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Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

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4 minutes ago, Skaleek said:

So if I've invested forma into every weapon on the list, am i getting affinity and forma for each? Because i probably have a combined total of 50 forma in the weapons you've listed, are you giving me a 3 forma and 3 day booster or is that for each one?

Also in response to Rivens: You should reset the Rivens for each of these weapons to 0 rerolls and refund the Kuva so that we can reroll them to better suit the new updated stats of each weapon. For example: My tonkor riven put my critical chance to 102%, but you nerfed the crit rate of the weapon, meaning that the whole utility provided by that Riven is now lost (guaranteed crits). I also have a buzlok riven that adds a large amount of impact, which is no longer as applicable due to your damage % changes. Etc etc.

Also, if you're gonna gut a weapon (simulor) you really should be changing it's riven disposition in direct response to that. You can argue that you haven't gutted the weapon, but i think we both know what the deal is.

Hell no ... dont touch the rivens of the involved weapons.. I and alot of other tennos saw these needed changes coming along time ago-- my riven miter is prepped and ready to go as soon as the new changes go live, so is my attica, ogris, harpak and glaxxion ... those weapons with the rivens I have atm will be very good..


just reroll your soon to be S#&$ty tonkor riven but dont speak for evrybody

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When Secondary Buffs/Nerfs come, can the Cestra family have a reload speed, recoil and status buff and can the Angstrum get a hefty damage buff. Love the changes BTW, I can't wait to see what you do to the underused secondaries

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I can't believe people are actually cheering for nerfs. Eager to ruin the game for others, must be. I just don't understand these types of people. Leave my stuff alone and just handicap yourself for crying out loud.

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Those Tonkor changes... as much as I like how the grenades will be exploding faster and we now see the trajectory path, full self-damage... well, it was nice to NOT have it while it lasted...


EDIT: Actually, do you mind posting a pie chart of weapons usage for us? Because that would be very helpful for seeing the reasoning behind nerfing some good and/or cheesy weapons...

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6 minutes ago, Voluundr said:


Rebecca, I could kiss both you and the entire balance team (if one exists) for this miracle. I am fully aware that sounds wierd, but my baby (the Attica) deserves the love.

Seriously. I've been in love with Attica since it released, just based on the design, and it's continued to get buffed into a formidable weapon.

I was overjoyed when its Rivens got buffed, but I never expected this. I'm just sad now since I don't have a crit-based Riven.

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16 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Weapon Balance Pass.

As we near the staggering number of 300 weapons (including variants), the task of balancing grows increasingly daunting. At its core, Warframe is a co-operative game; having powerful tools is a boon to a team rather than a disadvantage. However, there are a few weapons that have such a dominating effect in missions that co-operative missions essentially become solo. Aside from the handful of dominating weapons, there are even more that have been overlooked.

We have taken a look at our Arsenal and adjusted many weapons - mostly Primaries at this time. Everything below is subject to change. This is our current plan and gives you a general idea of what is coming in the next big Update!

We have buffed 10 underpowered weapons which have unique mechanics that have been overlooked due to their poor stats.

i would like to see diagram of usage all types or porimary weapons, secondary and melee to see the real usage of them

Is there any place for Tiberon?



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So will Telos Boltace be no longer a viable wide range crate opener? Time to hold onto my Lecta or get used to the Ignis I guess.

Tonkor dealing self damage will be hilarious to see. Stopped using that thing long ago. I'm curious about the Synoid Simulor changes. Status buff seems nice.

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2 minutes ago, warramssie-EGT- said:

Hell no ... dont touch the rivens of the involved weapons.. I and alot of other tennos saw these needed changes coming along time ago-- my riven miter is prepped and ready to go as soon as the new changes go live, so is my attica, ogris, harpak and glaxxion ... those weapons with the rivens I have atm will be very good..


just reroll your soon to be S#&$ty tonkor riven but dont speak for evrybody

If weapons are gutted their riven dispositions should be adjusted accordingly. Same with weapons that are buffed.

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I knew the day would come when my precious Tonkor would get hit with the nerf bat.  It still hurts just as much.

Rest in peace, my old friend. ;_;7


On another note, one of the things the Panthera desperately needed was a change to the way its multishot works. In its current form, it shoots two discs that go to the left and right of where you're aiming.

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21 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


The Miter is one of the oldest examples of killer concept with lackluster results. The next Update will bring the following:

  • Increased speed of Projectiles.
  • Charge time has been halved.
  • Critical Chance of 5% for a quick shot.
  • Critical Chance of 10% for a charged shot.

