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Oberon Revisited: Prime Time Surprise and Next Steps!

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It's 5 in the morning, I just got back from a birthday party and it's a national holiday. Let's do this.

Regarding the Renewal change: DE, I could hug every last one of you. Properly tweaked, Renewal will finally be a heal worth using. Now for everything else.


Smite now scales with enemy level. This is a straight up buff and much appreciated. However, if the point was to turn Smite into a powerful damage ability (or even Oberon's primary source of damage as far as powers are concerned), it would have to scale exponentially with enemy level, much like enemies themselves. The build we were shown was apparently a high power strength build (I cannot, for the life of me, remember the exact stats) and it still wasn't enough to kill enemies in the Kuva Fortress. Something to consider, though it may warrant no further effort as long as the old CC remains.


Hallowed Ground has shapeshifted, which we've wanted since forever. It presents two problems, however. It's still a stationary buff platform in a game that values extremely high mobility. One way to possibly make the buff worth it would be to make the armor bonus (which definitely should be staying and not just activated with Renewal) a flat value, and preferably a significant value. Furthermore, it the buff persists after a player leaves the HG, it won't cripple mobility in any way. Think of it this way: stepping on HG gives you an armor buff. If you leave, the buff goes on a timer, just like the new Renewal's armor buff. If those armor buffs stack, Oberon becomes his team's best friend.


Reckoning has been buffed with several synergies. As long as we don't take away the rad procs it has now, it's a pure unadultared buff. However, it's insufficient because of one little thing: the health orb generation. Reckoning is not a reliable killing power. No matter how many neat synergies we throw at it, it never will be a reliable killing power. Reckoning can, however, become not only a powerful source of CC, but a massive boost to the whole squad. It takes a single change: Reckoning now causes enemies to drop health orbs on death if they die while under its effects. You cast Reckoning on your Hallowed Ground, and now a bunch of enemies are squishier (armor strip), trying to beat each other to death (radiation proc) and turn into healing orbs when the rest of the team riddles them with bullets and pellets and Zarr rockets.


The new passive is neat, but not without issues. First, it forces players to change to companions in order to even have a passive. I'm sure it's simple to understand why that's not such a hot idea. Second, it can be argued that it's unthematic. Oberon may be named after the king of faeries, but his entire kit screams "paladin". His powers reflect the righteous fury of the light both in name (Smite, Hallowed Ground, Reckoning) and in effects (light is radiation). The only thing druidic about him right now is a passive he was given some months back. A passive most of us don't even like.

To fix these issues, we can make the passive inclusive by also buffing sentinels. However, that's not very thematic of Oberon. (Remember: arguably, neither is the proposed passive.) We can also change the passive into something else. It is at this point where we decide whether Oberon's new passive is just a neat little addon to the whole package, or a powerful tool that brings his kit together and makes him better at all that he does. My suggestion for the latter (purely because I want Oberon to be ridiculously awesome, like a lot of other frames): Enemies that die while affected by a Radiation proc have a chance to drop a health orb.


Finally, some notes on sygergy. Adding effects to abilities that only activate when different abilities interact is not a straightforward thing. Taken too far, that approach can lead to many people either finding a frame underpowered, or not worth the trouble of getting it to work. Let's the rather polarizing example of Saryn (a frame I have spent a hell of a lot of time with).

To many players, Saryn isn't worth playing. It takes too much work to get Spores' viral procs going, along with Toxic Lash for Toxin procs, along with a Molt for the added explosion damage, to finish with Miasma and deal a ton of damage to everything nearby.

To many other players, Saryn is an absolute beast. You plop down a Molt, slap a couple Spores on it. Enemies attack the Molt, get covered in Spores and eat a Viral proc that makes them much easier to kill. Nail them with a toxin weapon to spread a lot of damage around very quickly. Toxic Lash is there if you feel like going melee, or are in dire need of an energy boost. Miasma is there for the stun and pretty much no other reason. It's perfectly common for Saryns with max range builds and a toxin/gas weapon in their loadout to either get over 50% of the squad's damage or over 50% of the squad's kills by the end of the mission. Check videos from LifeOf Rio to see what I mean.

What's my point with all this? Synergy affects the mind. Some people want it all and end up finding the whole thing wanting. Others find the essential and take the rest as a cherry on top of the cake. In the rework we were shown, the essential tool in Oberon's arsenal is Hallowed Ground. If this idea is here to stay, there are two things (probably more) to remember. #1: Hallowed Ground must be powerful enough that we, as Oberon players, will find plenty of merit in casting it often. #2: The added synergies with other powers must be useful, but by no means essential. The synergies are cherries on the cake, not half the cake itself. They should be something extra that's nice to have when interacting with Hallowed Ground (for example), not something you absolutely must have with every cast.


