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Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

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Hey Guys,
With the armistice period active for quite some time, the use of alliance is fading, as players only see alliances as an "expanded" clan chat rather than a group of specific purpose. 

My Question is...
Will the new King-pin system be any good or relatable to the existing alliance system?
If No, are there any plans to bring new light to the alliance system.
Thank you so much,ily :)

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I hope that the quest will also be exciting to receive a new Harrow frame. But I would like a mission to get the rest of the parts more interesting than, getting parts of the Octavia frame. Quest for Octavia was very interesting, but they stand on survival and look for boxes on the location of lua is tedious. And more interesting was the quest of the sands of Inaros, it is at least

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The Law of Retribution raid glitch really need a fix pls. This glitch pejorative in any raid especially when your a utility in your squad and suddenly change frame out of nowhere:facepalm:

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This question keeps popping up mid-missions with my clanmates:

Would it be possible to get ingame timers, just like Survival has but for all missions?

To see how long we've taken to complete those Spies or how long have we been inside this Interception, etc..

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I look forward to The Harrowing :D

Edit: Any chance we can get fixes for this?


I would appreciate it. Please don't forget Wukong is a fashionframe too :)

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Are there any plans to get players to play on kuva fortress? Amazing tilestet, but pretty much no reason to play there.

Also, is Frohd Bek really dead?

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51 minutes ago, Aeon94 said:

4th ! 5th !

Q : Will we get Mag Deluxe in May ?

When will we get Focus changes ?

Are you working on new walk/run/jump/crouch animations ?

Is Bobo ( Harrow the Inquisitor Frame ) coming this month ?

When will we see Sentient Invasion or some kind of expansion ?

Any news on Shield-gating ?

Any news on Chroma rework ?




Zephyr is next deluxe skin to come, then mag.

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Anything new on the Earth Rework such new wildlife, areas, and grineer units? Also do you guys plan on doing a Venus Rework sometime in the future?

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dear [de]

top of mind:

# please there is no -% recoil mod for pve shotguns

- please let us use non-prime skins on prime weapons, as you did with warframes.

- please cyngas even after event patch, reload timer is stil too long to be useful, we literally spend more time reloading than shooting

- please put 4 missions on a sortie. let us skip one. some don´t like doing spy missions, others don´t doing excavations. more choices = more fun

- please augments that let us exchange timers for energy consumption and casting turns on/off, so we don´t need to recast each minute our main skills, as on octavia skills, nekros´s shadows, vauban´s bastille, etc

- please let us toggle on/off loading items/frames/weapons icons, my potato pc with 3gb / 512mb video doesn´t see any difference and the game got mildly infuriating with all those loadings.

- please take the timer/life decay out from warframe summoned creatures: shadows, rumblers, equinox augment, it will be more fun if they acted as specters

- please check all of this unreleased content, some addressed last time more than 1 year ago!^(thank you /u/tgdm !) http://www.tennoclocknews.com/in-development/

- please let us re-roll the weapon for the riven separately, costing kuva. even if it rerolls the riven fully

- please invencible kuva guardians fight are unfun, give them 90% damage resistance instead, and other ways to fight instead of only using operator

- please take out keys requirement from derelicts, so we can make quick random groups as now we do with the void


- please saryn: went from spam 4 bot to spam 1+2+4 bot, lacks survivability above lvl 40, high energy consumption, miasma feels weak when casted alone

- please mag: seems to work really well only on simulacrum. everything is dead in the room before you can aim and cast magnetize at an enemy. take out the target requirement for magnetize, make it an area.

- please volt: the damage cap on his 4 makes it very unreliable and the huge energy cost for picking his shield forces him to be immobile, which makes no sense for the "speedster frame".

- please ash: bladestorm is still cinematic mode, fixing that was the entire point of the rework. enemies in a room are all dead before you aim more than one enemy.

