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Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

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Please give us some information about your plans for Zephyr. Going by order, she is the next female frame to be primed in roughly six months from now. Please give us some of your thoughts on how her kit should be improved. Personally I am hoping for an entirely new ability to replace Dive Bomb, which is redundant with melee ground slams, as well as a complete rework of Tornado to make it more targeted and useful.

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A few questions off the top of my head:

  1. Can Oberon please get another huge buff? All frames can do his job better than he can.
  2. Are new Ayatans going to be released any time soon?
  3. Will we ever be able to craft the small and large resource clusters in our ship? (Perhaps as mass storage and IkeaFrame to show how much you've collected, also able to be uncrafted)

Thank you for your time.

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Why are you still claiming that you are not touching hema cost to respect the players effort when you removed the credit cost of ayatan conversion and not given any recompense to the players who did that before the change? Similarily there was oxium droprate change and players that farmed Zephyr didnt get recompensation. Hydroid farming method was changed and nobody got anything.

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1. Since you have implemented "team captura" will you also implement a "team simulacrum" to test not only weapons and warframes but their synergy in a group?

2. Speaking of the simulacrum is it possible to get an alternate testing stage where enemies can't fall down an edge?

3. What are your current plans for the Observatory?

4. Are there already plans for further expansions of the top floor of the relays?

5. Is it possible to get a "right-click-back" function besides the "ESC-back" function? - I know there might be some interferences with the "right-click-uninstall-MOD" function.

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Will Lua be looked at?  Currently there is a huge desynchronization between the host and party members for objectives and map interactions.  Here are a few things that I have noticed:

  1. Lettering for vaults on Pavlov show incorrectly or not at all for non-hosts.
  2. When exploding walls as a non-host, just ends up showing a big hole.
  3. Some lasers don't trip alarms for non-host members on Pavlov.
  4. Some lasers don't even show up for non-host members.
  5. On rescue missions the portals to the hostage holding rooms don't show up for non-hosts (really annoying in the recent sortie rescues on Lua).
  6. Music puzzles, on Vault C and music room for Octavia lights up incorrectly for non-hosts.

It never used to be like that (from what I remember) so I don't know how things got so out of sync.  As a player who loves the Lua tile set, I would love to see this looked at.

Images for reference: 


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Any chance of see the weapons blueprints and parts dropped from the Stalker, G3 and Zanuka being tradable? I'm MR 23 and I've defeated the Stalker more than 50 times but I've never seen a Despair blueprint once, and I know I'm not even the worst case about this.

P.S. Thanks for the great game and the constant updates.


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Can't wait to see Harrow's changes! Will he come before TennoCon?

How far along are the new Tenno Shotgun and Corpus Shotgun?

Which Syndicate will be next on the table for the optional frame quest after Harrow's?

There's been talk about Limbo's powers being too easy to troll with, any thoughts on that?

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When Universal Warframe Vacuum instead of mod will be a thing?

i can sacrifice any sentinel functions for choosing kubrow and kavat - but NOT Vacuum..
i want use kubrow and kavat.. but vacuum is more important for me as function on itself

If I had to choose between vacuum and all functions of sentinels - i will choose vacuum

Vacuum is part of the core gameplay which determines Health \ Energy \ Ammunition level and loot
and directly affects pleasure of the game

Vacuum is not just a useful mod or Accessories

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What are the chances of converting Arcanes Enhancements into their own equippable slots on a Warframe. Although they are free to distill from Helmets and Syandanas now, it would be much easier to just have them be there own thing, especially when switching between frames and/or different Syandanas. #fashionframe

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Are there any more mods coming for warframes, that have a negative and positive stat? Me and a clan mate were thinking of maybe adding elemental mods for frames. I hope you find this as interesting as we did. 


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Will anything be done about how long winded login rewards have become? It is unfair to new and returning players. Perhaps a pick your own reward every 100 days? Cosmetics (milestones) still show how dedicated you are to logins as a way to show off as fashionframe.


The game is quickly becoming login to win unless something is done.

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Q: From the day corruped mods came the game started turning from a shooter into a hack and slash game where all you do is press numbers, im sure you guys regreat that, any plans to turn it around? solutions like the nullifiers does not count..

Q: Tennogen armour, sentinel attachments, sugatras, etc... when?