I do believe my rant is over for now. Off to sleep. I'm sure I'll think of something else tomorrow.

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53 minutes ago, MarrikBroom said:

Another thought.

Have Oberon standing on Hallowed Ground be what dictates if Renewal gives an armor buff rather than the other team members.

You, my friend, are a genius. That's beautiful. It solves the problem of restricting the mobility of your teammates.

An alternative would be for Renewal to provide the armor buff regardless and discard the need for synergy with another power, thereby reducing the need to compulsively cast. However, this may be a bit much.

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1 minute ago, Trickst3rGawd said:


5 random enemies hit by reckoning gain the threat level as high as molt for 15 seconds (duration based)

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2 hours ago, Archwizard said:

Great Aspects of This Rework

I've been told that before you say something critical, you should always include (or begin with) something kind, in order to make sure the subject is more receptive of your feedback.

  • Smite deals scaling damage. This is excellent because it gives you reason to actually use the first ability; generally a lot of the older frames have their first abilities "fall off" because of their heavy damage focus and low or repetitive utility. It puts some distinction between his 1 and his 4.
  • Hallowed Ground now covers a larger area. The strip was just hard to work around, and cost the player a lot of energy trying to cover areas. It still isn't perfect, but it's a huge step forward.
  • Renewal has a faster cast time. This was about the only reason I considered using Natural Talent on him, so that's good.
  • Renewal no longer consumes energy when it's not actually healing targets. This was just penalizing players for circumstances beyond their control.
  • Renewal no longer ends the instant the target is fully healed. Now players can reasonably pre-cast this effect to help an ally, with the travel time being the main concern.

Questions About This Rework

Generally speaking, a lot of reworks tend to... forget to mention things during the hype. Usually negative things, or specifics that would affect the use of the ability.
For instance, Frost's initial rework hyped Freeze as becoming "Ice Blast", and that it was becoming more like Fireball - only to end up as a small buff to its damage. The recent Limbo rework didn't mention that Banish can no longer affect targets on the opposite side of the Rift from you.
These things tend to blindside us.
This is sometimes because they come late in the process (like with the deteriorating Shadows of the Dead change), but I want to make sure we're all on the same page and have no other surprises or miscommunications for when it comes out, so that concerns aren't drowned out by people being hyped.

  • Does Hallowed Ground still grant armor to targets presently standing within it, without Renewal's effects? Or is the armor boost now limited to their interaction?
  • Do Hallowed Ground and Renewal's armor bonuses stack? If so, is the effect additive or multiplicative?
  • Do both Hallowed Ground and Renewal grant a bonus percentage of the target's armor (as Hallowed Ground does now), or a flat amount?
  • Does Renewal's expanding wave have a maximum range? Or does it cover the entire map like the projectiles do?
  • Does Renewal still have a bonus to bleedout duration?
  • Does Reckoning still apply a Radiation proc of its own to targets?
  • Is there anything else being taken away from abilities in order to streamline their effects?
  • How are his base stats impacted? Even his passive isn't listed up there.
  • Has his WIP passive (reduced cooldowns on Kubrow/Kavat abilities) changed?
  • It was mentioned that his augments may also receive changes. Any news on that?

