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Kuva Siphon's Pipe going at the wrong direction

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Following the upper enemy marker revealed that the Siphon's pipe is pointing at the wrong direction


A better picture: here, you can see that the SIphon's pipe is pointing to the left, while the Kuva itself is coming from the back.


I thought that it might be a Solo problem, so I tried using different variations of weapons and frames to multiple Kuva missions. A clanmate ran group missions and noticed the same problem.


Thank you in advance.

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18 hours ago, ThunderKitsune said:

I've encountered this. I thought it was invisible kuva. Thanks for posting this.

I might not rule that out just yet: we might be dealing with more than one bug XD

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I can confirm seeing this on Earth and Pluto.

Basically have to rely on listening for the kuva cloud and going in the opposite direction of where the braid is pointing towards.

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