Q: Recently Rebecca made a poll on twitter about building multiples of the same Warframe for different builds, is there any changes coming regarding that?

Q: Any changes to the arcane system comming?

Q: Any news about the Focus system?

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Make Oberon great again.


Also, why not add some story bits to MR? Like every time I rank up I get maybe a little message or short mission that tells a story. It'd encourage me to level up more, and that's more weapons and stuff sold that I wouldn't get before..

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Shameless plug of my Reddit post: 

I'd love an option to quickly and easily unequip the cosmetics I have equipped so I don't have to go through every single tab to remove 'em. I have tons of cosmetics and love to mix & match, and something like a quick un-equip would make my life so much easier.

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Can we PLEASE buy more loadout slots?!  Even at almost MR24 and all the pay slots its nowhere near enough.

More and more frames keep coming out but we still have an abysmal amount of loadout slots.  

If its a storage issue raise the price per slot..I will happily pay.

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1. Can we see more Archwing types? We only have 4 (and a half if you count the prime odonata) and I really think that takes away from the interest in the game type.

2. Is there focus to get players to visit your orbiter? I understand its a bit back burner, but I would really LOVE to show off my decorations to my clan members.

3. About the Sentient arm cannon, I understand it has some difficulties to implement, so maybe it could be a special temporary item that drops from an enemy in a mission, and you can pick it up to give yourself a massive fire power boost in that one mission only? (until it empties its clip)

4. Can we see a fire based tile set? I don't understand why Venus is so cold, even with terraforming, the planet is spewing lava from volcanos, and that pattern looks like it will be that way for centuries to come. I'd love to see a tile set that rains fire, and has lava lakes everywhere.

5. Can we spend Focus points on the Operators base stats? Like a base, non-school tree?

6. This is a real stretch, so bear with me, can we get a special weapon crafting system where we can make custom, unique melee weapons for our operators? The lore goes on and on about the tenno art of weapon crafting, but we have seen virtually none of that.

7. I know Syndicate armor is a big undertaking, but what about Syndicate animation sets? A unique way to see your warframe stand, hold weapons, and emote in relays. (And maybe a Baro noble animation set too.) ((Also, I've seen someone on the forums suggest Syndicate Operator suits.))

8. When the Orokin style fans enter the game, will they be 'Prime' from the get-go? Or is that asking for too much info ;)

9. You mentioned at one point Sword and Shield weapons were going to get the pistol/melee stance upgrade. Does that mean I can have an atomos in one hand, and my Aegis in the other? PLEASE yes. Make shields amazing please!

10. Is Hydroid next on the rework chopping block? He is currently the bottom of the pack as his abilities work against each other, and are pretty inconsistent. Or is it Zephyr or Chroma who are next?

11. Whatever happened to the alien star system (tau I think it was?) where the Sentients have been chilling out. Will we be going back there? I'd love to have 2 star charts, and one of them filled with strange, alien tile sets and high level 60-75+ missions.

12. Every Kuva fortress tile set has the Queens room entrance on it somewhere, which is neat, except you can't go inside. How about making the door hackable with Orokin cyphers, and there would be a prize of some kind locked away inside, protected by Kuva Guardians?

13. Right now Helminth is just kinda 'there', and all it does is cure cysts... Can we get more expansion on what it is, or maybe some more functionality from it? Helminth's Quest anybody?

14. Can we PLEEASE get the Corpus Condor Drop ship and an alternate Landing craft for Tenno? I know you'd have to add the warframe entry bay on it and stuff, but I would LOVE to see that in my loading screen. The air support could even be a friendly Ambulas. (Also, more landing craft in general? 4 is neat, but I would love more variety.)

15. and finally, can I PLEASE have two active pets at the same time? I'll pay with plat for more open slots. I just want to see my Kubrow and Kavat play together aboard my Orbiter. I'm totally fine with taking them into a mission one at a time.

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Q1: ever considered giving orokin ciphers other uses than to craft mirage's quest? It feels like a wasted oportunity, how about using ciphers to reroll the weapon restriction on riven mods, or how about making them a component to craft mod containers, something that can contain different mods of the same polarity and retains all the  stats only using one mod slot (which imo would partially solve the mandatory mods for weapons problem allowing better tailored builds)

Q2: Kubrow/Kavat mixed races will it ever be a thing?

Q3: we can hold up to 20 kavat codes (2 kavat incuvations) but why only 1 kubrow egg?

