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Respawn Counter


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I think the 4 respawn tokens per day is a bit confusing. When I first started I had no idea they were something that refreshed every day so I spent platinum on recovering them every time I died.

I'm hoping a clearer system can be found.

I would suggest that the user have 4 respawn tokens and when they run out you simply charge them platinum for further respawns that day.

Also instead of all respawns immediately coming back after a clock ticks over, perhaps give the player a new respawn token every 6 hours (timer starts when first token lost).

Mousing over the respawn tokens in the arsenal should provide a timer saying when they will next get a token back as well as the fact that if they run out that can respawn in mission for platinum.

I would suggest killing the player in the tutorial and walking them through this.

I think by doing this the system becomes clearer to the players.

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I covered that flaw in the video I made. I really wish that they could let you purchase individual revives instead of the whole refill. A counter saying when your next refill is would be great as you don't have to sit there and wonder "When are my revives going to refill again?"

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