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[Xbox One] RAZOR7 [R10-MOON CLAN] - Now Recruiting MR5+ Active Members. Be a honored member and not a number! Now part of the Eternal Legion Alliance - 4000 Active members - Professionally Run - No Drama! - Full Discord for Help


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RAZOR7 is an [Xbox One] Rank 10 Moon Clan that is professionally run and openly recruiting for members.


If you want the small clan feel in a larger clan then we are your new home. Be part of a leaderboard clan where your efforts are rewarded by our community.

  • Part of the Eternal Legion Alliance - 4000 Active Members - Allied with The Hidden Shinobi Clan - #1 Ranked Leader board clan
  • Be part of a smaller clan environment with a large well respected Alliance. Thus we will still know you!
  • Clan emblems are available and will be gifted to those Tenno that assist the clan and the dojo, and attain the proper rank.
  • 100% Researched Dojo Labs
  • Weekly give-a-ways to clan members - Over 10,000p given away so far to reward members for their hard work in the clan
  • A friendly environment where you can ask your new player questions and get helpful answers
  • We will even help you kill Stalker, might try to shut Ordis up and will put in a good word with The Lotus for you.
  • Warlord is responsive and active in the game and with all clan members.
  • Very active and helpful Discord - You will want to join!
  • Please read the special requirements below


  • REGION: NA - We are an International Clan with Members in many countries
  • SIZE GOAL: 1000 Members
  • ALLIANCE SIZE: 4000 Members
  • DOJO: Large and adding items daily
  • PLAY STYLE: Casual to Serious - Helpful clan to newer players, just ask our players and see their comments in the posts below
  • SPECIAL ITEMS: Ignis Wraith blueprint is in the Lab, Top 15 Clan in all recent events. All weapons fully researched. Top 5 Clan in the game weekly


  • 14 Day Inactive Policy - MR5+ Players (Msg if you are a newer player than MR5 but plan to move quickly to MR5+ and will be active)
  • Must read, understand and obey the Clan Rules - Our Rules can be seen at: www.razor7.org/rules
  • Membership in our Discord server is now mandatory
  • Other than that we are looking for committed members that want to support the clan and help our clan and alliance community






2017-01-27_092109.jpg elaprofile.png






If any of the above interests you please comment here or message on Xbox One at IGN: BURZYCKI


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