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Chat cursor is off when using Chat scaling.

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So, Update 20 added better chat and UI scaling features. I absolutely love the ui as it is now, everything is easier for me to read and see. However, increasing the chat scale at all makes it impossible for me to click anything in the chat. Rightclick works, but left click does not, not fully. I can't click on any linked item, or octavia song, I can rightclick and get a context menu, but I cannot left click anywhere in that context menu. So, I cannot close whispers, I cannot 'View Profile' or any of those things. (This was fixed) Additionally, the cursor is misaligned with the text. Screenshot below. I have the chat scale at 120 at the moment, but this happens with any value over 100. This seems to be independent of the UI scale slider, as i can maximise that and have chat at 100% and be able to click things just fine.

Misaligned Cursor:

This isn't as bad as it has been, but as time goes on the cursor can be one, or even two characters behind, making it difficult to see when to put in spaces.

EDIT: what it looks like as it gets worse:


its almost off by 3 letters...

Tech specs for those concerned:


Any assistance with resolving this would be greatly appreciated. I have pretty bad eyesight, playing the game at 1080p on a 24" display, the text is difficult for me to see. If you need any additional details, let me know!

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