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sir_AXE workshop (IVARA, NIDUS) WIP

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Hello there , I'm new to Warframe but I really like the style and I thought it would be a great opportunity to practice merging organic and mech stuff and Ivara looks interesting to start with

Here's a sketch of the head :


What do you think of the base shapes ?

Oh and reading through the guides and stuff , it looks like we can only replace the model of the head , not the body ?

And what about bones with physics (jiggly bones), can we make elements that original rig was not meant for (existing jiggly bones) ?

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1 hour ago, ironfirefist said:

Ever tought to do some tennogen work? I'm sure you'd get far, all it needs is some colour.

Thx , yeah I'l finish it ) this is just a sketch , trying to figure out the style and the process , shader system looks simple and there's even a substance shader I think , need to try it )

I'l stick with just octopus probably 


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11 hours ago, sir_AXE said:

That's the idea , or should I make ir more abstract ?

Frog and octopus is a good start, go with it.


Your original helmet is quite good, I would stick with its aesthetics in my opinion.

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3 minutes ago, Bravely_Casual said:

I mean it looks cool but this does NOT suit Ivara at all. Have you considered making this a hydroid head/skin?

hmm yeah he looks closet to an octopus ) no idea , I'l finish the head anyway just as a first test piece ) 

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2 hours ago, (Xbox One)EternalDrk Mako said:

I actually really like all the variations .... totally would wear it 

but my ivaras always a dart frog coloring /.. wonde rhow it would look >?

  Reveal hidden contents



I'm still cleaning up the some of the details , probably should have figured bigger parts in 2d before going in too much , oh well


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thx)) here's a small update still refining details , closing holes , need to work on the back/top of the head and detail the sides a little more, front is mostly done


also I'l separate the inside/outside of the head to pieces like default one has (not sure why , might be easier to rig)



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