Concerns Specific to This Rework

  • Reckoning provides bonus damage to victims of a Radiation proc.
    • How does this count as "synergy"? If Reckoning still has a chance to apply a Radiation proc on its own, then this just rewards players for spamming Reckoning (as they are wont to do with ultimates), not necessarily for combining their powers. (In Saryn's case, what almost made this work for Miasma was that it relied on procs provided by her other abilities.)
    • How does this count as "scaling"? 100% bonus damage is just the value of a second cast of Reckoning. If the damage of 1 Reckoning falls off, the damage of 2 will fall off at the same rate! This only makes it a way to kill targets maybe 10 levels higher than it can now. (This is a big concern with the current state of Miasma, as well.)
  • Reckoning now removes armor from enemies standing in Hallowed Ground.
    • Oberon's main damage type is Radiation - which receives a bonus against armored targets. Doesn't this end up biting him?
    • Frost, Mag and Nekros can all remove target armor outright; Mag, Ash, Banshee, Trinity and Hydroid also get augments that allow them to peel off target armor. Doesn't this addition seem derivative?
  • Renewal now is an expanding wave of effect.
    • If the particle wave just keeps getting bigger and bigger until it covers the entire map, won't this impact performance? 
    • Continuing from Question #4 above, if the wave has a maximum range, isn't this a nerf? Do Oberon or Renewal need a nerf?
  • Oberon's passive has changed; last stated placeholder was to reduce the cooldown of Kubrow and Kavat abilities.
    • We've just shifted from a passive that was very niche and potentially level-breaking... to one that now only benefits the player for using a specific class of pet. Arguably the same could be said for passives like Excalibur's or Mesa's, but they can summon weapons that will allow them to benefit from their passives. How does his new passive interact with his kit, in any way?
  • Hallowed Ground has interactions with two other abilities in his kit.
    • The synergy with Hallowed Ground is very forced, and not intuitive.
    • The fact that Hallowed Ground affects an area of unusual shape, will make the interactions between the other abilities unwieldy.
  • When Saryn's kit was reworked to make her dependent on the interaction between her abilities rather than spamming just one, she needed to have a bonus to personal energy generation provided later on in order to make this sustainable. This is why forced dependence is bad, folks.

Still Not Addressed By This Rework

  • Oberon's abilities are really cluttered, from several small effects (like status procs) being tacked on in lieu of fewer big benefits - and if we assume the abilities in the opening post are coming to him wholesale, that issue is just getting worse. His kit doesn't just need to be more effective, it needs to be streamlined for ease-of-use; otherwise, his kit will be dependent on the wiki.
    • Reckoning applies three different types of CC to targets - Knockdown, Blind, Radiation status - but they're all applied simultaneously, which seems a bit overkill. The Blind is the only one affected by his Duration, so no matter what, you get 3 seconds of Knockdown and 8 seconds of Confusion. If you have a high Duration, the Blind effect dips into the Radiation proc and prevents enemies from fighting each other; if you have the base Duration or lower, the Blind is virtually nonexistent under the Knockdown, especially since the Blind doesn't even open enemies up to Finishers while the Knockdown does.
  • Hallowed Ground presently grants mitigation to allies in the form of a bonus percentage of their own armor. This means that frames with low armor get very little benefit in terms of armor gained (ie Zephyr jumps from 15 armor to a whopping 22 - a gain of 2% mitigation), and frames with high armor get little benefit in terms of mitigation gained (because mitigation from armor plateaus after a certain point). Even Oberon only receives around 22% bonus mitigation from it. It makes the bonus very weak, especially since it only applies to health and cannot be stacked.
  • Renewal's healing has a maximum Duration with inverted Duration scaling - but aside from the armor bonus from this rework, all of the side benefits from Renewal depend on the healing being active. The bleedout duration bonus it grants is increased by Duration, but a high Duration will also reduce the window during which you can receive the bleedout bonus. If you reduce your Duration to extend the healing uptime so that you can receive the bleedout bonus, then the bleedout bonus itself is diminished. The inverted Duration and bleedout bonus from Renewal simply cannot coexist.
    • Likewise, this inverted scaling also harms the window of the Phoenix Renewal augment.
  • The health orbs from Reckoning are dependent not only on finishing off the target, but on an extra layer of RNG as well. As mentioned above, Reckoning really doesn't have scaling damage, so it's unlikely that it will even finish off targets in the first place, much less produce health orbs.
  • Ultimately, it feels like the devs are unsure what Oberon is, and what direction to take him - case in point, Reckoning receiving changes that have already been done in other reworks nearly word for word. We keep hearing that he's a Paladin (even advertised as such), but then he gets things like "whimsical" bouncing projectiles, fairy wisps, or a passive that has nothing to do with his kit, because he's also a Druid and the Fairy King. It wouldn't matter if he were all three archetypes aesthetically if he was just one in terms of gameplay, but the fact that he tries to cram multiple roles into one kit ends up diminishing the values of each.
    • Example: Renewal improves to become a burstier heal; its original dispersion on full-health targets called back to a Paladin's Lay on Hands skill, dating back to D&D. However, the heal-over-time aspect attempts to delve into regeneration and regrowth abilities classically provided by Druids. Until this rework, this combination ultimately ended with Oberon getting the worst of both worlds: a delayed healing effect that fell off on max-health targets.
    • As long as Oberon attempts to fulfill multiple roles, that means there's no place for other frames with designs that would fulfill those roles better. If Oberon is both a Paladin and a Druid, there's no place for a new Paladin or Druid Warframe that concentrates on just one aspect.
      • I remind you: Oberon has always been advertised as a Paladin. Some of us are still waiting on one.


