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Name my Helminth Charger!

(XBOX)DS Monkfish

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I'm staring at my adorable new Helminth Charger puppy and need to name her. She'll be joining the illustrious ranks of my other pets - Pongo, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek, Lisa Kubrow, Smelly Cat and Nibbler.

Any suggestions, oh helpful Tenno? She'll end up being called Sausage unless anyone can come up with something better (which, let's face it, can't be hard).

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A-fleas Anzari

Albus Puppledore

Amy Farrah Howler

Amy Pawng

Andy Warhowl

Arf Vader

Bark Wahlberg

Bilbo Waggins

Billy Grrr-ystal

Bite D. Eisenhowler

Luke Skybarker
Corgi Cox (since you have Lisa Kubrow)
Will Sniff
Ron Fleasly

I'll stop...

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Thought of more
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