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Space Shark Incorporated [4+ Years Old-Running Strong] [All Regions] [Casual] [All Research] [Discord]

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23 minutes ago, Gatzby said:

Hello I would like to join!

IGN: Gatzby


1 hour ago, Onom said:

I'd love to join!

IGN: Onom 


10 hours ago, Xerzeant said:

Hi, there.

I wish to join the clan 😊. IGN: Xerzeant 


Invites sent! Welcome to the Shiver. Join our Discord, and perhaps the clan on the forums? https://discord.gg/WXnAVHf 

11 hours ago, Machirifle said:

IGN: Machirifle


As for you, good sir. You will need to leave your current clan, first!

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4 hours ago, Missoure said:

I'd like to join thanks!

IGN: Missoure

I've sent you an invite! Welcome to SSI


2 hours ago, WarSunGG said:

hello my name WarSunGG (on this game). And i have question. Can i join to your clan?

Could you leave your clan, then ask either here, or on the discord for another invite

Discord link here: http://:https://discord.gg/WXnAVHf 


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3 hours ago, YoManGO said:




2 hours ago, iggy36 said:

Hey, i'd like to join your clan 🙂

IGN: iggy36

Invites sent, welcome!


Don't forget to check out our discord at https://discord.gg/WXnAVHf


We also have a clan page that you can check bellow.

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