the shoulders and arms; only on the back of the warframe, and it would be close- fitting, until the cloak would stop attaching to the body at the hips and drop down to a very low tail that would almost touch the ground, and the brim of the tail would be wide and trail around the heels. It would have semi-sleeves that attach to the arms. This would be interspersed with small plates, with the stated fabric in between. Jutting out of the back would be two cylindrical growths that would be parallel to each other and jutting out at 105 degree angle from the back. Growths like this would also come out of the back of the thighs and elbows. Alternatively, they could also come out of the back of the head, through the hood. The back and gloves should be the most important part of the Warframe’s aesthetic; spread out like a nervous system branching from the two sharp growths on the shoulder blades. (No pun intended) The gloves of the frame will be VERY IMPORTANT. They will have sharp plates coming out of the 2nd digits, and would mesh seamlessly with the plate on the forearm. Energy will travel in lines down the wrist and split into four parallel lines that go down the fingers, with a pool of energy at the finger tip. The tips of the fingers would theoretically be energy points that stand out. Overall, the warframe should, and hopefully would, be based very closely to the crossbow proof of concept. For a mask, I love the slit/cyclopean eye style that has been used on volt and Nekros. As for skins, It has the been the opinion of many players, including myself, that patterns and base colors that reoccur equally over the entire frame is much better and pleasing to color, like with trinity, banshee, and Vauban, than the ugly clashing of large breadths of a single color, like with frost prime, volt, mag, and ash. A pattern that spans this Warframe would be very appropriate, what with the fabric and small doo-dads. One I would recommend would be straight, thick lines that turn at sharp angles, and hollow triangles. (Triangles will be a reoccurring theme) Kind of like a mix of Vauban and Banshee. Again, keep him thin, but not too thin. Think war-mage/ Assassin build. But NOT Nekros. Finally, his energy should be straight and vein like, coming together in a perimeter around growths and buckles, akin to arteries; I wish to stress that a feeling of a Controlled Flow should be an accentuated theme. The great part about the energy trails is that they should be able to travel along the fabric, intercepting buckles and doo-dads, like a rest stop on a sub way. A great animation would be if the energy travels down the “veins” of the energy trails in parts with every “pump” of the “hearts” on the shoulder blades.


Parting Notes:

-          I think that Flow should have a sentinel called Vanguard who is triangle- shaped and specializes in stat control and changes. For a weapon it would have a beam like laser that perhaps could have a leech function? It would complement Flow well because of his low shields and little defensive abilities.

-          Also, to balance things out, there should be a female warframe as well. This one should be a tank because of the overall lack of female tanks. Perhaps she could control gravity?

-          I think that customization should be more pronounced in the game. We need alternative skins for our frames and more modules for customization. (Feet, shoulders, belt, back, etc.)

-          Last of all, I think there should be a fifth faction, called the Ordinance. These would be a branch of the corpus that would be made up of robots that achieve sentience. Giant Robots, anyone?

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Idea for Warframe:





Ability 1 (not in order): Blind - used to sneak by enemies by making them not see you (does not stun)

Ability 2: Superspeed (needs cooler name) - increases speed to the speed of light (not really but you get the point)

Ability 3: Laser- Charges and fires a stream of high damaging light that goes through many enemies

Ability 4: Solar Flare - Unleashes solar energy in all directions capable of disintegrating targets with it's sheer intensity


Could be light-build male or female, is faster than average but weaker


Other ideas...


New damage type: energy

For the energy weapons that the corpus use

Could be AP and have damage changes to shields, resistance or bonus


Weapon ideas:

A crossbow

a spear that could double as a throwing weapon

a flail or whip

dual option for all pistols (seer, lex, etc.)

secondary: the latchers that the grineer use


note: don't take offense if I put your idea on my post, just count it as a vote for your idea

