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Skill for Volt


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Thought 1:

The animation for it would look like this:

Volt fires an energy bolt at an enemy, the enemy is hit and knocked up into the air. As the enemy is still in midair, volt teleports to that enemy. This ability could be cast/used when volt is doing all actions such as wall running, jumping, and jumping with your sword.

This would mean that you could teleport to your enemy while sticking your blade through his gut, while he is still falling and he has just been electrocuted. Thought that would look really cool.

Thought 2:

This is about volt's shield ability. When volt uses this, a shield expands out of from one of his arms. The energy shield is created between the rods, and it actually looks more like a shield. Volt will be able to move with his shield, (as it's attached to him) but unable to sprint with it.

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