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4 minutes ago, Trickst3rGawd said:


every 10 enemies (effected by eff) hit by reckoning will spawn 1 kavat or kubrow to fight along side oberon for a duration (effected by duration mods)

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11 minutes ago, Rhaken said:

You, my friend, are a genius. That's beautiful. It solves the problem of restricting the mobility of your teammates.

An alternative would be for Renewal to provide the armor buff regardless and discard the need for synergy with another power, thereby reducing the need to compulsively cast. However, this may be a bit much.

If that seems too unbalanced. Simple. Have renewal CONSUME the hallowed ground to give the team armor buff requiring Oberon to recast if he wants the pie wedge. 

There you go, you're welcome. Hallowed Ground suddenly gains offensive use in a CC focused radioactive twin to Ice Wave while at the same time fueling team armor buffs that work in addition to a regen Oberon can have on tap if anything survives the radiation induced infighting or another crowd comes in he wasn't able to get to.

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Seriously needs a flat armor value of 200+ as a max.

Please stop passively giving no thought into his passive!!!

Literally 10 seconds of thought:

Oberon passive: Radiated enemies give off a blind effect when killed that is 5 meters large. No mods or arcanes/auras can chance this value.

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Passive Suggestion:

Hallowed Harvest.
Enemies suffering radiation when killed have a 50% chance to drop either a health orb (if Organic) or Energy orb (If Robotic) if it wasn't going to drop anything.

Explaination: Roll to see if enemy will drop something. If yes than passive does nothing. If no Passive does a coin flip on if orbs drop. This way you don't get your farming interrupted. And if this is OP then hey necros is in serious danger of getting hit with a nerf bat.

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2 hours ago, NightmareT12 said:

And Renewal shouldn't be a wave. RIP saving enemies across rooms.

Err... Why would you....

2 hours ago, NightmareT12 said:

Will write something more properly when it's not 5AM.

...yeah good idea.

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1 hour ago, Rhaken said:

You, my friend, are a genius. That's beautiful. It solves the problem of restricting the mobility of your teammates.

An alternative would be for Renewal to provide the armor buff regardless and discard the need for synergy with another power, thereby reducing the need to compulsively cast. However, this may be a bit much.

i agree with the alternative this would give hallowed ground an opening for something useful say : enemies killed while in the area of hallowed ground increases a warframes health and shields up to a cap (this would synergise nicely with renewal) or slows down enemies the longer they stay on hallowed ground. Otherwise, give it a guaranteed knockdown upon cast and for any enemy entering hallowed ground due to the new offensive nature the devs are putting into it (akin to ice wave) i don't think a radiation carpet will do Oberon any good since he will never have the ability to be invisible (like loki).

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7 hours ago, Azamagon said:

Warning: This may come across as a little harsh, but that's to expect when you are hoping for a good and helpful rework from professional developers...

So, Renewal. Well, that's a nice tiny little step in the right direction, but what about Renewal's weird inverse duration which interferes with its bleedout extension and augment?

Or that Hallowed Ground is a very weak defensive ability, with neither good enough DR for allies nor good enough CC for enemies (although Radiation procs might help)?

The extreme radiation-proc overlap?

The overuse of forced synergies?

The passive being changed from situational into a pidgeonholing one (which you haven't even mentioned btw)?

Are you guys really content with THAT?

this plus can renewal infinite range remain since that is its advantage.

can the armor buff stack with hallowed ground.

can it be when Oberon is on hallowed ground and not just when teammates are standing on hallowed ground to work, or have an additional armor when teammates are on it.


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5 hours ago, Trickst3rGawd said:


I always enjoyed using Reckoning, but in hindsight, it really isn't that amazing of an 'ultimate ability' like other frames. Most melee warframes equip there own unique weapons with unique stances and caster type warframes often have an ultimate that deals consistent dps or provides some type of utility (or even both). I suggest that Smite and Renewal be combined into one ability. It would be a wave that damages and applies radiation procs to enemies and heals allies it passes through. Reckoning would then be moved to be his third ability. 

Oberon's new ultimate ability could be either:
Judgement (Paladin theme):
On activation radiation proc-ed enemies will be assaulted by a column of light that deals damage and ignites the targets.

