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Introducing: The Limited Edition Collector's Moonlight Threschone


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What was once found only by scanning the deepest, darkest Grineer forests can now be found in your living room!

Put your Scanner away, Tenno, the Limited Edition Collector's Moonlight Threshcone is now available in the Official Warframe Merch Store.

Sourced from the Orokin forests here on Earth*, each Collector's Moonlight Threshcone proudly stands 10 inches tall and is painstakingly inspected, cleared of insects and debris then covered with a durable, non-flaking gold luster.

As an added, bonus, every Collector's Moonlight Threshcone includes a code for an in-game Moonlight Threshcone Noggle to display in your Landing Craft!

Visit the Official Warframe Merch Store now and add this unique piece of Warframe to your collection.

Thanks to Szczebrzeszyniarz Brzeczyszczyczmoszyski for inspiring the video:

*Our Developers' backyards in Ontario, Canada

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