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The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix 19.12.2


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The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix 19.12.2


  • Improved performance of the Simulor.
  • Changed formatting of ‘MUTALIST’ names to avoid using a dash.

The Pacifism Defect Fixes:

  • Fixed Manics not having the proper drops (i.e Four Riders) in The Pacifism Defect.


  • Fixed Vauban’s Bastille and Vortex lingering in tiles after players have left said tile.This resulted in enemies continually being damaged or immobile even after the ability ended.
  • Fixed the HUD displaying the Shield/Health damage indicator when switching to/from Archwing Submersible and other scenarios where your Health percentage lowers without you actually taking damage.
  • Fixed the Extraction marker remaining on screen for Clients after a minute in Survival.
  • Fixed missing ‘Incoming Wave’ and ‘Wave Cleared’ messages in Defense missions.
  • Fixed Equinox (and possibly Chroma) appearing to have a full grown Cyst when in reality it's not mature and ready for curing. 
  • Fixed Quest info in Navigation and Sand of Inaros Vessel not properly updating when you cleared your active Quest through the Codex.
  • Fixed lingering Torid projectiles causing self-damage after Hall of Mirrors wears off.
  • Fixed being able to use Warframe Abilities in the Mastery Rank 3 test after a death occurred.
  • Fixed the Scorpion Eximus having an odd texture on her face.
  • Fixed Transferring to the Operator while in Hysteria breaking the ability FX.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Agile and Noble stance not applying when holding a Bow.
  • Fixed a script error that occurs during a Host migration in Survival missions.
  • Fixed the Corpus Ship announcer playing during final Archwing mission.
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Can you guys fix the Mechanic where you give a 3 minute warning right at the start of the last wave of MD for the Sortie so we have no choice BUT to quit or risk losing everything? That'd be REALLY great of you guys.. by "mechanic" I mean make it  a 10 minute window. Is it really THAT hard to give us some what of a notice then prevent people from starting games? I'm really sick of starting a long mission only to have to quit or lose all my progress and have to restart. You guys have got me a bunch this week with your "hotfixes"


Edit: -risk. you WILL lose everything lol

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