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Update 9: Vor's Revenge

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Awww ......




I am the soul of my games.[/size]

Windows is my body, and games are my blood.[/size]

I have installed over 1000 games.[/size]

Not known to family.[/size]

Nor known to friends.[/size]

Have withstood low specs to play high end games.[/size]

So as I lag,[/size]

Unlimited Gamer Works![/size]




Sadly ...... but ... BANZAI U9 !~[/size]

Oh hey, its Archer! Got an account on the beasts lair forum?

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  • Burston - damage and fire rate buff.
  • Dera - projectile speed increased (doubled flight speed).
  • Flux Rifle – damage and fire rate buff.
  • Lanka – damage and damage type (serrated) buff.
  • True Steel mod buff (doubled).
  • Pressure Point mod buff (20% base).
  • Reaper Prime buff – a bit more speed, damage, and charge damage.
  • Shield Lancers now use Grineer Viper instead of Tenno weapon.
  • Sniper Mods can now be applied to Lanka
  • Increased the drop rate for Control Modules, Alloy Plate, Neural Sensors, and Gallium.


I love buffs ^___^

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Find it kind of annoying I have to use my Warframe mod capacity to equip auras now.


Edit: Also polarized? I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but it doesn't make much sense. I don't want to forma my Warframe again just so I can equip a certain aura that helps my teammates.

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Wonder where the keys will be obtainable from ?

Orokin Void Map expansion (with Mobile Defense, Defense, and Capture!) with 5 new Prime weapons to be found (Bronco, Fang, Paris, Braton, Orthos)

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Love the content add, but the solar system map is worse. Missions are far too close together, and the map itself is too small. Make the map bigger, and the planet at the side less of an eyesore!

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