- please limbo: when limbo cast stasis, we all just aim bulllets around enemies and wait, a lot of time if limbo is built for duration, and doesn´t work well with beam weapons. and cataclysm being damage formula needs more damage and not over time, to allow low duration cataclysms work too

- please hydroid: let him cast the puddle and keep moving and shooting around/restricted to the puddle, not just watch the game play by itself

- please vauban: its 1st ability, it is very weak compared to other frames 1st abilities. maybe an augment that let us cast 10x at once, with same cost

- please think about universal vaccum for every frame, it would make us use more sentinels/kavats

- please take out keys from mutalist alad v for farming mesa

- please augment that stops the reticle shrinking from mesa

- please augment for trinity that make energy drain a passive auto cast like nekros dessecrate, feel free to balance it, the important is not to let her not be a spam 2 bot

- please make more abilities scale with hp because of the mechanic of enemy armor and proto shield escalating

- please mesa ballistic battery automatic: when you activate it accumulates and release automaticaly, pressing again cancel it, so it would be useable in fast firing/auto firing weapons

- please vauban and ivara need another button to choose skills, more than once i changed the skill instead of casting it

- please since release the back of deafult helmet of nyx and excalibur is uncolorable, doesn´t look good when you don´t use black as color choice

main ones:

- please change the invencibility mechanic on kuva guardians, grinner turrets and most bosses. give them a 90% ~ 95% damage reduction, so if you are a player with 6-forma weapons and frames, won´t need to depend only on operator mechanics to fight them, or wait trough long time locked invencibility stages.

- please snipers are lacking compared to other weapons, maybe inate punchtrough for all, mods to give head explosions, area panic, etc

- please magnum force is very underpowered when compared to normal elemental pistol mods or equivalent melee (spoiled strike) or primary (heavy caliber)

- please hulta armor from loki bundle needs 2 color channels to color the "plate" parts the same color, both should use the same and the colors are very "washed out" when comparing to the pallet

- please give us other ways to get rivens and kuva, as from baro, from myconyans, from syndicates, from ordis, from the store, from the queens, sorties, kuva fortress drop

- please can we start the missions with the syndicates passives turned on? currently on quick capture/ext/rescue we might do the whole mission without turning them on

- please syndicate choosing per account not per frame. like focus, make the syndicate on the operator´s outfit be the main one and we wear any sigil we want

- please focus choosing per frame not per account. different frames have different focus needs: melee ones naramon, energy depending ones zenurik, etc

- please improve beam weapons range, specially embolist that has less range than orthos

- please companions health/sheilds/armor as they are still one-shoted by enemies on high level misisons, even unnarmed to not draw agro

- please riven mods are hard to aqcuire for the weapon you want, too much rng for especific atributes. maybe some kind of attribute choosing, or specific atribut re-roll

- please give us a token system for sorties: some want endo, some want rivens, kuva. we could choose between random item or token when finishing it

- please a mod that makes all grenades explode on impact


- please negative damage as a stat for rivens is an instant reroll, also -100% flight time or -100% multishot

- please why we need to press 2 buttons to do operator jump?

- please make operator energy easier to see, maybe numbers

- please kuva clouds need more effects to be seen from distance


- please can´t the old tenno rails tileset be recycled and re-released as a full tileset? maybe tenno orokin bases/junctions that are filled with turrets and specters?

- please vandal/prisma flux/amprex/glaxion, prisma/wraith mitter, panthera prime

- please neural sentry boss fight, maybe it can controls ravagers as proxies

- please when the teased moa-like sentinel/companion is coming?


- please could red veil, perrin and steel meridian have better or more specters? hyennas, balistas, kavats, shield lancers, random specters of tennos

- please more weapon mods from syndicates until all weapons have at least one agumentation/syndicate mod. can we have a task force for it like we had for pvp?


- please tenora weapon clip is always pink when you reload when you have all settings on low

- please oberon´s arms are kinda too thin

- please when changing lighthing/fx things, do playtests with all graphic settings on low/disabled. there was a bug at the war within quest where everything was dark because of the volumetric ligthining did not work with low settings

- please let us invert/mix the day/night/middle forms for equinox. for example day form with skirt, night form with middle helmet. unidivided helmet for any form.

- please alternative colors/skyboxes for the tilesets we have?