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i dont think people would want this or comment much on this but i hope it gets implemented 



i was suggesting a meele type weapon called the shirudo 


it is a energy type shield 


it is the same concept as the warframes shield 


it blocks bullets and melee weapons but like your warframes shields it takes damage and comes off 

making the weapon not so op and used for more tactics rather than run and take no damage 


thou it is a shield making the damage of melee attacks have low damage it comes with a run attack and a slide 


the slide bashes the oponent and knocking him or her down 


and the run attack charges at the target and knocking everything down on the way and also reducing the shield since u are also damaging it during impact 



and thx for reading


i think it would be a great weapon and fun to use to run around with 


also ik it will need its own new mods since it will have shield regen and damage reduction 


this weapon will also be used by corpus since its an energy weapon 


also if they ever implemented the use of a pistol and melee weapon together then u can make this a primary. Removing the primary so u can use this with a one handed sword or pistol so u have cover when there is none but this will replace the primary 


one more thing dont think that its a wall cuze if u do u will get shreded to death lol 


from hes2krazy pls comment if u think its good or bad i dont really care if it never passes but since this is a futuristic game and its awsome it should have a shield so pls help this pass lol 


and thx for reading ^_^ 

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My concept is "Wolf Warframe" 




Health-100 (220 max)

Shields-150 (300 max)



Energy-120 (250 max)




1.)- Howl: wolf howls at the enemy's causing them to flee in fear for d duration of time


2.)- Hunter: wolf cloaks himself turning completely invisible, while also boosting teams melee damage for a duration of time but sacrificing 30% shields. (duration 20 sec- 40 sec, damage +400 to all weapons)


3.)- Wrath: user slams his arm into the ground causing all enemy's within range to take heavy damage (distance 6.5 meters, damage 400-1000)


4.)- Wolf pack: wolf howl's summoning a pack of energy created wolfs to aid him in battle for a duration of time (1-5 wolf's, each wolf hp 200-400, damage 100-300, duration 1 min-2.5 min.)


And if you don't like those i have more listed below.


Powers cont-


Paw print- user marks locations of all items on radar( 3-5 meters around player)


Alpha wolf- user takes 20% of all damage from all allies and converts it into a blast that damages all enemy's within its radius, if allies have been killed or are currently down it does an extra +300 damage.


Wolf run- user boosts speed for a duration of time to all allies.


Beast- user drops all weapons (sheaths or holsters them) and attack's using hand to hand combat greatly boosting attack and shields for a short amount of time.(20-40 sec)


Thick fur- increases armor and shields to all allies, while also taking away 20% ice damage.(1 min-1.3 min)


Sharpen'd claws- boosts melee attack to all allies for a short time.(10 sec-40 sec)


Growl- increases attack increases drastically but decreases armor for a short time to all teammates.(10-20 sec)


Story: Wolf is a damage dealing fast moving animal, with less strategy to his attacking he has been able to break through grineer bases all through the galaxy and save number's of tenno, with his aggressive nature he is best suited for players looking to deal damage but not take it. Also works best in a team but can play solo using his wolf pack, and beast form for when he wants the quick kill.








i did not draw the picture above nor do i own them, i am just using it as a similar description of what i am implying, until i can use my camera to upload my own drawing's.


please comment and tell me what you think :D
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  • 1 month later...

I don't want to kill ideas but i have to adress this.


Radial Blind is already a skill in the game used by Excalibur. I have seen alot of ideas for a Sun warframe and radial blind is always the first or second ability. A Sun warframe sounds cool but re-using previous skills is lame.


Also Infested warframes mimicing Saryn sounds boring too, but everyone would relish the opportunity to use the Ancient Disruptors' energy sapping attack.


I like the idea of new warframes I just think people should look at the things that are already available and then think of new ideas


On a side note; would a Time themed warframe that could stop time for at max seven seconds be overpowered?

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  • 1 month later...

Reposted from another topic thread:



I think that adding the ability to up the amount of mod cards (max of 2 extra) would be nice (even if it costs 5 orokin reactors/cells + 5 forma + 50plat per card). I think a cool idea would be the ability to permanently fuse a mod to a frame/weapon which would be more useful than most of the current aura mods. Changing these mods would be possible but it destroys the mod card in the process (so you better have spares). Also, the option to enhance a weapon in the foundry would add another cool element to the game. Using specific materials/consumables would yield an incremental increase to a specific stat or set of stats (maybe up to a max of 3 upgrades which are removable). Using higher end/rarer materials removes any negative effects that may happen. 


