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Oberon Revisited: Prime Time Surprise and Next Steps!

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24 minutes ago, Ryme said:

Doesn't that kind of infringe on Necro's abilities?

Oberon had that with his Reckoning, even tho it was a 50% chance of dropping, it was still pretty frequently. Too bad that it's more effective on low - mid tier content and I guess on the earlier stages of high content. 

I don't want them both to be his passive, just one of them. 

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I have seen the request and hope that Hallowed Ground would instead be made into either a larger radial area (13-20m) or become a 10-15m "aura" that follows Oberon around. You cannot forget that this is a very mobile game.

I hope the renewal expanding wave is fairly large. Either a large base range, modding to increase how fast and how far the wave moves out. If it's a tiny, base range, you will have essentially NERFED Oberon.

It's also in my opinion that Hallowed Ground should already buff other player's armor by a flat bonus before the synergy with Renewal. I'd rather see Hallowed Ground be turned into more of a support/CC area than a zone that will tickle enemies as the damage coming directly from it will not be able to scale.

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15 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Renewal doesn’t stop healing when the target ally is at full Health. It will continue to heal as long as it is active.

Oh my god! With this one change, Renewal can now be a powerful heal over time AND Phoenix Renewal can actually function properly most of the time! You have no idea how happy that makes me :)

I want to clarify about this change though, for the following 2 questions:

  • Does this mean you guys are completely removing the healing duration from Renewal, allowing Oberon to keep Renewal active, keep draining his own energy per second and that will continuously heal ally players who were touched by the healing wave?
  • Or, do you mean that you are still keeping the healing duration, and just that Renewal will no longer cancel itself once a player is healed to full health?

As for the rest of the rework, I would like to see a few tweaks to ensure that both the new synergies and existing functions of Oberon's powers can be more efficient:

  1. Hallowed Ground's area of effect affecting players in mid-air above it. Even if just by a few meters, this tweak removes the limited mobility issue for players who want to benefit from Hallowed Ground, because right now you must be physically touching the ground (on Hallowed Ground) to receive its effects.
  2. Renewal's bleedout slow having its own duration, separated from the healing duration. This is because building positive Power Duration reduces the healing duration, in effect hurting the bleedout slow feature that is supposedly help buy time for players to go and revive downed allies.

Thanks for this dev workshop! I love it when upcoming rework gets the proper discussion it needs before going live, please do more for future reworks!

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Does the status chance "have" to be radiation? Could we please change that based on companion equiped? e.g. Himlith does toxic and I much rather have that.

Also, his passive was talked to give 1 revive to companions, but I think it should give immunity for companions (not sentinels). Since sentinels already can have 3 revives and 10s immunity with Prime Regen, Oberon's passive, since he is the animal-friendly frame, should trump that (no pun intended).

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I'm glad to see the team has seen the feedback on the matter of his Renewal.

With this said, I'm bothered that Reckoning will remain an AOE nuke move. Based on the most recent frames release, it feels as though the team can get some really creative ideas and I would have loved to see something fresh for Oberon.

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39 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Renewal doesn’t stop healing when the target ally is at full Health. It will continue to heal as long as it is active.

Very glad to see this. Thanks :)


to tl;dr my feedback from the Prime Time thread:

* Smite is a nuke. Nukes fair poorly for damage.
Smite gains scaling. Yay!

* What's the rationale for Hallowed Ground not becoming a circle?
Unless the base of the arc (where Oberon's standing) is huge, achieving good coverage will still be a problem (although cones give you more wiggle room when putting down some side-by-side).

* Hallowed Ground getting a flat armor buff is crucial for it to be an effective tool for anything that isn't already heavily armored.
I'm not fond of tying it to Renewal (due to delayed application), but it seems it'd make sense in actual play.
That said, the armor improvement would need to be pretty darn huge to work as a viable defense, given that you're face-tanking the damage - No mobility, since you're "trapped" on the carpet, and no Globe / E Shield / etc. to physically block incoming fire.
Given the narrow margins between 'too weak' (i.e. Ooh, that tickles) and 'too strong' (i.e. Armor? What armor?), I think you'd be better served coming at it from a different (or additional) direction.

* What's the rationale for changing Renewal's method of application?
The only upside I see is that it may actually heal companions and hostages now.
Given that it's got limited travel distance (though honestly, that doesn't change much. If your ally was outside the heal range before, it wouldn't reach them fast enough to matter), and probably slower travel time (going with the M Prime comparison) - in what's less and less a camping game (with very few exceptions), I'm not entirely sure this comes out to a net improvement.