Great news for this thing to get some love.


The Harpak's stats aren't the worst in the scheme of Primaries, but it has received some love since it is often overlooked.

  • Recoil has been reduced on the Primary Fire.
  • The Alt-Fire Charge time has been removed - it is now an instant harpoon. (plz do this to the Paracyst too!)
  • The Critical Chance has been increased to 20%.
  • Increased the range of the Alt-Fire from 15 meters to 40 meters.
  • Increased the flight speed of the Alt-Fire and updated the FX.

Good stuff


The Hind has more nicknames than most Primaries (Baguette, etc), but not as much use.

  • We've added a single-shot Semi-Auto Alt Fire to the Hind that has increased Damage, Critical, and Status Chance.


Like the Miter, the Panthera is a killer idea with lackluster execution. We've made the following changes:

  • Primary Fire has been switched to Automatic, and the fire rate has been increased.
  • The Status Chance of Primary Fire has been increased to 20%
  • Critical Hit Chance of Primary Fire is now 10%
  • The Critical Multiplier is now 2x.
  • Ammo Requirement is reduced to 2.
  • Secondary Fire Status chance is now 35%
  • Critical hit Chance of Secondary is now 25%

It's beautiful!


The Paracyst is one of the more spine-tingling weapons in the Arsenal that really runs with the Infested theme.

  • Increased the range of the Alt-Fire tether to 50 m. (sweet jesus)

Mutalist Quanta

One of the more abstract Weapons that uses the Alt-Fire mechanic, the Mutalist Quanta has confused people since launch.

  • It will have its Alt-Fire stack similar to the Simulor to make a large Infested Orb that you can shoot through for additional advantages.

That's gonna be so much fun! :D I always loved this thing


  • The flight speed of the Homing Beacon has been increased. (nice!)


  • Increased the Accuracy of the Glaxion. (aww yiss!)


  • The Flight Speed of the bolts has increased. (heavy breathing)
  • The Critical Chance has increased to 25%.

We have nerfed 3 weapons (plus 1 variant) that we feel disrupts the co-op setting and pace of gameplay for most groups:


  • The Tonkor now deals self-damage like all other launchers. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Synoid Simulor:

  • The AoE Explosion range (based on stack when expires or manual detonation) increased from 0.5-2.8 meters to 1-8 meters.
  • The Explosion Damage has increased from 50 to 250 when detonated.
  • On an orb stacking event (when orbs combine), damage range decreased to 1-3 from 3-8
  • On an orb stacking event, damage decreased from from 150-250 to 20-50

This change is actually a buff for me! I always detonate the vortex manually! :D

I'm often asking people to detonate it manually to drop loot that they have suspended in the air or to reduce visual distractions and clutter when they ask why I tell them because it does extra damage so why not do it every time your weapon reloads you can do damage between magazines. So this change is super awesome hopefully people pick up on the change to the mechanics and start detonating the orbs more often. For those who won't read the patch notes would it also be possible to reduce the time that the vortex's linger around for so they detonate faster for those who do not pop them and clutter up tight spaces making it difficult to see or hold onto loot and we have to try and press 'X' as it swirls around at high speeds lol ...


The Harpak alt fire functions the same with one minor problem it doesn't work for Titania's Lantern however the Paracyst does ... please fix this with the balance changes the Harpak receives :D Side note about the Paracyst changes ...

Harpak is getting a slight mechanic change "The Alt-Fire Charge time has been removed - it is now an instant harpoon.

Please do this to the Paracyst too! Instant harpoons for all! Speargun Lantern targets for all! :D 'chants with excitement'


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It also looks like Telos Boltace has been ruined as well, but I think I'll wait on that and see for myself. I stopped using it when you nerfed the wave only occurring when the weapon was equipped. Fingers crossed that you don't touch the Atterax.

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The problem isn't with Simulor it's with Mirage. Nerf her.

Will I be able to rocket jump with my Tonkor? Grenade lifespan decreasing is uncalled for. I really liked headshoting enemies from afar. Why do you nerf the best in-game sniper rifle?

Make Tonkor great again. Or at least release a Prisma Wraith Aktonkor Vandal Prime. While you are at nerfing crit chance, why not reduce it to 0?. It's not like the area of explosion hits every hitbox ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Telos Boltace, huh. Let us prepare for Atterax and Galatine Prime nerf. :>

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Dear Tonkor... You shall be missed. Sure I used you for the first months of playing warframe till I got experienced, but you helped me when no other tenno could help me on a hard mission. Good night sweet prince and thanks for the memories.


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