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Premium helmets look horrible !!!!!!

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I actually like all the new helmets.

Sure I'm not a fan of the new Loki, but I can still appreicat the artistic effort that went into designing it, and it's not like I can complain that it's poorly done. It just dosn't suite my Loki.

But regarding alternative designs for helmets, take a squiz at this one I stumbled across.

Done by this fellow: http://bad-enough-dude.deviantart.com/ - who also has some interesting other Warframe illustrations in his gallery,

It looks to be an almost, dare I say it, Blacklight-Retribution-ish remodel of Mag's helmet, and it looks like he's given her a new body skin of sorts.


I must say I'd be very excited to buy an iteration of mag that looked like this, perhaps a little bit of streamlining would be needed to get her to fit in with the whole, 'organic minmalism' design the Tenno seem to have. But it's certainly a step in the right direction.


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Everyone's helmet looks great and when its on them its even better. The only helmet I would say needs to be changed is Mag's helmet. Her premium helmet is so bad just playing as her wearing it feels awkward. Couldnt it have been more round or more spikey and not... *stares at the clunkiness* that...

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Even though its more of a shrimp/krill helm, I like the scorpion helm. Whats so great about tusks?

I think they look a little cheesy sometimes.

Only bought one helm so far and mainly for the looks, for my taste that Mag's looks so bad I will never use it lol.

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A) - They are not premium only. You can get BPs for them from alerts, that is how I got mine.

B) - In what way do they look bad, if you are saying they look weird, don't all of the warframes look odd already? Personally, I think they are all epic, and , if you don't like them, just dont wear them.

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If Ash's alternate helm gets changed because of this I will bladestorm those of you who are responsible.

What? You're gonna teleport to us and then fall through the floor to your death? What kind of threat is that?!?!

But in all honesty, no reason for them to take away a functional, already existing design/skin/model. If they change anything, they'll just offer it up as additional alternate.

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Theres just one thing that bothers me... why extra Rhino helmet turns him into flathead-triangle-crate-head guy? :-(




edit: actually current triangle-head style could be tweaked, to make it less bland:


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I'd like the Mags new hat if it lost the antenna ears.

I quite like the aesthetic of the mags new hat, the keyhole face, the mutton-chop things on the side, but that antenna ears are ugly as hell and give me a little bit of motion sickness.

Totally agree.

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