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Warframe Concept (Crowd Control): Kankritos the Insect Plague(Revamp)

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It came everywhere. A cloud of blacks, greens, and blues. Nowhere was I safe, but space called to me. It would help me, so I had to flee. The rocks whispered my position in chains. The ground carried my weight across the world. The winds took my breaths and thoughts to them. Shields were eaten like some common plant, and I would be remiss to forget what it did to moa and Corpus alike. Shards of metal, cloth, and bone scattered upon the floors like some young babe had been left to feed itself, and in the cloud was a figure: A terrifying yet intriguing one. Just before our escape pods took us to the cold, dark shields of the vacuum above, a tall creature slowly walked towards our door with its arms outstretched and palms pointing upwards. I thought it was one of ours, but to see its body riddled with holes like a moon and from whence the swarm came. We thought it was technology. Why would the tenno seal away one of their own!?

~A Corpus scientist recounting the slaughter that occurred after unsealing an Orokin Sealed Sphere


Concept: A warframe useful in harassing and infecting enemies with its biologically modified insect swarms, Kankritos comes from a shard of Orokin history where a small group of Tenno attempted to integrate various different types of wildlife into them and use them as weapons as well as defenders from any potential, technologically advanced threat that may have appeared in the future. Kankritos is one of two currently known successes (upon the hundreds attempted) of that shard.

Kankritos can fill himself with one specific type of insect to help uniquely identify his abilities and the boons and banes he can bestow.

These are:

Pantir: General purpose insects found everywhere on Earth and Mars with the appearance of black, iridescent beetles with three mandible instead of two. Capable of chewing through shields, health, and flesh, but not very effective compared to the others. They do however, emit a low-frequency sound with their abdomens that nearly nullifies all sound made by the tenno they accompany, but it is an exhausting talent.

Grushwaz: 'Borrowed' from Corpus facilities experimenting on insects and their practical applications with moa and Corpus suits. These large termite-esque creatures chomp through shields with relative ease thanks to their strange, glowing proboscis. They can also secrete a goo from the tips of their feet which have been found to improve and regenerate shields? Unfortunately, they haven't been found to have much effect on armor or even flesh, as the proboscis only causes a mild heat sensation upon contact with skin. They can also absorb laser fire, but their passiveness and the speed of the beams often sees them either ignoring the threat completely or missing.

Kutko: Taken from yet another Grineer facility to weaponize nature, the Kutko is a large arthropod whose females possess wings and males possess enormous jaw with equally impressive jaw strength. As such, they chew through metal with little difficulty. Some Grineer tests have even shown them to, on occasion, catch a bullet in their jaws, but this is a rare happening. Their carapace is also very dense, allowing them to take a few hits from any attack aside explosives and still remain intact.

Unds Ko: Raised and cultivated by the Myconians, these durable moth-like creatures, while harmless and elegant in their designs, actually have mouths filled to the brim with razer sharp teeth which are accentuated by the gastric juices they cough up during a meal. Terrifying against flesh, they have shown to be a great threat to infested and human alike. Unfortunately, they are brittle and can't take a hit, but with proper genetic manipulation, the gastric juices can have a healing effect on tenno frames.

Appearance: Made not to have the appearance of an insect, but that of a hive, the head of this warframe is very much like a thin, vertically placed box with the smallest sides pointing to the front and back. The largest sides hold many thick, mobile antenna made to direct the insect swarm when using their powers. The main body appears to be the proper shape of a human torso, but due to the insects needing more and more living room, they have gathered various metals from around, digested them, then expulsed the substance from their mouths, creating several uneven layers of different shaded metal around the shoulders and arms, creating a very uneven appearance. Each previous layer can be seen around the collar and neck of Kankritos, as the insects refuse to move there, although previous generations have made at least two layers there for most of these warframes.

The arms are a good example of what the armor looks like before insect integration: Very thin, even by regular human standards. The elbows have been wrapped around by a hive, although the inner portion of the arm is still flexible and the metal used here seems to bend more like paper. The right hand is also engulfed in the paper hives, although the substances don't go past the first segment of the fingers and wrap around the limb to prevent any discomfort to the host. The left hand is devoid of any hives and is, in fact, completely covered with antennae flattened along the surface and aiming towards the arm. They vibrate whenever insects are in use.

The legs are covered in a very thick, large amount of 'puffy' metal, increasing the defense to the tenno's legs to prevent any disabling by the infected or ranged creatures. The feet end in a rounded shape, as most footwear, but are elevated slightly by uneven, thin extensions of metallic fibers provided by the insects create an 'ice-boot' elevation. The longer and sharper points of 'wall' protruding from the boots give the tenno better friction and control of movement on surfaces like stations and rocky mines, but provide no real advantages elsewhere.

Idol animation: Kankritos' insects climb out of their hives to crawl around its body, then the tenno seems to sneeze (with just a 'pfff' sound) to which the 'antenna' on its head and left hand jitter briefly, and the insects return to their respective hives.

