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Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.2.0


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Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.2.0

Take command with this imposing cloak.

Streamlined decorative armor in the style of the Furis and Sybaris. 

Fire Walker Augment:
Accumulate 150% of the damage Fire Walker deals, unleashing it in a trail of fire that lasts 10s.

Scarab Swarm Augment:
Scarab armor protects Inaros from status effects, consuming 3% bonus armor for each effect resisted.

Lantern Augment:
Attracted enemies take 100% more melee damage from all squadmates.

Navigator Augment:
Each hit increases the projectile's crit chance by 10% up to a max of 50%. 

Earn these now through Syndicate Offerings!

UI Changes
A new setting called Menu Scale has been added under Options > Interface (was previously HUD).

  • ‘Full’ Menu Scale scales to match your resolution.
  • ‘Legacy’ Menu Scale will appear similar to pre Update 20 except diegetic screens(Mods, Foundry, etc) scale as well. You will only see the difference in resolutions larger than 1080p.
  • ‘Custom’ Menu Scale is set and determined by you.


  • The Furis has received an updated look and given the PBR treatment! 
  • You can now replay The New Strange quest! As with other replayable quests, completion rewards are not given- enjoy the lore! 
  • Tweaked rewards for Caches in Void Sabotage missions so that the harder mission is more rewarding overall.
  • Quests that you are viewing to replay will now show the rewards as ‘acquired’ as you will not receive them again by replying the quest. 
  • Captura controls list now use more of the screen space on larger resolutions.
  • Changed open door light material in the Grineer Sealab tileset to green instead of orange.
  • Locked doors will now appear as ‘off’ (no color) instead of glowing red. This was causing confusion for colorblind players.
  • Removed Cold damage over time in the Corpus Ice Planet Defense tileset. 
  • Removed requirement to go back to the Liset between some early stages of The New Strange if playing from the Relay.
  • Removed reticle scale based on spread.


  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when playing The New Strange quest. 
  • Fixed being unable to pick a Relic for the next Endless Void Fissure round if a Host migration occurs during the Reward Selection screen.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Warding Grace Augment not ending when all Energy has been consumed.
  • Fixed Octavia’s ability FX and music continuing indefinitely if cast before a Host migration. 
  • Fixed Clients hearing the Octavia Host bass and drum track from their Mandachord song after a Host migration.
  • Fixed Ash being able to insta-kill the Juggernaut by doing a finisher. Finishers are unable to be performed on the Juggernaut/Juggernaut Behemoth. 
  • Fixed trading for the Ignis Wraith Blueprint resulting in having the Ignis Wraith Research in an unqualified Dojo.
  • Fixed Captura input filters conflicting with Warframe Abilities input filters (for ex. you could not use Mesa's Peacemaker and then toggle the camera, now you can!).
  • Fixed Arsenal changes not being saved when loading up a Captura Scene from the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Idle animation not breathing actual fire. 
  • Fix a potential case where Challenge progress (Achievements, Junction tasks) may not be updated under high latency conditions.
  • Fixed Zenistar Charge attacks increasing the attack speed when equipped with the Dominion Skin. 
  • Fixed a Vaulted Relic being rewarded as Daily Tribute. 
  • Fixed the collision of Defense targets in Defense and Mobile Defense missions being rotated for Clients relative to the mesh.
  • Potential fix for Clients not seeing Interception UI after a Host migration.
  • Fixed Chroma's Dynasty Skin loincloth lingering with the pelt instead of his undersuit when casting Effigy. 
  • Fixed the Riv Elite Leg Guard sitting incorrectly on Excalibur. 
  • Fixed a hitch that occurs when another player joins a relay or Dojo. 
  • Fixed pets bending their necks awkwardly to look up when in the Arsenal. They will now look forward when in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed interacting with your Kubrow/Kavat in the Helminth Infirmary causing the door to close/remain closed on you.
  • Fixed the Dex Nouchali Syandana clipping on Rhino and Chroma.
  • Fixed the Ripkas not attaching properly to Chroma’s Dynasty Skin
  • Fixed the Spitefire Graxx Syandana floating a bit on Valkyr Prime with the Gersemi or Graxx Skin.  
  • Fixed Phorid visually flickering when approached. 
  • Fixed Limbo’s FX lingering when attempting to fade out during Statis.   
  • Fixed being able to go through physical obstacles by spamming Transference.
  • Fixed Transferring to the Operator causing a script error.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Amp causing a script error.
  • Fixed the objective marker in the ‘Talk to Simaris’ stage of Octavia’s Anthem directing you to Darvo instead of Simaris. 
  • Fixed total Defense time not being spread evenly between Defense targets in the Asteroid Mobile Defense mission which includes the cryopod (mission is slightly shorter now).
  • Fixed offset selectable zones in the Syndicate World State Window. 
  • Fixed missing/double Transmissions in the first mission of The New Strange.
  • Fixed “<Warnung>" appearing instead of the exclamation mark icon when in the Mandachord screen in French and German. 
  • Fixed long usernames appearing split up into multiple lines in the squad UI.
  • Fixed the Arsenal Configuration screen text extending beyond designated boundaries.
  • Fixed the Sari Syandana not closing when on the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed the Sari Syandana not closing when aiming.
  • Fixed Baro Chat emoji not using emoji color from Settings.
  • Fixed various localization errors. 

Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Entering Limbo’s Rift now removes shields. Exiting the Rift starts the Shield recharge delay timer.
  • Fixed Limbo’s Rift Surge not transferring to players outside of the Rift.
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Augment for Nezha's FIREWALKER!? I'd hype but it doesn't look too promising, sadly.

Hey, speaking of augments. With the Spectral Scream being hot topic lately, why not change the augment so it, say, changes energy colours allowing you to change the element in-mission?

Also, new Furis looks good with the wood =)




Oh, and still no fix for inability to zoom out in the focus screen.

Edited by Raniu
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