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Octavia neuroptic reward bug?

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I was running orokin derelict survival with my clanmates for octavia's neuroptics, and we finally got it after 3-4 runs. I rushed to my foundry attempting to build it, however, it didn't show up in my foundry, and my clanmates told me they didn't get it either, even though we got it at the 20 minute mark. Please give us our rewards. Our igns are (AxyKyubi, DrDSun, Gildarts_bb, Shamsuu) 

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Just happened to me as well. ran with HellxFire and miu8. Got to 20 minutes, it said we got neuroptics BP and we extracted (mission time according to last mission results 20m 4s). Went to foundry and no BP. we see the Axi H1, Neo N5, and Lith S4 for the 5, 10 and 15 minute rewards. not sure what took the place of the BP, be it endo, credits, resources, or nothing at all, but we did not get the BP.

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