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Update 9: Vor's Revenge


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Awww ......




I am the soul of my games.[/size]

Windows is my body, and games are my blood.[/size]

I have installed over 1000 games.[/size]

Not known to family.[/size]

Nor known to friends.[/size]

Have withstood low specs to play high end games.[/size]

So as I lag,[/size]

Unlimited Gamer Works![/size]




Sadly ...... but ... BANZAI U9 !~[/size]

Oh hey, its Archer! Got an account on the beasts lair forum?

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  • Burston - damage and fire rate buff.
  • Dera - projectile speed increased (doubled flight speed).
  • Flux Rifle – damage and fire rate buff.
  • Lanka – damage and damage type (serrated) buff.
  • True Steel mod buff (doubled).
  • Pressure Point mod buff (20% base).
  • Reaper Prime buff – a bit more speed, damage, and charge damage.
  • Shield Lancers now use Grineer Viper instead of Tenno weapon.
  • Sniper Mods can now be applied to Lanka
  • Increased the drop rate for Control Modules, Alloy Plate, Neural Sensors, and Gallium.


I love buffs ^___^

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Find it kind of annoying I have to use my Warframe mod capacity to equip auras now.


Edit: Also polarized? I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but it doesn't make much sense. I don't want to forma my Warframe again just so I can equip a certain aura that helps my teammates.

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