Base Stats:

Health: 125 (400 at max rank)

Shields: 160 (455 at max rank)

Armor: 475 (Due to insects)

Energy: 100 (200 at max rank)

Speed: -10% base frame speeds



     Hive Thrall: Dependant on the insect selected to inhabit Kankritos' body, there is a 10% chance that an uncontrollable will come out to protect their 'home' and attack the enemy that triggered their release. If the enemy dies, then they randomly choose the next in the room and attack it. Lasts for about thirty seconds. Can only be triggered three times and cannot be triggered again until the third swarm returns. Can only attack one enemy at a time.


    1. (30 energy)Hatchlings: Kankritos raises his right arm and slowly points towards a designated target. If an enemy, 5/7/8 enemies will be attacked at once by the insects chosen. If an ally, they are protected and buffed based on the insects' preferences.


  • Pantir: The targets get attacked for 40/50/65 (Diminished based on armor and/or shields. Limits any unaffected enemies from noticing the tenno around them) points of health for ten seconds. If the enemy dies during this time, the swarm moves on to the next target until the ability ends. The targets flail around trying to get the bugs off of them.
  • Grushwaz: Targets attacked for 30/40/45 (Double values if against shields) points for ten seconds. Mechanic identical to Pantir.
  • Kutko: Targets attacked for 60/70/75 (+10 if against armor. Diminished based on shields) for ten seconds. Identical to Pantir.
  • Unds Ko: Targets attacked for 35/40/45 (Double against flesh) for ten seconds. Identical to Pantir.


  • Pantir: Ally gets the 'Silent' trait for ten/twelve/thirteen seconds, allowing them to sneak about, even during a firefight, as the sounds of battle will distract the enemy too much.
  • Grushwaz: Ally gets the 'Slogged' trait for ten seconds. Shields are replenished by 20/30/40 points every two seconds for ten seconds. Insects have a fifteen percent chance to 'catch' a laser, healing the Tenno's shields for four percent the damage the laser would have done. Has a 2% chance to replenish 100 points of energy per laser 'caught'.
  • Kutko: Ally gets 'Armored' trait. Their armor is boosted by 100/150/200 points for ten seconds. Has a ten percent chance to catch a bullet, adding five percent of the bullet's potential damage to the tenno's armor.
  • Unds Ko: Ally gets 'Dusted' trait. The Unds Ko will flutter off of the tenno body to attack any surrounding enemies for 5/10/15 points of damage for two seconds and return to heal them for that amount for ten seconds. Those that stay increase regeneration by two points every .5 seconds.

   2. (55)Unwanted guests: Kankritos grows a large, destructable hive on his left shoulder then plants it on a wall or enemy, creating a large area of denial for both mobile and fixed missions. Enemies who have this planted on them become 'enthralled' and enticed to approach any enemy so that they can be attacked. Affects 10/15/20 enemies in a range of 10/20/25 meters with the same benefits of damage and control as the first ability. If there are more than the defined max value of enemies in that range, the hive will secrete a gluey substance that spreads around it, slowing down any non-flying enemy for 50% their base speed.

   3. Mind's Whispers(40 energy): Kankritos tilts its head to the right and drops several insects from its 'ear'. They will identify 10/15/25 enemies in range and will weaken them significantly(-40% shield, armor, or flesh, depending on their primary stat type) as they infest their bodies and start devouring their insides. Only a few enemies (Based on a roll of 25% chance once affected) will go insane and start shooting everything and everyone around. After about 3 seconds, if the enemies aren't killed in that time, swarms emerge from Kankritos with these effects:

  • Pantir: Will create a loud noise on the 'crazed' enemies, attracting any nearby enemies to them as trickery. Good for fleeing when there are too many. Will distract even those you're fighting. They will return if you hit them when they get distracted.
  • Grushwaz: Will infect the enemy and enthrall them, using their nerves to emit periodic waves of shield healing goodness. The enemy will still move and shoot at any enemies they see.
  • Kutko:: An infected enemy will see their damage increased by ten percent. They will prioritize your own enemies but will still shoot if given the chance, so be careful. If they die while still affected, they will explode, giving any nearby tenno a one hundred point armor bonus for five seconds. This stacks.
  • Unds Ko: Makes the enemies throw all items on them in all directions and flail around wildly. Will occasionally run around as they do so, stunning any enemies they hit briefly.

    4. 10^6-to-one: Kankritos stands up straight and raises his arms perpendicularly to his body, opening both hands whilst leaving his fingers slightly bent and pointing outwards. Lasts 30 seconds. Not only do his chosen insects fly out of him, but all insects in the area emerge and attack every enemy they can. They will converge towards you into a 20/25/35 meter raidius. For balance purpose; only 20/25/30 enemies can be stunned at one time. They will also provide benefits to the allies around. Do be aware that, unlike the first and second abilities, these swarms WILL stack on the enemies and allies, so damage can be tremendous to just one model. Good for those late game missions where massive swarms of enemies are too difficult to deal with

       However, these general effects occur 93% of the time.

