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Helminth infection

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A game where you pay to make your Warframe look like a badass that forces you to wear a disgusting looking boil on your neck for seven days before you can drain it/open the door and permanently remove it.

Give players another way of removing it without waiting seven days or an option to hide the eyesore.

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Yeah I made a Charger last week... now I'm playing the waiting game for the boil to sprout it's tendrils - then I Can finally get it zapped off.

Personally I think they should just remove the stupid time limit altogether... why can we not drain the cyst in stage 1?  makes no sense... Having the cyst still grow is a must for the Helminth - but I don't see why players who don't want Helminth or don't want the cyst have to be locked out of the door for 7 days - it makes absolutely NO sense. 

People saying it's not that bad obvs don't like Fashion Frame as much as others - or alternatively don't understand why it sucks to have a cyst forced on you because you were around another player who happened to be using Nidus - thereby forcing you into 7 days of a glaring pink blob on your neck - which if you have a warframe with darker colours, sticks out like a bleeding thumb.

Just because something's not a "big deal" doesn't mean it isn't bothersome and can't be circumvented with intelligent game design.

Let people poke their pimples out of their own free will - there is nothing in the Cyst room worth locking away for 7 days.  

It's actually sad sometimes to come to the forums and watch people attack posters over valid complaints - offering no valid counter argument except dumb comments like "no big deal" and "you'll live" lol... just sad.  

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