Harmony (Druid theme):
Oberon combines with his companion, becoming an enlarged beast with increased attack and movement speed. In this form, Oberon's stats are the combined totals between him and his companion, as well as, gaining the abilities of his companion.

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Please change Renewal back to the projectile system (but make them faster). One of its few strengths before this rework is that it had unlimited range provide for you had the energy. It makes his role different from the strong, but smaller ranged, Trinity heal.

Edited by wtrmlnjuc
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My 2 cents:

Passive: Ability to convert other companions from other opposing factions.  Example: Have it apply to miniature ospreys, infested maggots.

Renewal: As a few have mentioned already, the odd duration scaling on the bleedout timer should be normalized to make it viable and confortable to use (Apply additional time to the bleedout ticking duration if toggled on, causing it to drain energy as if it were a heal on an ally). Potential Augment buff?

Radiation proc redundancy: I do not think 3 out of 4 of his powers require a forced/chance radiation proc, perhaps a varied debuff across these 3 abilties with only one having a dedicated radiation proc, preferrably reliable too.

Overall, it looks good to me. I personally think "Renewal doesn’t stop healing when the target ally is at full Health. It will continue to heal as long as it is active." was really the one thing that made him a little too weak and unreliable.

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Hmm... I still have some queries about Renewal. If there's an armour buff (Not to mention Phoenix Renewal) for the duration of the effect, is Renewal still made shorter with higher Duration? Cause if it is, I feel like its going to significantly weaken the synergy between Hallowed Ground and Renewal.

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9 hours ago, Naith said:

Someone on the forums suggested Hallowed Ground sprouting earth's new flowers and vegetation etc. for its graphics effect. Much like Nidus.

Sounds really neat and would show off one of the nice aspects of the earth rework. Is that something that could potentially be added?

This is really very totally awesome and would be a travesty not to include... 

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9 hours ago, Azzu-nyan said:

My 7 Forma Oberon is very happy to see this lovely buff. :D
Thank you DE. <3


Until oberon prime, at least. Then, you would likely replace him in cold blood

Edited by Teloch
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Suggestions for Renewal and Passive:


1) Has Buffed damage when OBERON is standing on hallowed ground instead of enemies having to be on it. Otherwise HG's shape makes keeping enemies on it clunky. Nidus works because he can pull enemies into his patch aoe, but Oberon doesn't have anything like that.

2)Has Chance to Spawn Energy orb (scaling with Power Strength) if target is radiation procced. This is a better iteration of its existing property and allows it to scale support-wise without falling off as it does now, because you will keep your team-mates supplied with energy regardless of whether Reckoning's damage falls off or not. If enemy is killed, spawn health orb.

3)If used on enemies on hallowed ground, let Hallowed Ground's range/duration be buffed by increments.


Heals allies for a small amount when an enemy is killed, i.e. the direct opposite of Nekros with his theme of death.


Melee strikes on allies can heal them for a percentage of their health.


Oberon leaves a trail of flowers (think feyarch skin) that heal allies for small amounts wherever he steps.

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Renewal changes seems nice! Congrats and keep on doing a good job.

Now i'll post a couple of suggestions:

 • Hallowed Ground: Altought it's nice to see the change from rectangle to arch, it would be way better if It were a circle with it's center where Oberon stands.

 • Reckoning: Now it has two "modes". First tap of the key suspends enemies in the air like it does now. In that state, enemies take more damage (affected by power str) (and stealth damage too?). They are suspended indefinitely, but Oberon's energy is drained each second (affected by power duration). Second tap of the ability slams the enemies to the ground like now but it would be cool to see some kind of scaling.

I think with this change Oberon would have a little more survivality from the CC.

 • Passive: Get rid of the companion theme, it forces you to use them and it's not that nice even. I have two ideas: give him some sort of synergy with irradiated enemies to heal when killed or drop a health orb. The other is to give Oberon Vauban's passive because it fits better. Vauban could have innate ammo mutation or something (because the engineer theme and that).


I hope you like them!

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7 hours ago, Archwizard said:

I remind you: Oberon has always been advertised as a Paladin. Some of us are still waiting on one.

I feel the same way, I made a concept last year sometime I think ... which was focused on making him more Paladin themed.

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Just some spitballing for his kit, because I want to help streamline the kit a bit and play on his Paladin theme:


Completely reworked: 

The victim of Smite is struck by a bolt of holy light, causing it to emit a shockwave of Radiation/Impact damage, scaling with the target's level. All targets caught in the shockwave are Blinded and receive a Confusion proc.

