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PC: Where's Update 19.13.0!?


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"U no bird field"

Something about a bird field. I do not know of any bird fields... wait a minute... bird... field... field starts with "f" as in "frame." Bird, field, frame, bird frame, Zephyr. Zephyr Prime confirmed for tomorrow.

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I guess Limbo's rework is still in progress, due to very big concerns from players about shown mechanichs. 
I think it will be this late march, around devstream 90.

P.S can someone finally clarify me that: I have ghost clan (10 members max.) And i got ~435 points at third stage of Pacifism defect. I WILL get ignis on the end of the event, but will my 2 clanmates do get one if they did not even participate?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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