  •  5%: Chance that ALL insect types are summoned. No traits are given based on the insect type, however, but their benefits are still distributed.
  • 2%: The 'ultimate' cultivations of Kankritos emerge from the ground in a pair. While first having the appearance of giant larva or caterpillars, they rise up to twice the size of a tenno and equipped with four scythe-like arms and two thin-but-tough legs. They give nearby tenno a 20% attack boost and taunt any enemies into attacking them instead. Their bodies give them a 30% damage resistance boost to any elemental and status effects. They are extremely durable and will be affected by any health mods applied to a tenno's warframe, but only for 30 or 40 percent its total effect. They are very slow despite their tremendous strength, however, so they can't follow you efficiently.

Original concepts:



Possibility 1: When attacked by an enemy, 10% chance to cause a small swarm to appear and attack them, causing fifty or twenty points of damage every second for ten (five) seconds and distracting them for the duration of the effect (Grineer and corpus will flail around. Moa will jitter in place and infested will either flail or jitter in place)

Possibility 2: When attacking the enemy, 10%(5% in PVP) chance to plant a temporary hive on them that eats away at their armor for ten(five pvp) points every two seconds for ten seconds. If the enemy is killed while the effect is still active, they will spawn three swarms that will choose a target at random and cause twenty points of damage every second over five seconds.

Possibility 3: (Less useful I find) 20% speed boost on metallic surfaces, 15% on rocky and icy surfaces. -5% on sand and grassy zones.


1: Swarm's Awakening: Kankritos points its right arm towards a fellow warframe. Aimed at a player at 10/15/20 meters and gives them and the player a swarm barrier of insects that add 25/30/35 armor as well as a 20/25/30% chance to block projectiles. Will not block melee nor the knock-down of explosive projectiles. Specialized insects will also replenish 10/15/20 shield points every five seconds(optional. This might become excessive when paired with projectile blocking). Lasts 10/15/20 seconds. Evey level adds an additional player that can be affect. At level two, if three players are nearby, one of the other two are selected at random for the ability application.  Power cost increases by five from a base of 30 to compensate for ability power increase.

2: Hunger of the Eye: Kankritos spreads its arms out then folds them inwards almost immediately, aggravating the insects within the hives on its shoulders. The insects will launch out and attack 7/10/14 nearby enemies and lasts five seconds per enemy (no increase per level) and causes 30/40/50 damage every two seconds(Might need improved damage to validate for higher levels, but Kankritos isn't there to kill for the Swarm(kekekekekekeke)), distracting them for three seconds and lowering their defenses against proc statuses. To follow the theme of offensive crowd control over Vauban's defensive crowd control, if an enemy is killed, they have a 10/17.5/20% chance to release another swarm that latches onto another nearby enemy unaffected by the ability, allowing enemy 'swarms' to be quickly overwhelmed and put under control. The chance for this to occur is reduced for every hop, however, preventing excessive 'abuse' of the ability.

3a: Slumber of Old: Kankritos punches its chest with its left hand, creating an audible gong sound, causing the older insects living within the hives to vibrate at a high frequency in-tune with the organic metal knocking surrounding enemies down regardless of their size (bosses excluded unless designed otherwise by the game developpers to have a shorter or wider effect)For every enemy knocked over, gain 10 points of armor and extra shielding (Both temporary, obviously), for 3/7/10 seconds. Used in the past to get enemies away from fallen tenno and rescue them.

3b: Locust birth cry: Kankritos punches its chest with its left hand and slowly moves it away with an open palm. Eggs in the hives on the chest are hatched thanks to the shock and release a deafening birth cry to all enemies around, causing 100/200/250 points of damage to all of them and knocking them all back. It has the added benefit of 'destabilizing' the enemies due to inner-ear damage, preventing them from controlling their balance and randomly shooting at allies or nothing as they try to hit the tenno. Lasts for 5/7/10 second with the destabilization affecting 5/10/16 enemies at once. Has an effect area of 15/20/30 meters.

4: Ultimate Lifeforce: Kankritos spreads its arms wide and cracks its head as it tilts to the side with a jolt. All the insects in its body are released and creates several swarm domes that follow the player and attack nearby enemies. Once an enemy is 'touched', the dome moves to the next nearby enemy and so forth. No drawbacks like 'Hunger of the Eye'. The voracious appetite of the insects has them devouring the tainted flesh of the Infested or the metallic components of the Grineer and Corpus. The enemies attacked by the swarm are distracted for 3/4/5 seconds, see their armor drop permanently by 5/7/9 points and increasing the crit chance on the targets for ten seconds up to a maximum of one hundred less armor points (So yes. It can go into the negatives). The crit value is not permanent and ends when the effect ends. Enemies hit by the ability cannot be hit again. Enemies also take 150/250/350 points of damage every second for two seconds due to the sheer amount of insects devouring them. When the effect is over, nearby allies and players see 10/15/20% of missing health returned to them and have a small bonus to proc resistance and increase of damage(five percent regardless of ability level) for twenty seconds.

(Abilities can get PVP update applications if needed.


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