- please give us corpus cities at neptune, and grineer cities at saturn as tilesets

- please give us sound and mesh transmogrifation of items. for example, soma prime looking like an opticor and sound like a boltor prime

- please female corpus technicians or more female corpus units, so far only combas are female, grineer have more variety of female units

- please iginis/sonicor/torid/grenade launcher/crossbows as sentinels weapons

- please give visible on/off frame parts togggles: trinity´s normal, prime and deluxe skin skirts, chroma´s pelt, nekros prime "shoulder cape", titania waist hanging decoration, saryn skirt, volt and oberon "tabards", equinox day form "corset" circles on waist, nehza "hoop weapon", wukong helmet´s lights, nehza shakran

- please toggle visible on/off sydanas - because of arcanes, since no plans to take the arcanes out of the sydanas, at least hide them, the idea would be an "arcane" slot, that would make me change more and buy more sydanas

prime time

- please play with one of the pcs with all graphic options set to lowest and the other to the max to show how the game is for the potato pc owners and compare their screens and find mistakes on potato graphics when something new is deployed


- please enemy strength and armor scaling out of control while warframe abilities that are not %of life/armor based become really weak on high level content - like sorties

- please osprays blue circles damaging ability. let abilities/area damage hit them, as now only direct hits at the middle device work, and while is deployed is invencible

- please less enemies with nullify our abilities or weapons, invencible stages, area ragdoll or a combination of those


- please let us trade things with the myconians. nanospores as a currency, let us buy mutagens

- please player ship air/hack/turrets items: timer too long

- please archwing item pickup/revive/xp: range are too short

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i have a few question

1.we know that primed warframe have a better stat than regular frame and sometimes most of us who have limited amount of plat will sell the regular frame knowing that it is same frame with better stat my question is do you guys thinking on making some changes that makes us consider to keep both the regular frame and the primed frame ?

2. can we get the bird that you show us last devstream as a pet some day after they have been implemented as enemy ?

3. feral kavat skin, any news ?

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extra question

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Hi. Just some questions: Will the arts from 8/bit, be available as profile pics? Is there a progress with the Volt cloth physichs? Could be an option for the sprint toggle to no deactivate after aiming and shooting?



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1. Status on next round of Tennogen for PC?

2. Status on Ember, Mag, Zephyr deluxe skins?

3. Status of pump action shotty?

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One Question:sleep:
1. Can we please get more loadout slots?!
Soon to be 33 frames (not counting primes) 17 loadout slots max (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Anything else going to be added to Oberon's rework? Or are you guys just going to leave him as it is and move on to other frames?

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Is it possible to have a Sentienl and a pet equipped at the same time?

Can all companions get commands instead of precepts mods to help us, the players, have better control on what they do and when?

Can we have a revival packs to revive dead companions please? dying then wasting a revive just to them back is not good, everything is evolving in the game, its time they get evolved too!

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1- when you will focus into the dojo bugs?
2- token system for sorties pls why you think its a bad idea? A lot of RNG kill RNG and the fun
3- kubrow and kavat vacuum? 

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Q: Recently Rebecca made a poll on twitter about building multiples of the same Warframe for different builds, is there any changes coming regarding that?

Q: Any changes to the arcane system comming?

Q: Any news about the Focus system?

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What has come of the Braton and Lato Vandals? There was a big splash way back when, which established that they would be returning, but since then it's been radio silence. Secondary question, will it be possible to obtain more than one copy? My builds for their vanilla counterparts require 2 copies of each weapon.

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I have 2 questions:

1) Could we place Ayatan statues in dojo or any other material?

For example in a treasury room and see piles of resources grow, that would give us a huge sense of accomplishment.

2) Would it be possible to create Orokin labs where clan members would research Orokin decorations for dojo or warframes? And it could be a great resource sink.   

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Given its relevance, I'm pulling 14 up here for visibility:

Could we hear a few words on why someone decided that snipers need sway and - much more importantly - a noscope accuracy penalty? They already don't benefit from the scope bonus.

Further, any chance that the scope bonus could not scale with zoom level? I've literally had enemies spawn in at 10m away, which makes trying to use x5 - let alone x12 - zoom absolutely ridiculous.

Alternatively, are there any particular pros or cons to  shortening the transition delay so quickscoping is possible?


