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Status Thread: Update 20.4.0 OPERATION: AMBULAS REBORN.


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Actualize… synergy... SYNERGIZE. A once-in-a-lifetime, strategic investment opportunity is coming!

Update 20.4.0 is coming Thursday, May 4th.

Operation: Ambulas Reborn will launch with the Update! We are changing things up from the last event of the Pacifism Defect in regards to rewards and competition this time around. The details of this event will be revealed tomorrow! If you are in a competitive Clan, organize now to compete for Leaderboard Glory and secure your trophy. The rest of the event rewards will be accessible via a token/currency system as explained in Devstream #91 ...

P.S: Owners of Speed Holster, EMP Aura, Dead Eye, and Sprint Boost might notice a pleasant upgrade with the release of this Update.

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Looking forward to is -- I hope those Reward mods shown in the Dev Build have gotten another balance pass, because none of them look even remotely usable as they were, except possibly the Miter one in unique situations.

Although if the Mods remain bad, I suppose that just means I'll have less regret spending all my Beacons on Ambulas Noggles...

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2 minutes ago, brytur said:

Cycron gonna get some love?

It was confirmed in bug report thread earlier today by [DE]Saske that they will be fixing it so it can use Ruinous Extension, and that there would also be some other "tweaks" to the Cycron as well -- although he didn't specify anything about what those tweaks will be. So they are giving it some attention, the question is if it will be enough. 


Here's the thread where he responds about it: 


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