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Octavia's Anthem: Update 20


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11 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Who is this gangly creature on your Landing Craft?! Who let this malformed Infested inside?! KILL IT WITH FIR- oh wait, that’s the newly reskinned Helminth Charger! With a whole new look comes a new attitude.

i hope you let us keep the original. . .


12 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


The Ice Beam weapon: the Glaxion. Probably one of the most exciting weapons to imagine in combat, yet it has received a cold reception.

  • Cold Damage has increased to 333 from 250.
  • The rate at which ammo is consumed has been decreased.
  • Increased the Accuracy of the Glaxion.
  • Reduced the range from 30 meters to 24 meters.

you messed up this weapon when you killed it's accuracy. Finally you went back on this. That was the only issue, it's not really about the ammo eating just the ammo wasting cause it wasnt hitting cause bad accuracy.


16 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • The Tonkor's rocket jumping mechanic has long been obsolete since the introduction of bullet jumping, so the Tonkor now deals self-damage like all other launchers.
  • The Tonkor Grenade trajectory line now appears on holding the fire button (Default Left Mouse), and grenade fires on release.
  • The grenade needs to travel 6m before arming itself, it will bounce off yourself, other players and AI before then.
  • The Maximum lifespan of grenade has dropped from 5 to 3 seconds - grenades are quicker to explode
  • Grenades bounce lower and explode sooner, making them more likely to explode where they are shot.
  • The Critical Chance has been reduced to 25%.
  • The Accuracy of the Tonkor has been increased.  

RIP Tonkor.

1- tonkor has a wide explotion AOE which people made it better with that mod that expanded that. So say hi to people killing themselves all the time.

2- You took off the r-click aim one, you have better not.

3- does nothing, if it bounces back it will still kill you from the aoe. 

4- you die quicker, awesome.

5- if you actually get it to land where you are aiming at.

6- Why? seriously, what does that do except make it even worst than it is with these updates.

7- that was never an issue with the gun, the issue is the nades flying all over the place.

Seriously, this is the same as what you did the Glaxion that you just now rolled back on.

Seriously, total waste of time. There's has to be a better way to have people rotate weapons that nerfing and rolling them back like you did with the Glaxion.


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Nice.. Nerfs on Tonkor, Dread, Telos Boltace, Synoid Simulor... Lets just keep testing and see what else goes to the garbabe bin ..

And the UI its messed up on a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution with giant UI and icons... Do I need a 4K monitor to play this game now ?!

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Wait a minute... what happened to the Dread!!!

Goes from 50% crit chance and... whatever it had for crit multiplier to 20% base crit chance and 1.5x crit multiplier!!!


Wait, Simulacrum testing showed me still getting crits with my Paris P, which also got "nerfed"... your arsenal QoL update is buggy...

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I was very curious when I heard about "Bardframe", and knowing about the implementation of self written things in certain Korean MMOs made me hope that we will get something with equal depth. And apparently we sure did, and I do like the idea of getting buffs on a skill (rhythm) based part of the gameplay. I really enjoy that idea.

Now I looked at the video and the moment I heard the sounds and saw visual effects, all shattered. This is probably one of the most immersion breaking things in the direct line of the style I've so far encountered. I hoped the music and visuals would be in line with the theme of Warframe itself. More ephemeral and otherworldly sounds and classical instruments. I hoped for the iconic Taiko drums to be part of the rhythm section, and more phased sounds for melody and the visuals matching the theme.

Seeing this now kills all the mood for me for the moment, and it makes me sad :( Even extra sad because of all the amount of work that has been put into it. I hope this does not bring back a resurgence of the "gimmick style" Warframes like Pirate, Cowgirl, Harlequin, etc.

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