Another item that needs a little more customization wiggle room are the sentinels. Carrier and Shade are the only 2 that have some sort of actual utility other than being a floating weapon turret. Merging sentinels/abilities or at least making their specific abilities interchangeable like their weapons would be nice (I'd love a cloaking Carrier or a close quarters Deathcube. That's Deathcube w/ sweeper shotgun and vaporize, so I can concentrate on ranged targets w/o worry). Primary & Secondary weapons for each sentinel would be handy, but not limited to only weapons. while on the topic of sentinels, being able to remotely control it to scout ahead/ cause a distraction/ open a locked item container/ hack a control panel/ retrieve an item/ kill a specific target would be extremely cool and useful. Even being able to "breed/grow" a new sentinel from the suit of a warframe (the frame becomes un-useable for half the build time of the sentinel as it needs time to repair itself from the biopsy) so as to add a little more symmetry between the 2 entities and doing so would combine/enhance the main abilities of the both the frame/sentinel to some degree (Took this idea from the Zanuka Project. If the baddies are experimenting w/ Tenno Tech, why shouldn't the Tenno themselves? Even going as far as to use the enemies own tech against them. This also would add a different type of mission set to the game.) Binding a sentinel to a frame would be another way of increasing symmetry/utility. It would basically be like combining r2d2 and the predator's plasma cannon and having it sit atop the shoulder (or back) of the warframe all the while leeching properties from its host (i.e. merged/bound w/ ash frame, the sentinel gains a shuriken gun or something). To get really crazy, the bound sentinel can land/park & take off/ float (like normal) for 2 totally different play styles. in Landed/Mounted mode it targets/locks on to single enemies. In floating/ normal mode it does an AoE attack (all based off the frame it is attached to. i.e. Shurikens for Ash, Ice for Frost, Electricity for Volt and so on). 


Binding Carrier to a frame (mounts/takes off from the warframe's back not shoulder) could give the frame hover/float capabilities as the sentinel would be reversing its vacuum ability to cause lift. Binding Wyrm (mounts to warframe's forearm and animation looks like a hawk landing on its masters arm then working itself into the armor like a bracer) lends laser enhancement to all weapons or detaches to become its regular self. Binding Shade (shoulder mounted. Hanging tendrils, almost infestedly, work into the frames back left shoulder blade and the head sits atop the shoulder with it's single eye pacing back and forth like the NightRider led) could add a silencing effect to all weapons plus enemy radar detection (returns to normal when detached). Binding Deathbox (back/shoulder mounted) adds a war machine esk gas/infested (combining Vaporize and Machine Rifle) fueled mortar to the frame that uses acid rounds that explode and dissolve all in it's blast radius (returns to normal when detached).

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As far as Sentinel Parts go, it would be nice to have more than simply/purely cometic attachments. If the masks, wings and tails bore functionality they might make things better. Even if the enhancements are super simple in nature. Mask = +Armor/Shields, Wings = +Attack Speed, Tail = +Radius of Effect, etc. 

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Another helper idea, Titan Extractors v2.0 (or 3.0). Merging Extractors and Sentinels to create Enhanced Extractors (aka Extractinels or Sextractors :P) with greater intake and/or survival abilities. Shade merger gives cloaking for survivability, Carrier increases intake amount and speed, Wrym and Deathbox offer different levels of defense/attack. Combining multiple extractors to make a bigger, more capable version is another direction to go with (kinda like Magneton from Pokemon). I have heard conflicting reports, but if the extractors are not repairable, they should be. If it is stranded (due to over damage) during deployment it should be retrievable through an in-game mission and it should be linked to the warframe's sentinel and marked on the minimap. While stranded, it leaks gathered materials at a certain percentage/hour until it is all out (when all mats are gone the Sentinel is destroyed). There should also be a toggle option (25%, 50% health remaining) to enable the extractor to abort the retrieval mission automatically (if possible) when it loses a particular health percentage.

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Another helper idea, Titan Extractors v2.0 (or 3.0). Merging Extractors and Sentinels to create Enhanced Extractors (aka Extractinels or Sextractors :P) with greater intake and/or survival abilities. Shade merger gives cloaking for survivability, Carrier increases intake amount and speed, Wrym and Deathbox offer different levels of defense/attack. Combining multiple extractors to make a bigger, more capable version is another direction to go with. 

Glad to hear this much more versatility in the game

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