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Secondary/Alt fire question/idea

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So on ps4 i have my controller set up so my alt fire is up on the D pad and it sucks being there as i use right stick for the power repeat button. Now is there a way to make certain weapons such as the Panthera and others have their own settings? So you can change it to have its secondary fire as the main fire on the controller/keyboard? I miss when the aiming button was the secondary fire, so i was hoping it could be possible to do this. Overwatch kinda does this but each character has their own set of settings instead of changing the general settings for all the characters. So it popped into my head that it could be possible for some weapons. And maybe even some frames if people desired. 


All i want is my L2 to be my secondary fire button without having to change my settings or set it as my main shoot button.


i realized i put this in the wrong place and i dont know how to put it where it belongs. Help lol

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