As a toggle system is implemented on a cosmetic item on Update 19.11 , it is possible to get a similar system to Multiple states Syandanas, like the Sari? the modes could be: pre 19.4.2: where was open by default and gets closed by these contextual actions: - Attacking - Opening Menu and after idling for 5 seconds the wings get back to open position Post 19.4.2: Closed all times besides: -Bullet-Jump -Aim-glide Since 19.4.2, the only change that happened was a undocumented one on update 19.5 where it stayed open on "non-combat" areas(Relays, Ship) but most of the time we're doing missions. While the actual behavior seems to be the intended one for this item, the bugged behavior ended looking good in a lot of setups, including with Titania noble stance. One of the hotfixes before the 19.4.2 fixed the problem of covering the menu and obscuring view by, the way i view, binding the syandana behavior to the warframe idle animations, easily viewed by combining the titania noble stance and the Sari, when the moment the frame started to float, the wings opened. If a system like these couldn't be implemented, maybe 2 different itens with one behavior on each, with both added to the arsenal on the moment of purchase, similar to Helminth charger, which the model got changed on Update 20 but was given a choice of having the old model? Implemented Multistate Syandanna: Sari Syandanna Graxx Spitfire Syandanna Naru Syandanna Edit 1: Update 20 Helminth charger choice Edit 2: Now a Bugged cosmetic is kept as feature on Update 20.1.1 Edit 3: Changed to Multistate syandanna