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Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.2


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Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.2

We have added an ‘Operation HOW TO’ diorama by clicking the Operation from the World State Window.

Full Operation Details: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/793566-pc-operation-ambulas-reborn/

Operation Fixes:

  • Fixed an exploit in the Operation that could occur on Host Migration. Scores obtained with this exploit are being removed in a script shortly.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Operation on Excavation missions.


  • Ambulas now follows suit with other bosses that are affected by diminishing returns for Zenuriks Void Pulse. Ambulas will still be affected by Void Pulse, but for a shorter duration as intended with bosses.
  • The Self Destruct Sentinel Mod now has a forced knockdown proc upon explosion. The Mod description has been updated to reflect this!


  • Fixed Trial Credits rewards being halved as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/785254-trial-credit-reward-reduced-since-specters-of-the-rail/
  • Fixed Self Destruct, Regen/Primed Regen, and Sacrifice Sentinel Mods not synergizing. Self Destruct will now proc everytime Regen does (i.e. when the Sentinel would have died).
  • Fixed Voltage Sequence being Uncommon when it should be Rare.
  • Fixed damaged Ambulas armor pieces floating in the air after a Host migration.
  • Fixed receiving multiple copies of Operation: Ambulas Reborn Inbox reward messages.
  • Fixed the Navigation console and World State Window displaying the wrong Operation icon.
  • Fixed the Ambulas Reborn Sigil showing as the Index Sigil in the UI.
  • Fixed some sounds not playing properly for Clients during Ambulas boss fight.
  • Fixed numerous TennoGen items that did not have localized description text.
  • Fixed overlapping localized text in Oberon’s abilities screen.
  • Fixed Melee weapons sometimes moving player backwards during swing on Submersible levels.
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Can anyone, preferably someone from DE, tell me if DE has acknowledged this as a bug? It started with Update 20. I've posted this screenshot a few times since that update 6 weeks ago. Seems like a simple fix, which makes we wonder if they have even noticed reports of this bug.

Still No Fix  for  Bottom Scroll Bar  covering mods on the bottom row, making it hard to read mod descriptions.



At this point, I feel like I'm spamming.. which I don't like to do..  :sad:


 Edit:  Ahhh.. the next hotfix (20.4.3) finally fixed this. Thank you!

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10 hours ago, RyuhoTheDragon said:

Finally exploiters get punished gg de. shame the excavation exploiters dont get he same

To be fair, if the excavation exploit is what I think it is, you still had to fight high level enemies and kill high level ambulas to get the beacons.

Edit: I guess while I'm here I might as well bring up a bug where there was an invisible, unkillable enemy who basically did not exist that was holding up a wave in Pluto defense. Too bad I didn't screenshot it :(

Edit 2: The excavation exploit is not what I thought it was. Apparently you could just AFK spawn the dudes. Definitely not good.

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wait does that mean my score is getting boned just because we host migrated? or only if you used a host migrate to kill the same ambulas multiple times. because i was just in a 60 wave mission where an unkillable drone spawned around wave 33 and i (as host) had to alt f4 and force a host migrate so people wouldnt lose roughly 50 animo beacons. it worked out and i got back in the mission, and we continued on to wave 60 and another ~50 animo. i think the end count was 97. if i lose that animo for absolutely nothing i'll straight up quit.

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4 minutes ago, TehPers said:

To be fair, if the excavation exploit is what I think it is, you still had to fight high level enemies and kill high level ambulas to get the beacons.

Exploit abuse is still exploit abuse even if it takes a some work to get it done. And there is no point of only doing it to half the exploiters. But it is better than nothing for now. Hunt em down DE

Edited by RyuhoTheDragon
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