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As a Goatframe lover, I really dig this design. The overall profile of it from every angle just looks fantastic. The tall, long face perfectly captures Oberon's overall helmet design aesthetic and takes it a step further. Really, really excellent.

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19 hours ago, Fox7000 said:

Why i have feeling that it wont be final version? (i hope it will be)

It might be because there were. . .13 versions before it?

But my stance on the matter is that this is the closest to on style Ive made so far, and seems like the best match possible to the war frame style while still adhering closely to my original intent to have a halo, though instead of antlers I did make a crown, so there is that I guess.

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12 hours ago, The1OfDarkness said:

The semi-crown look is fuckin' dope dude, keep up the good work

Im chugging away, Ive basically learned Zbrush while doing this project, still learning full workflow <Just bought my solo copy instead of an individual so the legalese is all untangled>

Ive got a bit to go, but this should be ready before Tennogen 10

Might do some work on other things as designed by some other fine fellows

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On 7/15/2017 at 1:13 PM, (PS4)Oreic-Reynier said:

Absolutely stunning work, congrats on the stellar helm! Do the little thorns on the helm have a metal channel so they go with Oberon Primes bling? 

Yes absolutely they do, and the energy color flows over it faintly as well

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