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Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.1

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Just now, Urska said:

soo it can only go bigger? XD it needs to be like 60? or 70ish.... 

I hope it get tweaked further in the future, but going all the way to left, as shown, worked for me.

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Further feedback on the update:

Overall, I like it a lot.

I appreciate the option to the Archwing flying mode toggle. It still doesn't feel quite as the old one, but definitely better as the sluggish, slow soup of the new one. But what I appreciate more is the fact it is an OPTION. This gives me the hope that we will see further tweaks to the new Archwing system in the future, when that line of content gets a little more love. In the meantime, you could release a dropship racing track ;)

What I really have a HUGE problem with is what you did to the UI and how it scales with resolution, and I mean the lower end of things. While I really like how I can finally see things properly scaled on a non-widescreen monitor and no squished together, it treats my screen as if it was a widescreen with extra space on top and bottom. That means the font got really small to the point where it blurs out. I understand it's a bandaid fix for non-widescreen resolutions and you will probably never give those some love, but I still say what I said before: proper modular UI design scales to each and every resolution without extra tweaking, like the "special tweak" you had to do for 4K support.

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