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Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.2.0

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7 hours ago, Latiac said:

Welp I was looking forward to an Ivara one - not so much now, I think i'll pass on these augments, I don't think they'll see much if any use at all sadly.

Why? Navigator is too slow and clunky to use, why waste time using it when you can just blitz through most enemies with a standard weapon -


My thoughts exactly.  I've been waiting forever for new Ivara augments.  This was honestly disappointing.  Teleporting with some limitation would be something I'd actually use.   This however, I am not even interested in trying out.  Just being honest.  DE does great work for sure, but not everything comes out as a home run, and not in everyone's opinion.

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7 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when playing The New Strange quest. 

awwwww yeah thank you

because new player ho can't play this quest to progress to get new quest like war within or next content

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19 hours ago, VentiGlondi said:

No fix for:

Atlas and Wukong having switched javelin stances

Large primaries such as Opticor or Tenora having improper left hand placement resulting in broken wrist

Limbo's agile stance looping incorrectly

Corpus Tech being affected by Supra buff


How about you fix the Juggernaut insta-killing the entire party through walls with its exploding spike attack instead

You sir are the smartest man alive. I @(*()$ hate that broken &#! one-shot even through an infinite energy + quick thinking F*** tanks &#! spike attack that the juggernauts do. And they nerf the only chance we had against those pieces of S#&$.

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11 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Changed open door light material in the Grineer Sealab tileset to green instead of orange.
  • Locked doors will now appear as ‘off’ (no color) instead of glowing red. This was causing confusion for colorblind players.

Good to see changes being made to accomodate for colourblind players, but there is still a lot to do before the game is truely friendly to colourblind players.

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8 hours ago, Shock_Chroma said:

I tried agile too, was disappointed when it wasnt like the launcher or when they first showed Chroma.  Maybe it has 2 idle animations that play randomly but afaik I never got the epic flaming roar animation with agile yet :/ 

Well yeah, that's why I ask where's the "epic flaming roar" from current launcher animation? Either agile and noble doesn't have the "epic flaming roar" animation from launcher. Noble is just poor flaming while standing still and agile is... well sh*tty movements that doesn't fit to dragon.



LOL Look at this...


"Chroma's single pistol Agile Animation is similar to this." <--- AND WHERE IS THIS "THIS"?!

DE! We want this animation on idle doesn't matter agile or noble just unarmed.

Edited by THeMooN85
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Navigator Augment... crit bonus? Huh. I don't remember that being among the voting options nor the final poll results. I thought you said you wanted to avoid simple stat boosts. What happened? :(

Is it at least a flat percentage bonus (so if your weapon has 1% Crit, the results are 11/21/31/41/51% after each successive impact) ? Because otherwise that's not gonna be really all that useful unless your weapon already has a high amount of base crit to begin with, favoring said weapons over others once more :v

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Please make function to disable faded icons appearing from transparent/blank.

I understand that everything smooth is new and cool, but not everyone likes it.

I'd like to select my weapon fast by seeing its icon, scrolling through 200+ weapons I have now. Now why do I need my eyes (for navigation in UI) for that one second the icon is loading to be displayed? I feel like playing on hamster-powered 15 year old PC which takes time to load even simple things.

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"Tweaked rewards for Caches in Void Sabotage missions so that the harder mission is more rewarding overall."

Holy crap! Been waiting forever for this, now we just need better rewards for, defense, excavation, and survival! - (LVL 45-50) "Nice work, we will all share in this bounty!" = 15 endo -_-

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9 hours ago, NovusNova said:

You mean this animation?

  Reveal hidden contents


Using the Chroma noble animation set in that image.

NO! Not this... I know Chroma is breathing fire on noble now... BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME ANIMATION YOU CAN SEE ON THE LAUNCHER! Open the launcher and see the epic animation... now open the game and see the noble animation itself... EPIC? NO, FAILURE.

Check this out... Chroma agile SINGLE PISTOL animation is the right animation you can see on launcher... without breathing fire:


Oh yeah... I have it!



This animation should be main unarmed agile animation.

The same as agile single pistol but with fire.

Edited by THeMooN85
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