Why is this relevant, you might ask?

Apparently, the pistol that's coming with Harrow will have a scope.
Which I assume means it will also have no-scope sway and accuracy penalty.

And if it doesn't, why not? or, alternatively, why do snipers?



Spoilerized for length, some questions updated, 0, 12, 25 and 26 are new, others redacted while we wait to see what happens with them - e.g. Focus/Convergence, Damage 3.0, thrown melee.


I'll try and condense the questions into bullet points, with context or elaboration below as needed.

0) Are Eximus Strongpoints still planned?
(Weak points is a misnomer. You hit a thing somewhere, and something happens. You hit a weak point and something catastrophic happens.
Compare and contrast with a strongpoint (fortification) - until you deal with it, you can't advance, a.k.a. nothing happens.)
Look at Ambulas. Ambulas has weak points.
Compare and contrast with the DC challenge Lv120 Juggernaut.

1) Are Kavats intended to be strictly better than Kubrows?
Because they very much seem to be (and the scan vs egg pricing seems to support that view.)

2) Can Stealth finishers get a pass?
* Controls for repeated Stealth finishers are clunky and leave you fully visible while removing player control.
* The animations that exist are vulnerability/visibility-inducing due to teleportation and superfulous flourishes. Particularly when sneaking up on multiple units, individual takedowns (not to mention the new alert-ing mechanics) tend to screw you up.
* Elevations break them, facing can be finicky, and swathes of creatures don't even have animations or code hooks for them.
Using one every so often is fine, but using them in sequence (e.g. sleeping or blinding an enemy group) - and especially if you're going "legit" stealth (i.e. not invis) is very clunky.

2b) Also, can they be given a different keybind than melee?
Speaking of "legit" stealth and finicky facing, I'd rather not accidentally poke the Bombard I'm trying to sneak up on and shank, ya know?

3 is on hold while we wait to see what happens with Focus, Convergence (please god something happens with Convergence), etc.

4) Could we get a quick overview on your take of the 'state of the frames'?

How satisfied you are with what was reworked, what (if anything) more needs to be done there, next 'brightest fires', etc.

4b) Is Oberon's rework done? What do you see as his role?
Is Volt's rework officially done? Has Energy Shield permanently lost its beam weapon interaction? Are you happy with the drain on carrying the Shield?
Is Ash's rework done? Specfically, is Blade Storm's current form final?
While I much prefer the toggle-to-mark to hold-to-mark, it's basically superfluous atm. As a well modded player,  it does nothing single-target that my guns don't already do, better and with no energy (or mod slots) required, and requires the exact same effort to apply to groups as my gun. More than my guns, if I'm using an AoE/chain weapon.
The only exception is enemies that - as per #2 - aren't opened to finishers by Teleport.

5) Given Steve's thoughts on disconnecting (or not disconnecting) cosmetics and gameplay, are there any UI improvements in the pipes for managing your synd sigils across your entire arsenal?

5b) Also, any UI addition/streamlining to bring your active Focus tree into the Arsenal?
After all, it is a part of your loadout.

6 has gone for a long walk off a short cliff, as Damage 3.0 / Mods 2.5 has become Enemies 1.5.

7) What was the intent in removing the conclave rating from mods and the arsenal?

8) Given that it's obvious that 'all weapon were not made equal', is there any concrete intention to officially tier gear? After all, Scott has said on at least a couple of previous Devstreams that he has some kind of tiering system when creating new weapons.

8) Scott: Have you picked up "undercover boss" again, now that TWW's out for a year?

9) Is 'All Warframes should be overpowered' (or however DE_Steve phrased it) still the intention?
9b) On that note: if 'yes', how do Nullifiers fit in with this vision?

10) Excavation re-revisit? Please? ... Please? From its inception, it was my favorite game-mode. (And given its popularity in the CHT poll asking about previous events, I'm not alone in this.)

11) A quick one: Dual Toxocysts were one of the first weapons with a "quirk" - they gain a buff when you land a headshot.
This buff doesn't refresh while active. Is this a mechanical limitation, an intentional decision, or an oversight?
(If intentional choice, could you spend a moment elucidating the considerations? Thanks.)