As quote, Renewal not shutting down now is a straight improvement, thanks for that.

Reckoning - was good, is better.

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Awesome! That Renewal change was the only thing sorely missing from the initial preview.

Sure, it's still not 100% PERFECT kit buff, but it's definitely a serviceable rework/buff that will hopefully get him some more playtime.

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37 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Greetings, Tenno!

Last week on Prime Time #161, we treated viewers with the first in-game look at Oberon’s (WIP) reworked powers as mentioned by Scott on Devstream #90. 

Missed the stream? No problem, the main changes that were showcased:


  • Damage from projectiles emitted from the enemy scales based on enemy level.

Hallowed Ground: 

  • Hallowed Ground is now more of an 'arc' shape (Range Mods create a wider/longer arc).
  • Added a Status Chance that is affected by Strength Mods.
  • Adjusted damage and ranges.


  • Increased casting animation speed.
  • Changed to an expanding wave of healing instead of a projectile. 
  • Energy drain starts once wave hits allies, not leading up to it.
  • Allies on Hallowed Ground get an Armor buff for the entire heal process. Once heal is finished the Armor buff is on a timer (affected by Duration).


  • Enemies with a Radiation Status Chance will now take bonus damage from Reckoning.
  • Enemies standing on Hallowed Ground will receive Armor debuffs (affected by Strength).

We asked for your feedback and you delivered!

After compiling and discussing the prominent feedback, it was clear that our proposed Renewal rework was not enough to bring Oberon fresh justice.

The most prominent feedback:

  • Renewal expires before the duration is up.

With this largely suggested feedback in mind, the team has made further tweaks to Oberon’s Renewal. As of right now, Oberon’s Renewal rework now also includes:

  • Renewal doesn’t stop healing when the target ally is at full Health. It will continue to heal as long as it is active.

Your feedback is appreciated!

When you say scales with level, do you mean literally the level? Or the defensive stats? And does his 1 still irradiate, knockdown, and cause puncture procs? 

Does the heal still reduce bleed out? And if so does it still scale inversely with duration? Because the bleedout reduction has always been backwards and would greatly be improved if the duration was increased with higher duration (as opposed to the current: higher duration stat lower bleedout reduction duration). Also has the heal been buffed?

Is the armor debuff a percent or a number? Is the debuff permanent?

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Make Hallowed grounds Toggleable plx :( I beg i want Oberon to b good D:


Make Reckoning spawn hp orbs on hit, not on kill :(  

It would just improve support and survivalbility to him


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33 minutes ago, Azamagon said:

Warning: This may come across as a little harsh, but that's to expect when you are hoping for a good and helpful rework from professional developers...

So, Renewal. Well, that's a nice tiny little step in the right direction, but what about Renewal's weird inverse duration which interferes with its bleedout extension and augment?

Or that Hallowed Ground is a very weak defensive ability, with neither good enough DR for allies nor good enough CC for enemies (although Radiation procs might help)?

The extreme radiation-proc overlap?

The overuse of forced synergies?

The passive being changed from situational into a pidgeonholing one (which you haven't even mentioned btw)?

Are you guys really content with THAT?

I'm not I think this rework needs to be looked at more.

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Love the Renewal change, thank you for that :)

Now about HG :

First, why it's in front of you when you cast it and you are not in the center of it?

Second, can it boost armor to 100 % by default and can be increased to something over 200% with mods?

Third, can Renewal add to HG armor boost by 50 % when it's used on it? (Renewal + HG = 50 + 100 = 150 by default) Strength moss further increase armor value.

Fourth, each ability duration is kind of short, so can each of them get like 5 seconds increase (10 for HG).

Fifth, Renewal time inversion, since it stays there no real need, can it be removed? duration shouldn't affect this ability!

And thank you for your time and effort, DE.

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Its good to hear suggestions have been taken into consideration for Renewal but I must ask, does Reckoning still do its impact and radiation status in addition to health orb chance on kill like currently or has this been removed?

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Renewal doesn’t stop healing when the target ally is at full Health. It will continue to heal as long as it is active.

NEAT! That's the most promising change to him I was waiting for. This will make him way more viable and less criticized for his healing potency! :)

Armor debuffs and scaling damage are welcome additions too, they will make him stay in the jack-of-all-trades category for damage capability even at higher levels.

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This all sounds promising, especially Renewal , the armor debuffing too, but as with every rework I'll have to take it with a grain of salt and wait to see how the final product holds up, while we are on the topic of Oberon, when's that sweet Oberon Prime reveal? 

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