Q4: Universal fetch for companions and chesa precepts rework?

Q5: Companion commands will they be a thing in the future?

Q6: Oberon renewal fix on summoned beings like nekros shadows?

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  • Can we drop the syndicate sigil requirement for standing gain in favor of a "pledge allegiance" button on the syndicate panel?
    Flipping sigils on 30+ frames is really annoying.
  • Can the Imperator syandana get properly PBR'd?
    It still looks like rubber. Thanks!
  • Is there any progress on reworking the melee combo inputs?
    You previously acknowledged that the combos are too hard/unreliable to be used. Did the team come up with any ideas on how to improve it yet?
  • Similarly, any progress on improving the basic movement animations?
    I believe this was also already mentioned on stream. I would love for things like running, jumping, turning around and weapon firing stances to look more natural.
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1) Considering Oberon Prime is officially coming, will you be using this as an opportunity to amend his "Renewal Summon Tax" issue with other Warframes that can summon units, rapidly upscaling his Energy Drain as a direct result? As it stands, this trait is making it difficult to near impossible for Oberon to play with Warframes capable of spawning units in bulk, and literally impossible should there be multiple such frames.

Abilities that this issue concerns that I'm aware of are the following:

  • Nekros' Shadows
  • Nidus' Maggots
  • Inaros' Sand Shadows
  • Loki's Decoy
  • Nyx's Mind Control victim
  • Titania's Razorflies
  • Atlas' Rumblers
  • Saryn's Molt

The longer this isn't addressed, the longer it'll be another argument people bring up for not using Oberon: one that there is no counter argument for, as Renewal currently is his main offering to a team in a support role. A support who can only support certain allies will never compete with those that have no such shortcomings.

Due to the changes in 20.6.1, the situation around the 'Renewal Summon Tax' is up for review for how the change has altered the situation.

2) Archwing remains in something of the...awkward state of lacking animations to accompany the improved mobility and such. Is there any timeline this is likely to be remedied by?

3) As a Colourblind individual, selecting Warframe or Weapon colour schemes can be difficult due to the lack of means to distinguish between close elements, such as Yellow vs Green for example. Will we ever have an in game option to enable Labelling of individual colours in Warframe palettes, such as found with Kubrow/Kavat colours and Dojo colours?

4) Operators: will we get opportunities to expand on individual personal traits or elements outside of the Quests, which seems to somewhat focus on a particular 'Hero Tenno' rather than 'our Tenno', if that makes sense? I know, I know, MMO 'Everyone's the legendary Hero' story telling...but it would be nice to determine some personality, be it say, taking on traits or aspects to reflect a more spiritual PoV, for example, at least in my view.

5) Tenno as a Faction: will we see any elaboration on how the Tenno function as a whole, especially in light of The Second Dream? Furthermore, considering War Within and the broader impact it would have, how would the Tenno as a whole approach reclaiming their Void talents? Can't all have gone for blood and nightmares with the Queens narratively at least.

Either way, apologies for going on, as always.

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Hey I know you guys are excited for the upcoming melee and pistol wielding system (I am too) but before you guys implement it what are your thoughts of binding to to alt fire instead of reload, and moving charge attacks to the reload key.


Right now charge attacks desperately need to be separated from the default melee key because they and stance combos sabotage each other more than they work in unison, treating charge attacks as a heavy attack on a separate binding is something that is needed in order to make them work like you guys intended when you brought them back.


Moving multi wield to the alt fire key will let us have both systems rather than having to pick and chose not to mention alt fire works because its an alternative way of using the weapons?



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My question: My Tenno has fought the Sentients, the Stalker, and the Grineer Queens. He's now proudly able to walk around his ship. After suffering years of isolation, and abuse, he's finally able to cuddle his Kubrow, who, after pain and suffering, quietly and eagerly supports him. But, as he realizes, he cannot. His Kubrow runs away from him. He is merely a stranger to his dog. And his dog won't let him give belly scratches.

I ask that you take a stand against whatever cosmic force that causes this, and allow me cuddle my dog.

So my question is: When can we cuddle our puppies?


                                                                                                                                    -The Fluffy Kubrow Society

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More than fourty questions about Oberon on this thread alone . I just hope it doesn't get ignored again this time (like it was ignored last devstream, completely) because no, he's not even close to be in a good place. 

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