12) The new batch of weapon augments (these) is out, with absolutely no changes made. (Not even to the Kunai one.)
Is this their final form, or can we except them to be changed?

12b) And on the topic of band-aid mods, has any thought been given to Covert Lethality, daggers, dual daggers, stealth-prompt attacks, etc?
12c) Actually, backtrack a bit: What do you consider to be 'bandaid's?

13) Can syndicate procs please not activate while you have the stealth multiplier buff up? (Seems both an easier and simpler solution than putting them under player control, though I may be wrong.) (Although Hold Reload could work for that, perhaps?)
btw, thanks for making them silent.

14)  Could we hear a few words on why someone decided that snipers need sway and - much more importantly - a noscope accuracy penalty? They already don't benefit from the scope bonus.

Further, any chance that the scope bonus could not scale with zoom level? I've literally had enemies spawn in at 10m away, which makes trying to use x5 - let alone x12 - zoom absolutely ridiculous.

Alternatively, are there any particular pros or cons to  shortening the transition delay so quickscoping is possible?

15) I admit, I've not played Dark Sector, but the Glaive has been a favorite of mine for almost a year now. Any chance that the richochet mechanic will be looked at? I don't think I've ever seen a bounce hit something.

15b and 15c are on hold, while we wait to see what multi-wielding brings for thrown melee.


15b) On that note, do you consider thrown melee to be in a good place (what with bounces being, afaik, completely ineffectual - as above -, their attack-cycle length, the inherent 2-3 mod slot tax required to make them usable (Quick Return, Power Throw, Whirlwind(, Entropy Flight),

their not being affected by melee combo... and all of which are mod slots you can't use to increase their damage)?

15c) What about having Altfire while in melee-mode immediately throw your thrown melee? Since it doesn't do anything atm.
(Would also dovetail nicely with Reload or Altfire switching modes for the Split Sword, if that ever happens.)

16) You have tracking data on completed missions. Has there been any talk about unplayed or disliked (e.g. here) mission types?

17) How will 'Damage / Enemy Scaling 3.0' 'Enemies 1.5' affect status weapons' underpreformance in DE Approved Content enemy-levels compared with crit (or even decent straight-damage) weapons?

17b) Will this finally redeem the Sure Shot et al. mods? (+% status, 15% at rank 5 - where the dualstats give 60% at rank 3)

18) Reticule customisation? Particularly in Archwing, the crosshairs dot can be very hard to see.
--- Credit where credit is due: The new Archwing scope is much less easily lost. Thank you for that.

19) Speaking of Archwing - What about removing aura-inheritence and just giving them an aura slot? Are there any particular cons?

20) Any plans to better integrate Archwing into your loadout selection? If nothing else, to make it clear at-a-glance which AW loadout (by loadout name is probably sufficient) is currently selected.

21) Options to disable/limit screen shake and auto-mantle?

22) Exilus slots have been around for a while now. Are they working as intended vis-a-vis modding flexibility?

22b) Similarly, what are your current thoughts on augments vis-a-vis mod slots? Are they working as intended? What are your thoughts about dedicated aug slots? If that's a possibility, at what point does that just become a 'tech tree' - and as such why not just implement it as one?

23) Any realistic chance that revisiting the combo counter, or at least the bandaid mods Body Count/Harkonar Scope is on the radar? Such as splitting the bonus between base duration and the mod, like the Conclave KD/stagger defense mod - Anticipation, or how staggers work in Lunaro, now.

24) I don't expect Banshee's passive to change, sadly, so:
Since Silence isn't actually 'Silence' so much as 'Deafen', and Banshee has innate weapon silencing for a passive. Any thoughts on changing Silence? Possibly into its PvP/Malice version?

25) The Silver Grove update brought a new batch of auras, the first ever additions.
Do you feel they're serving their purpose? And the Aura 'system' as a whole?
Is anything planned for it?

26) Pablo: Any chance of a 'clipboard' (as in 'copy to/from clipboard' for colors)?
Copy Warframe colors is good, but sometimes I (for instance) want to fit the frame to something else. Or I change my look, don't like it and want to change back.


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