As everyone knows last year's Rathuum Update brought PBR to Excalibur, Nyx, Rhino and Ember Prime courtesy of Kary. However, because of a number of reasons that I totally understand, those came out... Not so nicely as the rest of updates done before. Most of the issues relay on the Tint channels, as the actual material conversion was truly good.

While all of them present issues (working on Nyx tomorrow, which is 2nd biggest issue), Excalibur Prime has been the one to suffer the most.

I'm going to post pics below of the most notable stuff I can see, but it's not limited to them. There's tints mixing, some outlines, bad shapes, out of line tints, missing details (ie: missing gold spots). I can even see stripes that are narrower than they should be on his back. TINT MASK:
For reference, tint channel of Blinn Phong Excalibur Prime (took the original Design Council pic for the vote):

And now pics with notes on them:

As I said, there's possibly more that eludes me. Still, even with all the small bits I am fairly confident this should be easy to fix.

Take the most talented person on the character team and have him/her work on this, please. Seriously, please. If, for wahetever the reason you guys decide to make the tint mask from scratch again, then I'd suggest to rearrange the tints: Tint 1: White
Tint 2: Backparts
Tint 3: Stripes -> Default channeling effects go to Tint 3, so by resetting them we can also gain back Channeling on stripes
Also, since we're on the topic: when Kary had to enter the colors he most likely unintentionally made them stronger, oversaturating them by a bit. To see what I mean, old Excalibur Prime tints:

In Hex Colors (thanks Photoshop):
-Tint 1: #a5a394 (it's on Yellow range)
-Tint 2/3: #faf8eb (also on Yellow range)
-Tint 4: #9d9690 (Orange-ish range)

New Excalibur Tints:

The greys are more upwards on the spectrum, closer to green than the old.

I tried to go back to the original colors as much as possible with the Orokin pallette:

Which in the end is coherent with other Orokin designs (Targis Prime, Liset Prime) too, also looking closer to this: In short, and given current tint distribution, this would be the correct values per tint (not putting in gold since it's already fine):

Seriously, I hope this can finally be fixed. It's personally really sorry to see the poor guy getting such a shaft.

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: And one last note, before I forget -- the original conversions came out compressed. Kary was really fast in correcting that and now Excalibur and Nyx present one of the most uncompressed assets in game. Whatever you guys deliver, I surely hope there's as little compression artifacts as to what we have now. Because I've noticed the latest releases precisely have some bad compression on stripes/details, like they were upscaled.

And now I log off, it's 4:30 AM and I need to sleep LOL

EDIT 2: Added more pics courtesy of Captura 🙂 EDIT 4: Added stuff for the colors.