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PC: Where's Update 19.13.0!?


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37 minutes ago, Echorion said:

It really has been a long long time on that Chroma skin, so here is hoping.

True but remember some other have been "annouced" a long time ago ... (Mag and Zephyr)


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20 minutes ago, aligatorno said:

Here's hoping that the new Tenno Reinformcement aka Corpus Speargun won't be a suicide machine like its cousin. 

Instead of suicide machine, corpus one will just proc magnetic and drain all your energy.EEEEEEEEEEVIL!


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Just now, Death_Master_ said:

Anagram? Err... It can even be gross!

lifd no BurieD
run leo if Bid?
Don Bird u life!

Do not open spoiler!

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Dildo Brief nu?


I didn't expect that lel xD

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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