Well, here is a weird one for the books.   After getting the Ignis Wraith blueprint, see that it needs argons. So naturally, me and a friend go to farm them in the void. Only walk out with 1 because RNG and the fact that I had to head out, but I come back an hour later, there are 3 in my inventory. Start trying to figure out why this is and eventually rationalize that I'm being paranoid, and just use them to build the Ignis Wraith. Seems normal enough, right? Well, me and the aforementioned friend go and do a fissure on an Axi exterm on the corpus outpost tileset. I get back to my orbiter and...the 3 argons are back. And there is zero explanation for where they came from. Definitely didn't drop during the mission. Wanting to see how deep this rabbit hole goes before I make a bug report, I go into a random capture and finish the mission. Nothing happens. Then, however, I set some Hydroid neuroptics I have laying around to build and go do the mission. After I get back and check my components list? The argons are back again. So far, I have zero idea what could be the trigger, but whatever the case, every time I use argons, if I go do a mission, I end up with 3 again. I've since cancelled the builds, but I am curious to see if the argons properly expire. However, I honestly have no idea how or why this is happening.  Apologies in advance if this is already posted somewhere and I missed it, don't spend a lot of time on the forums, so I just quickly skimmed general bugs to see if there was anything similiar, then went to test it further before I made the final post.