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Octavia Agile Animation and Dual Sidearms


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Octavia's agile animation is fun. Until you equip any dual sidearm.
The foot on the left (Octavia's right foot) bends at a crazy awkward angle. It's less noticeable on Octavia since her legs are so thin, but it's still there. When viewed from the front of the shin, it's pretty clear how wrong the foot angle is, it's practically turned an entire 90 degrees. The animation has zero problems with any other weapon, and works pretty well on any frame. I'm surprised no other people have made posts about this, unless the search function lied to me.

More in spoiler if you need further proof.




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This bothers me too. Also note the model deformation at the hip joints and how janky it looks.

Also it doesn't really look that good on other models either. Just check out the back leg of that Loki and try getting that look yourself.

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