Hallowed Ground

If it continues to exist, either it needs to provide a percentage of mitigation outright, or to provide a flat amount of armor to allies standing within it, just so the bonus remains even.

One suggestion I've heard before is for enemies that die within the field to increase the effects of the field for the rest of the duration, particularly the mitigation it provides - which would work rather well, especially if Renewal still allows the armor stored within Hallowed Ground to be extended to targets once they leave the field.

Would be preferable if it was a full circle, but I'll take what I can get, honestly.


Give it a maximum range (I fully suspect the energy wave already is a push towards this), but have it continuously pulse healing in an area around Oberon while active, a la the old Ancient Healer units. Duration can still increase the ticking speed, but by removing the maximum Duration in range of Oberon, it can still extend the bonus bleedout window. Hek, you could even have it continue to consume energy even if nobody is getting healed that way.



Enemies within range are slammed into the ground, receiving Radiation/Impact damage, as well as knockdown and Confusion - but not Blind. Striking a Blind target with Reckoning forces a health orb drop (regardless of if the target dies) and deals increased Finisher damage instead.

I still don't think it should reduce targets' armor when combined with Hallowed Ground, because that would defeat the point of Oberon dealing Radiation damage.

Passive suggestions

Pick only one:

  • Oberon releases a blinding flash whenever his shields break, which increases in intensity based on the damage to his shields. (Personal favorite just because it asks Oberon to balance his health and shields - and really, isn't balance what he's all about?)
  • Oberon charges up a blinding flash by blocking attacks with his melee weapon (a la Vaykor Sydon).
  • Oberon innately has increased mitigation and threat while blocking with any melee weapon.

Still fulfills the same role in the party, just with less of the "whimsical" crap that made him unreliable, less confusing abilities, and generally better effectiveness.

Edited by Archwizard
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5 hours ago, Trickst3rGawd said:


I'm going to link my old concept for Oberon that has been archived now so people can read over the entire topic,  I'm not suggesting the entirety of my concept to be used just a fraction for the upcoming rework. 

Would be nice if some of his abilities were combined making space for a new 4th.

1st Combination his passive with Hallowed ground so players have more control over when we want to make friendly pets.

2nd Combination is Renewal with Reckoning that way it doesn't matter if it doesn't scale up, the reason is because on a high level mission you won't do much damage and you will be much safer casting a Renewal that crowd controls enemies around you reducing the risk of you being downed as you make efforts to support your allies.

3rd Combination Hallowed ground and Reckonings crowd control upon cast

The combination would improve him greatly and remove the debate that he is trying to be a bit of everything, the 4th ability I'm suggesting is Paladin theme focused while the rest of his abilities seem a bit more on the Druid side.

The rework we've been shown still doesn't fit the Paladin theme ... Perhaps as people have debated he is a 'Paladin class Druid' but even with this rework he is still just a Druid ... I feel my 4th ability concept really cements the Paladin element.


The extracted ability from my old concept that could be used as a new 4th ability is ... 

Divine Olifant
(15m, 20m, 25m, 30m Taunt Radius)
(Toggled ability with energy drain. Oberon selects and summons a Divine weapon immobilizing him for 3 seconds whilst taunting all enemies in radius during the weapon selection, after the horn has been sounded Oberon is granted a Divine weapon set. Each set comes with a unique shield that gives Oberon enhancements, all 4 weapons use the same attack combinations but the attacks and animations are varying dependant on which set you are currently wielding. For example one set could have precise slashes and another may have brutish heavy strikes but the combos remain the same to avoid confusion.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olifant_(instrument)
Oberon sounds the horn to summon one of his four divine weapon sets whilst taunting all enemies within range.
Divine Weapons List;

Hammer and Shield - Ice element (Hammer looks like a frozen brick of ice.)

Ice damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - Increased mobility and attack speed.

(You slow down enemies and speed yourself up)


Flail and Shield - Toxin element (Flail looks like tentacles made from infested tissue with hard barbs or claws at the end.)

Toxic damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - Increased damage reflection. 

(Refer to http://warframe.wiki...wiki/Reflection)


Mace and Shield - Fire element (Mace looks like a large smouldering coal.)

Fire damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - A percentage of damage Reflected is converted to health.
(Refer to http://warframe.wiki.../Quick_Thinking)


Sword and Shield - Electricity element (Sword looks like a a lightning bolt with flickering edges)

Electricity damage, Blocking has a guaranteed status proc whilst channelling granting - A percentage of damage Reflected is converted to energy.

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