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Warframe Stress-Test Easter-Egg

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I've updated my nVidia drivers (to version 378.92) this monday and I've been experiencing a huge ram leak. The game took like 11GB ram of my 16GB before it froze out today.

So I read it somewhere that something really fkd up with the nVidia PhysX. So I went into the nvidia Control Panel and changed the PhysX settings so my CPU was doing the work instead of the GPU. It seems solved my problem.



PC specs

MB: ASUS H97-Plus

CPU: Intel Core-i7 4790K 4 core 8 threads @4.4 Ghz

GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 970 4GD5 OC @~1300 Mhz

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB kit) CL10 @1600 Mhz

NVIDIA driver version: 378.92


Stress test results with nvidia physx set to CPU.

Ingame moitor RAM constatnly under 600MB

Windows resource monitor: at start 1.6 GB at the end 1.9GB

Stress test ran for more than 1,5 hours.



After this I set the settings back to GPU.

The results are:

Ingame ram monitor stayed under 600MB.

Windows resource monitor:

@start 1.6 GB

@end 4.8 GB

Stress test ran for 15 minutes.



I did not notice any change in my CPU usage during the test. It was between 40-50% on both tests.


It may not work for everyone but I gave it a shot and it seems to be working. If anyone tries this out please tell us if it worked or not.


Testing out in normal game now.


Settings seem to be working. Minor increase in RAM usage when on a mission. This mostly disappears when returning to liset.


With the new driwer PhysX works again and memory leaks seems to be really fixed.

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Have GeForce 381.65 with new PhysX 9.14.0702 driver been tested yet? Perhaps I will try more later.


So far so good. I let it run 20 minutes so far with no issues. Usually when I run this test with PhysX enabled my system would reboot after several minutes and before I could pull any results.

I have prior commitments but I will be testing later this afternoon.

PC specs

MB: ASUS Maximus VII Hero

CPU: Intel Core-i7 4790K 4 core 8 threads @4.7 Ghz

GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 770 4GB Classified Hydro Copper Video Card

COOLIING: Distilled water

RAM: Team Xtreem 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2666

NVIDIA video driver version: 381.65

NVIDIA PhysX driver version: 9.14.0702

This time ran 35 mins before I have to go and everything seems fine. Not sure what to look for in a mem leak. Memory usage starts around 550mb and gradually increases with time and then finishes around 750mb. Is this the mem leak?

What info do you need from me?


This time I let it run for 3.5 hours and it was still running when I got home. No issues unless I just don't know what I'm looking for. I'll be playing with PhyzX enabled from now on.


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Sorry to bring up an old thread but just been reading forums and saw this nice tool. I used it and no memory leaks at all. 


Specs: i5 3750 3.2mhz Ram 8gig Dell Ins desktop motherboard 

Drivers Nvidia


But thats not why I necroed an old thread, it's because I WANT THIS AS A SCREEN SAVER !!! It's Awesome!

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  • 3 months later...

Leaks are still there.. runing the last 390.65 nvidia update..

The game crashed 30min after the 1st launch, than crash 3h later, than crash 30min, than 3h...

I m running the leak "test" right now, it s been 15min, 575mb usage and 1.3go  memories usage

Edit: after 30min test, still at 575 and 1.3

Now, i just reinstalled the game, i started the test at 525mb ram usage, after 5min, it went up to 575 and stable. But the memories usage started at 1,1go and 5min later 1.2go and it s stable that way, it s not going over those nomber..

So i think the leak is fixed somehow, but i still have crash when i m playing...

Here is my post for more info: 


PC Spec:

FX 8350 OC 4.4ghz water cooled

MSi GTX 1060 6gb Gaming X

16go ram DDr3 1866mhz

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