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Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

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Will you ever remove the credit cost and deterioration aspects of using a pet compared to a sentinel which is cost and maintenance free? If you want the players to spend credits on something, consider adding pet boosters instead of having the dull credit sink that is currently in play.

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Making a Kubrow Quest comes very early in the game, but making incubator you have done half of the planets, can you change materials so that new players like me gets companion faster, it was really annoying to try to get it so long and quest comes so fast.

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STOP TEASING, is Ash Prime gonna get locked in the cellar or not? WHOOOPSY.


Other questions...sure:

1. Anything else planed for Oberon? It has been an improvement but he'll still be overshadowed by all other frames as his usefulness is very low.

2. Any plans into changing the sortie rewards? Replacing 4k endo with ayatan sculpture and replacing useless rewards as build forma and regular lenses? And putting regular lenses in drops to Lua perhaps?

3. Endless kuva or other better ways of obtaining kuva? Also that it drops in some way in kuva fortress? Maybe a couple of thousand kuva could be a replacement for one of the above mentioned sortie rewards?

4. Any news about focus/school abilities?

5. Planing on uvaulting 2 frames at the time in the future or what system are you planing to use when the vault gets even more crammed?

6. Umbra?

7. Melee rivens and any chance for more riven slots and lower prices for riven slots? Paying the same price as for warframe slots, this is a bit much especially if the rivens are supposed to be used as intended. To boost under performing weapons.


Nothing else on my mind at the moment, can't wait for the devstream!

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Some devstreams ago you guys talked about a foundry upgrade that would allow us Tenno to build multiple of the same items at once (ie Forma, energy/health restore pads, keys). Is that still coming or has it been decided against?

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ONE question  !

Even while being weird oberon's Hallowed ground and renewal works great , thing is his Smite and Reckonig doesn't make much sense now , will oberon still get some more tweaks ? , maybe abilities that are both support and offensive at the same time like Hallowed ground ?

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Any plans for increasing the Endo/Credits/Resource rewards from Alerts? With how many resources, credits and endo you need now between prime mods, dojo and clan research and prime weapons it seems like most alerts aren't really worth doing for such small rewards, especially when there are better ways to farm for them in specific missions.

An example that comes to mind are Orokin cells, with prime weapons you need hundreds of them now, meanwhile an alert will only reward you with 1.

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Are there plans for ENEMY reworks? Some enemies like Napalms and Bombards could use a lot more work, being as dangerous as they can be, it's weird and frustrating that they don't telegraph their attacks or have some sort of countering mechanic, add that to the Bombard's barely visible- extremely accurate rockets, or the enormous AoE the Napalm's explosive fire rocket has, and they add up to be quite broken.

For example, i would suggest for Napalms especifically to maybe take a look at an enemy from Kiilling Floor 2, the Husk. The husk is a ranged enemy, who fires explosive fire rockets, much like the Napalm. However, when the  Husk fires, there's always a distinctive sound of it charging up a shot, accompanied by a windup animation. Their rockets are faster compared to Napalm's, but they can always be dodged if you keep moving. Plus, Husks have this awesome mechanic where they have this fuel tank on their backs, and if you manage to hit that when they're about to shoot, (because the Husk itself exposes the fuel tank when shooting) they explode instantly killing everything in a small radius around them. If Napalms, had a mechanic, not necesarilly inspired by that but, that at the very least keeps that kind of thing in mind, i feel they could improve quite a lot, and make them a fun, fair enemy to fight against.

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Snowball shuriken skin?

When will we be able to color each part of our warframe separately?

Could we please have a third sigil slot that is on our helmet?

Please buff Machete and Machete Wraith.

It would be cool if we could have our liset's appearance as part of our warframe's loadout, 
so we can have matching warframes and ships at all times.

Any chance for a Prisma Machete sold by the Void Trader soon?

Any chance we'll have Syndicate cosmetic skins and/or helmets one day?

Detron got a Void Trader variant, will Brakk be getting one too?

Will Machete receive a Augment mod or buff?
It's currently the weakest weapon in the game, and could use some love.

Will there be Vandal skins for Warframes?
I like the designs of the Vandal weapons, 
but they don't really match any of the warframes.
Would be cool if their colors where changeable, 
or at least there where matching Warframe skins.

Will we ever be getting a male Grineer themed tank/combat warframe with tons of armor?
Hopefully with a Rocket Punch power.

Would be cool is there where optional secondary missions during your main mission.
Like, during a spy mission, a officer could spawn,
and you could go capture him.
If you fail or choose not to do the optimal mission you don't fail your main mission,
it's just a chance at getting extra affinity,
and something to freshen up the game-play a little.

Would be cool for each Relay to get their own Bar where the Void Trader could go.
(he's always talking about wanting you to come to parties he's throwing.)

Would be cool of the Relays could have an Arcade, 
where you can play the different mini games like Happy Zephyr and Wyrmius.

Would be cool if the Relays could have a fighting pit where anyone in the relay can fight each other.

Also, could we get a smaller Kubrow body type?
I want to make a tiny dog, but even the smallest one isn't small enough.

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Hey guys love the game, keep up the good work I just have a few questions.

With the announcement for Keystone official will we see any cross promotion with Warframe?

These next ones are from




Kubrow Pack Tactics

· We're currently considering different bonuses for multiple players using a Kubrow in a single Mission, granting a huge boon depending on the types of Kubrows brought into the Mission.

· Pack Tactics would be a one-time use ability that would trigger across all Kubrows in a Mission.

· If players bring different Kubrows they will work together to cause dramatic effects, such as causing mass AoE confusion, mass scavenging, or an en-masse high damage attack.



· Secret Syndicate 'handshakes' will be coming soon!  Sorry I missed this getting added.



· Rare event weapons would be included as a purchasable item in the future. WOW you guys shut me up with Update 20.6,0 and having posted this earlier today I'm totally taking credit for the Machete being in the Market :D /s


Any plans with these still?

Any plans for official digital story content like novels and comics in a larger more structured form?

I know she's not talked about much anymore but is Titania performing in the manner you envisioned?

Is Cyceron the correct Master Rank requirement?


7 hours ago, Evers said:

Q: Will you be visiting Gamescom this Year again liek the first two Years or will you skip it again like last Year? Sadly Tennocon and all the other Events are too far away for me so Gamescon is the only option for me.


Also an ETA on Harrow if that is possible would be nice

This please be coming back to Gamescon. I am not able to make it to Canada this year for Tennocon and this is the only Con I could see you at.

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In spite of all the hate i want to say thank you for the oberon rework, as well as that his prime looks amazing. I just want to know are you going to touch up his kit before the prime or leave it? As always thank you to everyone at de you guys have given me 4 years of joy and im excited for the future and keystone!

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Q: Will you be visiting Gamescom this Year again liek the first two Years or will you skip it again like last Year? Sadly Tennocon and all the other Events are too far away for me so Gamescon is the only option for me.


Also an ETA on Harrow if that is possible would be nice

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Currently, when we preview a skin that we don't own, our current colors automatically correspond to the skin we are viewing. In order to see exactly how each color works on a different spot, we have to go back, change the color, then view the skin again and repeat. I was wondering if we can have a more in-depth "showcase" of the skin where we can preview the skin and customize it fully before buying said skin. A lot of times I regret buying a skin because I thought the pattern/colors would work well but they didn't and I figured this would help.

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return of ancien unique stuff .. like primed chamber who cost 40k PLATINUIM = 2.000 $ !? 

Or lato prime !? lato vandal ... braton vandal !? 

and juste excalibure UMBRA when !? month ... 6 month ... 1 YEAR !? who now ... the dev of curse ! 

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@[DE]Rebecca Since mods capacity is finite in weapons, and due to introduction of Primed and Riven mods - is there any chance for making kind of "stance" mods for primary and secondary weapons?

Well they don't have to be stances, but for example make use of unused weak mods, like +15% status (just make it base 15% ! for RNGesus sake).

We could recycle old and unpopular mods and gain some capacity at the same time.

Some details:


Make use of unused (or almost never used mods), make them a kind of weapon aura, or stance like in melee and reduce “drain” to 5 - 6 in order for them not to give to many mod points - this has two positive sides, unused mods will have a purpose and also it will reduce a need to put 6 forma and re-forma a weapon if one wants to change the build, thus it will be good to upcoming weapon mods changes and build diversity. Examples :


  • ammo drum    (?)
  • magazine warp    (?)
  • eagle eye
  • hush
  • rifle aptitude (make it base status)
  • sinister reach
  • stabilizer
  • continues misery
  • overview
  • terminal velocity


  • ammo stock    (?)
  • shell compression   (?)
  • fatal acceleration
  • lingering torment
  • shotgun savvy (make it base status)


  • slip magazine    (?)
  • trick mag    (?)
  • air recon
  • hawk eye
  • lethal momentum
  • perpetual agony
  • steady hands
  • suppress
  • sure shot (make it base status)
  • eject magazine
  • reflex draw

Auto-reloading when holstered mods would be good here.

(?) - they might be removed from the list, if you think it would be an overkill ;)

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1. Mods capacity of main/secondary weapon.. We actually have less and less of it. We get sometimes new (legendary)mods from Baro or mods from events and even rivens that (might) have high requirement of mod point to install them. most of us players at some point will end with one-two mandatory build due to set polarities. will be there a system that will lessen the strain on mod points for those weapons?
on warframes and melee weapons it was done with ... aura and stance mods... cant it be done with "trash" mods (or completely new type) for main secondary weapons ?

2. Last time when introduced a new grinner enemy with a toxic weapon DEVS mentioned that it will have a "minigun/archwing" type of holster / stance and will be probably NOT available for the players because of it. I'm asking WHY ?! Not only there already is a stance/holster for that used in game Dev is constantly adding new types of combos and stances for melee weapons... Why not for other (main/secondary) weapons?

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These have the power to raise sub-par weapons to a level where they can compete with the top-tier 'meta' weapons, making them reliable choices for use in Sorties and the like. Unfortunately, the entirely random nature of the system makes it an RNG-focused grind to obtain a Riven with stats that elevate a sub-par weapon to such a level, which really limits the potential of the system as a whole.

Would you consider changing the cycling system to make these 'rejuvenating Rivens' more obtainable?

I have written more detailed feedback on the system in this thread:

Looking forward to the stream!

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A handfull of trivial question.

1. Since one of the major plans for this year involves fleshing out the lore and culture of the Warframe universe, does that also involve expanding the present day Tenno as a faction? We learned what they are, where they come from and how they work on an individual level, but as a faction they seem quite unexplored.

2. Are Tenno NPCs (as in actual Ten Zero kids) possible or will the Lotus remain the only leader character for them?

3. During the cinematic quests, the "Hero Tenno" is having quite an impact on the Warframe universe. Will we ever learn how the "common" Tenno experienced these events like The Second Dream or The War Within?

4. After Earth get's it visual overhaul, are there any plans for a unique tilset for Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and perhaps Mercury?

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